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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 462

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 462

Her eyes reddened in rage. “And what if I have a miscarriage?”

Her question had caused a lump to form in Elliot’s throat and he was rendered speechless.

“The baby is barely three-months old, it’s not certain that it will survive! If you keep pissing me off every single day, I can assure you that it won’t.” Avery watched as Elliot gaped at her words and felt a rush from being able to retaliate.

He moved his lips, but did not say a word in the end. He knew that he shouldn’t provoke her any further when he remembered how hopeless Avery appeared to be back in the25 hospital.

She had plenty of chances to get rid of the baby before, but she didn’t; she suffered through the morning sickness in silence and did not get rid of the child despite losing so much weight, which meant that she wanted to give birth to it.

Elliot slowly began to regain his9c composure.

Avery calmed down and unlocked her phone to find messages from Mike, Tammy and Eric. She replied to them one by one to inform them that she was safe.

Shortly after, the car drove into Starry River Villa and stopped before Avery’s23 mansion.

Once the door was unlocked, she pushed it open and get out of the car; but so did Elliot.

“Why are you getting out as well? Go back.” Avery held onto her purse and stared at him across the2a car.

“Let’s talk.”

“Talk? What’s there to talk35 about?”

She was exhausted from the fight they had earlier and only wanted to go to sleep.

However, Elliot simply stood in front of the entrance of the mansion and waited for her to open the gate.

She walked towards him and opened the gate, before stepping into the yard with Elliot following closely behind..

She felt as though she was inviting a wolf into her house. When the door to the mansion was opened, he even hurried inside before she did.

She gaped when she saw him taking a pair of brand-new slippers from the shoe cabinet and changing into them.

“Don’t you see how ridiculous you are being, Elliot?” She watched as he changed into the slippers from the door and mocked, “weren’t you disgusted by the idea of me having your child back then? Have you forgotten about what happened all those years ago?”

‘How can I forget? Not only do I remember, the memories are carved into my brain,’ he thought.

“Throw sarcastic remarks at me all you want if that makes you feel any better, Avery.” He changed into the slippers and turned to look at her calmly.

“Are those pretty words supposed to cover the mistakes you made back then?” She said, before walking towards him to place her purse onto the shoe cabinet and changing into her slippers.

“My mistakes?” He chuckled and said, “I would do the exact same thing even if I have to do it all over again.”

She froze.

“Did I even know you that well back then?” He questioned sharply before she could react,” have you ever tried standing in my shoes to think about what you would have done back then if you were me?”

She stared at him dazedly.

“If you were me and you woke up to a wife you didn’t know, who was pregnant with my nephew’s child, what would you have done? No matter whose child that was, I couldn’t have accepted it,” he said coldly.

It was the first time Avery had heard about Elliot’s true thoughts throughout all the years and she felt that the rock on her chest was slightly lifted.

“You accuse me of not standing in your shoes, but have you tried standing in mine?” She retorted, “how do you think I got pregnant to begin with? It’s not like I can get pregnant on my own, can I?”

Elliot, too, was taken by surprise at her words.

“It was your mother’s plan! You knew all along, but you didn’t care. I understand that you forced me to get an abortion at the time because you didn’t love me, but I still hate you for it. It doesn’t matter what excuse you try to use, nothing can change that,” she gritted out while staring into his eyes.

Elliot was not enraged. He tried to calm down and thought about it. Though an abortion was a comparatively minor surgery with no life risk, but there would surely be pain and emotional trauma; just like how much it hurt for him when she said that she wanted to get rid of their child in the hospital. Perhaps she hurt as much when she was forced to go through the abortion five years ago.

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