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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 447

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 447

“Hahaha, let’s put all of them in here! We also need something else. What if he doesn’t like women? Let’s include some handsome guys as well!”

“Sure! I have a collection for men!”

“What’s that? Show me!”

“Hahaha! It’s hilarious! Not25 bad!”

The women were having a wonderful time trying to look for videos, but they were too young and were clueless as to what kind of man Elliot9c was.

Ben did not waver despite hearing every word they said, and even felt amused. Elliot might not lose even if they were to show him R-rated videos.

Jun walked towards Tammy and Avery, before explaining, “I can’t refuse Ben when he asked for the location. He is my senior… Ben didn’t mention that Elliot would be here, but even if he did, I would welcome23 them!”

Tammy glared at him. “What’s the point of explaining when you’ve already gone and done it?”

Jun cast her a flattering smile. “I was scared that you two would be mad, especially2a Avery….”

“They are your friends. It’s normal that you invite them here. I’m fine,” Avery said.

Gratitude filled Jun’s face. “You are so understanding , Avery! Seriously though, I wasn’t the one who invited them. They wanted to 35 come.”

Naturally, Jun couldn’t tell the truth about taking a photo of Avery in secret; otherwise, it would expose the fact that he was the reason why Ben and Elliot had decided to come.

Tammy looked over at Elliot coldly.

It was obvious that Elliot had come for Avery; he wouldn’t have come if Avery wasn’t here.

“You two should go sit on the couch! Don’t you feel tired standing here?” Jun said.

“Avery doesn’t want to sit there.” Tammy had tried to lead Avery to sit on the side of the couch, but she refused to. Because Elliot was on the couch, Avery walked over to somewhere where Elliot couldn’t see her.

“Alright, I will move two chairs over for you, then.” Jun hurried over to bring chairs over to them.

Once the two sat down, Tammy leaned towards Avery and whispered, “I saw your heart rate going up to a hundred just now during the challenge. Hahaha! You are attracted!”

Avery had completely regained her composure and responded calmly, “it’s still within the normal range as long as it is within a hundred.”

Tammy felt like Avery was making an excuse. “If only Elliot hadn’t barged in just now, your heart rate is definitely going to be above a hundred!”

“It doesn’t matter. It didn’t go above a hundred in the end.”

“Haha! Avery, can you be falling for Eric? He seems pretty obedient towards you, so he will surely spoil you rotten if you are willing to let him!”

Avery cringed at her words.

“I’ll admit that I admire him. I also like his face, but that has nothing to do with romance. Aren’t you his fan as well? Does that mean that you don’t love Jun? Don’t make that kind of joke again, I don’t want to have my face on the news for being involved in scandals.”

Tammy nodded awkwardly.

Soon, Lisa and the others had gathered the videos and Elliot’s challenge was about to start.

“Avery, do you think he’s going to lose?” Tammy asked.

“I don’t know.”

Just then, the scene of a couple kissing on bed appeared on the big screen and Avery blushed. She couldn’t imagine Elliot’s reaction to the video.

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