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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 461

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 461

Yet he had just found out about it.

Avery met his eyes, which were burning with rage, and retorted in frustration, “you always manage to find a way to humiliate me!”

‘Whose child does he think it would be, if not his?’ She thought, ‘Eric’s, òr Mike’s?’

“If it’s mine, why didn’t you tell me?!” Elliot did not realize that there was an issue with his suspicion, as her action had brought back memories of the25 past.

It was not the first time she had hidden her pregnancy from him. He hated how it felt to be kept in the dark while she toyed with him like a fool.

“Don’t you ever get tired of this, Elliot?” She stared at the furious expression on his face and said in desperation, “I am… I am so tired… No matter what happens, you can always find a reason to be mad at me! Who do you think I am? What exactly am I to9c you?!”

Avery pressed on the button in the elevator to open the door.

Elliot glanced at the display screen and realized that they had only reached the third23 floor.

The elevator opened slowly and Avery strode off.

Elliot followed closely behind as his heartbeat sped up. “Avery Tate! What are youza thinking?

“I am getting rid of this child!” Resentment filled her eyes as she shouted in a hoarse voice, “I have had enough! This child would only suffer if I give birth to it! If that’s destined to happen, why should I give birth to it?!”

Elliot had forced her to go through abortion when she got pregnant five years ago, and he had never imagined that things would take such a turn at the35 time.

He felt as though he had been stuck in the heart when he heard that she was going to get rid of their child and he could barely breathe through the excruciating pain.

Unable to think properly, he followed his instinct and stopped her.

“I won’t allow you to get rid of our child!” His eyes reddened as he grabbed her by the shoulder and stopped her from moving forward. “Give birth to it! Even if it’s a freak, you have to give birth to it!”

‘A freak! This is how he cursed his own child?’ Tears scrolled down her face at the thought and she shouted in tears, “you are the freak! You are!”

Unable to move her arms, she resorted to kicking him in the legs with all her might.

They were in the maternity ward at the time; there were countless women who came for

abortion, and countless others had been overjoyed to find out that they were pregnant here.

There had been many couples who argued about what to do with their children, but it was rare to see an instance where the woman wanted an abortion while the man tried to keep the baby.

Someone took out their phone to take a video of them, and the bodyguard immediately hurried over to stop them.

Elliot lifted Avery up and strode towards the elevator.

‘She is too emotional right now. I have to take her away from her, or she will keep thinking about getting an abortion,’ he thought.

“Let me go! I have legs! I can walk on my own!” She punched him on the chest, but he refused to let go.

Once they were out of the hospital, he carried her towards the parking lot.

The bodyguard ran back to the car to open the car door for them.

Reluctant to be exposed to public view, Avery buried her face in Elliot’s chest. Once she was inside the car, she commanded coldly, “send me home, my home!”

Elliot sat down next to her and closed the car door.

The bodyguard sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine. “Where to, Mr. Foster?”

“Her house,” Elliot responded in a hoarse voice.

Avery was pregnant and it could affect the child inside her if she was too emotional, so he didn’t wish to provoke her any further.

Car sped forward. Once Avery had regained her composure, she took her phone out of her purse.

Elliot stared at her slightly flushed face which was directed towards the window at the moment, and swallowed, “Avery, I forbid you from getting rid of our child! Not if I don’t agree to it. Don’t even think about it!”

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