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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 490

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 490

Avery saw Mrs.Cooper let out a sigh of relief.She was happy that Zoe had come to check on Shea.

“Is Master Elliot awake? Did he say when he was coming home?” Mrs.Cooper asked the bodyguard as she walked toward him.

Before the bodyguard could answer, Zoe walked in with a first aid kit in her hand.

“Did Master Elliot call for you to come by, Miss Sanford?” Zoe nodded and said, “He’ll be back soon.How’s Shea doing right now?”

She walked to the bottom of the stairs, then froze in her tracks.Avery stood on the second floor, and the women’s eyes met.

Zoe quickly took control of the situation.She shot a look at Mrs.Cooper, then asked coldly, “Who called Avery Tate here?”

“Avery just happened to come by to meet Shea about something,” answered Mrs.Cooper awkwardly.

“I see…I thought someone invited her over!” Zoe mocked.

She walked up the stairs, then stood in front of Avery and taunted, “Didn’t you break up with Elliot ages ago, Avery? I heard you were the one who dumped him.You’re always acting as if you look down on Elliot.Who are you trying to kid? Did you come here without an invitation? What a joke.”

Zoe then walked past Avery DGm%\uKI deliberately bumped into her shoulder.

Seeing this, Mrs.Cooper quickly rushed up the stairs and whispered to Avery, “You should head home for now, Avery.l’ll call you when Shea’s feeling better.” very’s expression was cold as she clenched her fists.She wanted to leave, but her feet were glued to the ground and she could not move a muscle.

Would it not be even more laughable if she left after a few mocking words from Zoe? She had come to thank Shea, but she could not bring herself to leave now that Shea was sick.

More importantly, she was not certain that Zoe could relieve Shea’s symptoms. very decided not to listen to Mrs.Cooper’s advice.She strode toward Shea’s door, opened it, then walked into the room. Zoe looked up when she heard the door open. Her expression changed drastically when she saw that it was Avery. “Who said you could come in here?! Are you that shameless? Get out of here!” When Mrs.Cooper saw Zoe explode in anger, she quickly grabbed onto Avery’s arm and pulled her out o f the room. “Come out for now, Avery…Let’s Miss Sanford tend t o Shea in peace!” Mrs.Cooper knew that Avery had taken a blow from Zoe, but Shea had been sick all day.She was worried that things would get worse if she was not treated right away.

Mrs.Cooper led Avery out of the room, while Mrs.Scarlet cooperatively shut the door.

Avery felt a wave of gloom as she stared at the closed door.

In their eyes, Zoe was the one who cured Shea.

They did nothing wrong by chasing her out of the room.It was just as she told Elliot yesterday.

Zoe was Shea’s primary doctor.

They should see Zoe for anything relating to Shea’s illness.

Elliot must have felt the same way she was feeling like now.

How ironic! Avery’s cheeks felt hot as her heart ached.

“I’m sorry, Avery.) know you’re upset, but we can’t drag Shea’s sickness on any longer,” Mrs.Cooper said. She felt torn and embarrassed. “Even if Miss Sanford manages to treat her tonight, Shea might not have the energy to meet you right’s better if you ‘ust head on home!”

Faced with Mrs.Cooper’s sincere words of advice, Avery’s final line of defense would only look bad if she continued to remain there.

very pursed her lips, then made her way down the Stairs. “Take care of yourself, Avery,” Mrs.Cooper said. She was racked with uneasiness. “I know you’re pregnant.You shouldn’t have to go through this indignity, but Shea suddenly fell ill, and Miss Sanford is the only one who could help her…l’m so sorry…” “You have nothing to be sorry about,” Avery said calmly as she continued to walk down the stairs. “I was too reckless today.) shouldn’t have come.” “Don’t say that, Avery.Master Elliot would be so happy if he knew you came by,” Mrs.Cooper said as she walked by Avery’s side and helped her down the stairs. “Drop by again once Shea’s recovered.l’ll entertain you properly, then.”

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