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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 499

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 499

It was not until Avery hung up the phone that Elliot realized what had happened.He brought the car to a screeching halt, then roared, “Get out!”

Shea flinched in shock, while Zoe was a mess of tears i n the backseat.

Zoe knew that Elliot was speaking to her, but she did not want to get out of the car until they were in the city.

“Don’t make me use force, Zoe!” Elliot snapped as his dark eyes glared resentfully at her.

Zoe turned pale from fright.

She immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

Once she was out, the car sped off into the night like a bolt of lightning.

Twenty minutes later, Elliot arrived at the restaurant.

Once he entered the private room, the manager pointed at the presents and said, “They opened up all the presents, but didn’t take any of them with them.”

A lump formed in Elliot’s throat and his eyes reddened as he stared at the unwrapped gifts.

“They ate some of the fruit and snacks,” continued the manager.

“You were only a little late.It wasn’t an inconvenience at all…Besides, the waiter told them many times that dinner could be served early…”

Elliot frowned, then lifted his to stop the manager from talking any more. Avery was not upset because he was late, but because of the things Zoe had said. He led Shea to the table, then said to the manager, “Bring out the food.” The manager immediately instructed the waters to remove the desserts and fruit from the table, then informed the kitchen to serve dinner. Very quickly, the dining table was covered in a spread of delicacies. Shea looked at the food on the table, but could not bring herself to feel happy. “Give Avery a call, Big Brother.” “She won’t answer my call,” Elliot said. He knew Avery’s temper too well. She may look gentle and docile, but she was more stubborn than anyone he knew. He planned to apologize to her, but he had yet to decide how to go about it. “Avery’s mad,” Shea said persistently. “Call her right now.”

Elliot could not win against his sister, so he dialed Avery’s number on his phone.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable.”

It was just as he had expected.

Even if she went to her house right now, she would not open the door for him.

Avery and the children returned to Starry River Villa after dinner.

The house was shrouded in darkness.

Mike was on a date with Chad and had not returned home.

Avery opened the door, then flipped the light switched.

The room instantly lit up in brightness.

“I prepared some presents for you,” Avery said with a smile.

“I hid them in the living. Go on and search for them!” The children immediately began their search. Moments later, the children were beaming from eart o ear as they found their presents. As they unwrapped their gifts, the sound of a car horn came from the front yard. Avery cautiously glanced was Mike’s car. Mike already knew about what happened. Elliot had given him a call. Although it seemed like Elliot was not at fault, Mike was still on Avery’s side. When he entered the living room, Avery asked, “What are you doing home so early?” Mike scratched his head and decided to lie. “Chad had something to do, so we called it a night.Go and get some rest! I’ll take care of the kids. “Avery noticed the flicker in Mike’s eyes. She knew he was lying, but she did not expose him. She returned to her room and shut the door behind her. Tears instantly streamed down her cheeks as she could no longer hold them back.She was devastated. She could not get the image of Layla’s crying face and Hayden’s disappointed eyes out of her head. She could give her children all the love in the world, but she could not make up for their lack of a father’s love.Elliot Foster could not give them that love either!

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