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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 459

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 459

“What are you doing here? Here for the drama?” Mike mocked.

Elliot ignored Mike and strode towards the empty seat next to Avery, before sitting down.

Avery’s lashes shivered briefly as she said, “that’s Eric’s seat.”

“This is my seat!” He gritted out angrily, “don’t worry. He will be on this tabte as25 well.”

Avery came to a realization that Elliot must have gone to Jun to have his seat changed.

Once Elliot took his seat, Shea walked over and sat down next togс him.

Noticing how uncomfortable Avery was, Mike got up immediately to exchange seats with her; but before he could say anything, Shea beat him to it.

“Mike, can I change seats with23 you?”

Mike was sitting next to Hayden and she wanted to sit with Hayden.

Mike wasn’t sure how to reject Shea, and neither did she gave him the chance to do so. Shea walked directly towards Mike and Mike was left with no option but to give her hisza seat.

After that, it didn’t matter if Mike changed his seat with Avery, because she would still be sitting next to Elliot either way.

Mike summoned up the courage and asked Elliot, “let’s exchange seats, what do you 35 say?”


Mike stared daggers at him.

Time flew and soon, it was twelve at noon and the wedding ceremony started.

Elliot wasn’t interested and therefore did not keep his eyes on the stage; Avery, on the other hand, was taking pictures at the stage throughout the ceremony.

Shortly after the ceremony ended, it was time for the bouquet toss.

Tammy took one glance at Avery’s direction, before turning around to toss the bouquet towards Avery with all her.might.

Following a “Whew!”, Elliot caught the bouquet and everyone erupted into excited screams.

“???” Avery was stunned.

Elliot did not pass Avery the bouquet after catching it, as he didn’t want Avery to marry someone else to begin with, so he handed it to Mike.

“Thank you!” Mike said.

The lights dimmed as soon as the ceremony ended, and a familiar melody started to echoed within the hall.

The crowd erupted into screams simultaneously.

“Eric! Eric!”

Eric’s alluring voice emerged, leaving everyone in exclamation.

Elliot stared at Avery and noticed that she was quietly eating instead of looking at the stage like everyone else.

She was eating mainly the cold dishes and vegetables, and stayed away from meat.

He picked up his fork and took a piece of pork rib, before placing it onto her plate, as she used to love pork ribs.

She gaped at him and said, “I don’t want it. Take it away.”

If Elliot didn’t take it away, she would likely be so nauseated that she ended up spitting out the vegetable she had eaten; however, he seemed to be determined and commanded, “eat!”

Avery’s head started to hurt.

Just then, her caring daughter Layla reached out to pull Avery’s plate towards her and devoured the piece of pork rib swiftly.

“Mom, change seats with me! I’m not afraid of this bad guy!”

“It’s okay, baby. I’m not afraid of him either.” Avery had lost her appetite and set her fork down.

After a while, Eric’s performance was over and he stepped down from the stage.

Mike immediately went to talk to him. “Change seats with Avery, and then I’ll exchange mine with yours.”

With that, Avery was separated from Elliot with Eric sitting in between them.

Sensing the tension around the table, Eric looked at Elliot and said, “hello, Mr. Foster.”


Elliot’s expression darkened as his eagle-like eyes locked onto Avery’s face. “Avery, are you pregnant?!” He gritted out.

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