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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 488

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 488

Dedicated Server IP: Layla let out a horrified scream! Tammy picked her up and rushed into the house.

“Don’t be scared, Layla! I’m calling the ambulance right away!” She placed Layla on the couch, then pulled out her phone from her bag and called 911.

Layla was wailing uncontrollably.

“Is my Daddy dead?” she sobbed.

“He still doesn’t know that I’m his daughter!”

Tammy held the hysterical Layla in one arm and held her phone with her other hand.Once the call went through, she gave the operator the address, then hung up the phone.

“Wait here in the house, Layla.I’ll go take a look,” Tammy said, then quickly ran out the door.

Avery received a call from the associate dean at Central University that morning and brought Hayden to the campus.

Yesterday, Hayden had won the National Youth Programming Championships.He was not the youngest participant in the competition, but he was the youngest one to enter the finals.

What was even more unexpected was that he was the champion.

“Hayden might have skipped the conventional procedures to enter the finals, but the purpose of the competition was to search for child geniuses.We are willing to relax any rules for a prodigy like Hayden,”said the associate dean with a smile.

“Are you willing t o let Hayden enroll in our college’s elite class, Miss Tate?” very had gone through the elite class’s introduction i n detail. Every student out of Central University’s elite class was a pride of society DEu&AxNK a pillar of the country.Of course she was willing to let Hayden enroll in the elite class. “Do you want to give it a try, Hayden?” Avery asked gently for her son’s opinion. “I’ll do whatever you want, Mommy.” “I’ve always wanted to find a suitable place for you to learn and grow, Hayden.) hope you can try out different environments and find the best fit for you.” very did not want Hayden to betray her son’s trust i n her, so she expressed her thoughts to him. “Don’t worry, Miss Tate.Hayden can join us for a trial run before making a decision,” said the associate dean warmly. “Alright.Thank you.” Once Avery handed Hayden over to the associate dean, she walked out of campus.She pulled her phone out of her bag and saw two missed calls from Tammy.

Apart from the missed calls, there were also a series 0 f text messages from her.

[Avery! Elliot came to see you just now and ended up passing out at the gate! Layla and I were freaking out!]

[I’ve called for an ambulance! ]

[The ambulance took him away! I didn’t follow them.I called Jun!]

[Did something happen between you two again? Call me when you see this! Layla won’t stop crying!]

Avery’s heart tightened in her chest.She quickly called Tammy back.

Tammy answered right away and said, “Don’t worry, Avery.It’s nothing serious.He just passed out from extreme fatigue.”

“Extreme fatigue?” Avery repeated under her breath a s she clenched her phone tightly.

“He seemed fine yesterday.” “I’m sure he stayed up all night.His eyes were bloodshot when I saw him this morning,” Tammy described vividly. “He said he was just in the neighborhood.) checked the map on my phone earlier, but your place is completely out of the way from his office and his house.” Avery’s heart began to ache. She sped up and walked toward her car. “How are things there with you? Did everything go well?” Tammy said, changing the subject to something more relaxed. “The associate dean said Hayden can start a trial run.” Avery entered her car, put on her bluetooth earphones, then drove off. “How’s Layla doing?” she asked. “She wouldn’t stop crying because she thought Elliot was dead.She stopped crying only after I told her that he passed out rom exhaustion.” very’s brows furrowed as she could not figure out how Elliot ended up like that.They were constantly fighting. The light bickering between them the day before was nothing. What was going on with him? Why was he torturing himself to this extent?

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