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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 446

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 446

Avery glanced at the heart rate monitor on her wrist and noticed the number going down from a hundred to eighty.

‘Why is he here? Tammy said she didn’t invite Elliot or his friends, so is he here uninvited?’ She thought.

Tammy, too, was stunned. She pinched Jun on the arm and asked, “what’s going on? Why is he here?”

The temperature in the air dropped the moment Elliot25 arrived.

Tammy did not welcome his presence, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to chase him out.

Jun leaned towards Tammy. “Now that Elliot is here, we should welcome him! Enough with the long face and do this forgc me!”

After that, Jun hurried over to Elliot to welcome him with a smile. “Elliot, Ben, here you are! Have you eaten? If not, there’s still something in the kitchen…”

“We aren’t hungry at the moment,” Ben said, “what were you guys playing? You were all shouting so23 loud!”

Ben’s words had eased up the tension and those who were stunned instantly felt less nervous.

“We were playing a game where you lose if you are attracted! Do you want to join?” Tammy’s best friend Lisa invited themza enthusiastically.

“Sure! How do we play?” Ben dragged Elliot along and walked towards the group.

Tammy glared at her best friend for doing something35 unnecessary.

Feeling misunderstood, Lisa whispered her plan to Tammy. “We can prank them if they lose!”

Tammy instantly came to a realization.

“Avery, let’s sit on the side.” Tammy helped Avery up from the center of the couch, while Ben and Elliot were invited to sit instead.

The heart rate monitor around Avery’s wrist was taken off and Lisa walked towards them with it. “Which one of you want to go first?”

Without a moment of hesitation, Ben pointed at Elliot. “Him first.”

Elliot stared daggers at Ben.

Ben cleared his throat and picked up the snacks on the table, before explaining, “I’m a bit hungry, so I’ll eat something first.”

Lisa handed the monitor to Elliot. “Put this on.”

Elliot had always hated games, regardless of genres or nature of the game itself, so he rejected coldly, “I’m not playing.”

“If you are not here for games, then why are you even here?” Lisa looked at him in confusion.

Jun tensed beside them nervously. Tammy was fearless and apparently, so were her friends.

‘How are they not afraid of Elliot?’ He thought.

Just when Jun was about to intervene, Elliot took the monitor from Lisa’s hand.

Ben assured him with a smile, “I just looked it up online and it’s a simple game. They are going to show you some videos and you win as long as you don’t feel attracted. Hahaha, this is the perfect game for you, because you won’t budge no matter what they show you.”

Being overly confident, Ben announced, “let us bet on this! I bet that he’s going to win! Which one of you think that he would lose? Let’s place bets on this!”

Other than Ben, Jun, Tammy and Avery, no one else in the room knew anything about Elliot apart from the fact he was a powerful man.

In order to cheer everyone up, Lisa stepped up. “I’ll bet that he loses, then! If I lose the bet, I will drink three glasses of wine; but if you lose, you need to drink a bottle! How’s that?”

“Hahaha, sure!” Ben agreed.

The women gathered around and started looking for videos. For men as successful as Elliot, he must have seen his fill of beautiful women, so they had to find something more stimulating to make him lose. “I have some classic kiss scenes in my collection, along with some really hot sex scenes!”

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