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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 498

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 498

Elliot did not come to dinner because he was with Zoe.This was not what hurt Avery the most.

The most painful thing was remembering the fact that Elliot and Zoe once shared a child together.

Moreover, Zoe had accused Avery of murdering her child…

And Elliot had believed her.

Otherwise, Avery would not be pregnant with his baby right now.

At this point, her eyes filled with tears.She hung up the phone as all the energy drained from her body, and she had to hold onto the dining table for support.

When the children noticed the change in their mother’s demeanor, they immediately leaped out of their seats.

“Mommy! What’s wrong?!” Layla exclaimed as her eyes glistened with tears.

“Is he not coming, Mommy?” Hayden guessed.

“Don’t cry, Mommy.Let’s go home!”

Avery forced herself to swallow her tears, then guiltily said, “You’re both hungry, right? Let’s go somewhere else for dinner.”

The children shook their heads in unison. “I’m not hungry, Mommy! I’m just mad…” Layla said with reddened eyes as sadness surged uncontrollably inside of her tiny body. She had chosen her most beautiful dress to wear today, I even bought a special present for Shea. It showed just how much she was looking forward to tonight’s dinner. However, they were blown off! Elliot Foster was a liar, and so was Shea! “Let’s go eat somewhere, Mommy!” Hayden suggested thoughtfully as he was worried his mother was hungry. Avery agreed, then left the room with the children. The waiter panicked when she saw them leave. “Miss Tate, you and the children haven’t had dinner yet! Should I ask the kitchen to serve dinner now? Everything’s ready…”

Avery stopped in her tracks and replied, “It’s fine.” The waiter was confused and did not know what was going on. Since Avery insisted on leaving, there was nothing the waiter could do to hold her back. “You can take the presents in the room, Miss Tate.If it’s not convenient for you to take them with you, you can leave your address and I can arrange for them to b e delivered.” “It’s fine,” Avery said, then walked away with the children. The waiter reported the situation to the manager. The manager immediately called up Elliot and reported everything to him. “Miss Tate’s daughter was crying.” Elliot was speeding down the road toward the city.

After hearing the manager’s report, he asked bitterly, “What about her?” The manager was stunned for a moment, then understood his question and answered, “Miss Tate didn’t cry, but her eyes were a little red.I’m guessing she might cry once she leaves the restaurant…Her son didn’t cry, nor were his eyes red, but he looked pretty furious.” Elliot imagined the entire scene in his head. His eyes instantly teared up. That afternoon, Zoe had called him to say that she had contacted a doctor who could help Shea. She also said that she had passed the third treatment plan to that doctor. She told Elliot that the doctor was also one of Professor Hough’s students, and that his medical career surpassed hers. After hearing Zoe’s words, Elliot agreed to take Shea to meet that doctor after some consideration. The doctor was in the country on vacation and was staying near a popular tourist sight that was far away from the city center.It took about two hours to drive to the destination. However, soon after meeting with the doctor, Zoe began to break down…She whined about all the energy she spent for the sake of treating Shea’s illness.She cried about how Elliot avoided her and treated her like trash despite how much she loved him. Elliot did not forget his dinner appointment with Avery and the children. They departed at 4.30 p.m.and made their way into the city.Zoe asked him for a ride, and Elliot agreed since it was not an unreasonable request. The drive was a peaceful one until Avery called. The phone call from Avery triggered something in Zoe, which was why she said those things! Elliot did not expect Zoe to suddenly lose control like that, so he could not speak up when all of that was happening.

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