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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 448

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 448

Avery awkwardly took out her phone to focus on something else.

Ben glanced at the screen and lowered his gaze to look for any change to Elliot’s heart rate.

‘Good for him! His heart rate is as steady as a rock!’ He thought. Ben even started to suspect if there was something wrong with the monitor, or Elliot had truly overcome all urges.

Jun, too, was staring at the heart rate monitor around Elliot’s wrist and said, “the monitor should be fine. The number was moving when Avery was wearing it just25 now.”

“How did Avery do on the challenge?” Ben asked.

Jun glanced at Avery; Avery was expressionless, but Tammy was staring daggers at him. He looked away and said, “she won. The monitor will ring if the heart rate is too high, but I didn’t hear anything when she was9c playing.”

Ben hummed in response and looked over at Avery.

Avery lowered her head and was looking at her phone, clearly trying to avoid23 them.

The first video ended and the second one began with a mature-looking beauty posing in front of the camera in sexy outfits. Everything, including her expression and body language, was seductive.

Someone catcalled in excitement, while some other people peeped at Elliot to observe hisza reaction.

Elliot scowled sternly. Despite the fact that he was watching a video of a beautiful woman, his expression looked as though he was attending someone’s funeral.

His heart rate was affected slightly, on the other hand, as he was still human, but there was barely a change and was most likely only the result of him breathing35 faster.

“He doesn’t seem to like women! Show him hot guys!” Lisa had been paying close attention to Elliot’s reaction and shouted to the person controlling the screen when she noticed that Elliot was not reacting in any way.

Soon, the face of a handsome foreign man appeared on screen. Not only did the man have silky, golden locks, but he also had strong muscles…

Elliot’s expression turned from stern to dark, because he immediately associated what he saw with Mike’s face.

Lisa felt defeated at the way Elliot frowned, because it was obvious that he didn’t like men


“Show that video that’s labeled ‘must watch for macho men…”

A few seconds later, a chubby baby face appeared on screen.

The group burst out laughing; most of them being men.

‘See? Guys like to watch babies,” Lisa thought and glanced at Elliot.

Elliot’s brows were no longer furrowed as tightly, but his heart rate remained steady at around eighty without the number increasing by five or less.

Ben sat beside him and chuckled smugly while looking at the video of the baby on the screen.” This game isn’t challenging at all!”

Lisa had already admitted defeat in her mind, but still didn’t want to give up.

“I’ve never seen a man who’s not interested in anything.”

“Why else do you think he’s successful? It’s because he’s only interested in money.”

“Alright! But the game is not over yet! I won’t admit defeat just yet!”

Another round of videos of kissing scenes and sex scenes started on screen, when suddenly, Avery was being pushed over to Elliot.

“…” Rendered speechless, Avery thought, ‘has Tammy gone mad?! How can she push me towards Elliot?’

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