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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 445

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 445

Avery felt much better after sleeping for most of the day, and the nausea seemed to have subdued as well.

“It’s hard to say. It might get better soon, or later. Don’t be afraid, some people barely react to pregnancy, so maybe you won’t suffer from morning sickness when you are pregnant.” Avery went to sit down on the couch and beamed at Tammy. “Thank you for being so considerate, Tammy. It’s been so long since I had spicy chicken soup.”

“Don’t eat too much, or you might puke.” Tammy sat on the couch across from her and said,” do you know what Jun did today? He was worried that you might pass out in here because you skipped lunch, so he went and booked an ambulance, which is still waiting outside the mansion as we speak!”

Moved, Avery smiled. “Tammy, I wish that you and Jun would live happily ever25 after.”

“I know! Right now, your mission is to take care of yourself and the baby in your belly. When I picture your baby to be as smart and pretty as Hayden and Layla, I can’t help but pray that it comes into this world safely and healthily.”


After dinner, Avery came out of the guest room with Rammy.

When everyone else saw her coming downstairs, they urged her to sit down in the middle of the23 couch.

“Avery! Come play games with us! Don’t worry, Tammy already took us that you are not feeling well, so we don’t force you to do anything even if you lose!”

Avery gave Tammy a look ofza gratitude.

“What are we playing? I am not that good at games.” Avery felt rather energetic at the moment and was itching to play with the others.

“We are doing this challenge where you can’t get attracted! We will play some videos and you lose if you feel 35 attracted!”

After hearing the introduction of the game, Avery felt it was almost too easy. She had never truly been attracted to anyone apart from Elliot before, so she couldn’t possibly lose.

Seeing how confident Avery was, Tammy reminded her, “they are shameless, and they might show you videos that are way out of line…”

Avery instantly blushed, but was still very confident.

Just then, Tammy’s cousin Ellie put a heart rate monitor around Avery’s wrist. “Avery, if you win, you get to make an unreasonable request to anyone here; though, I don’t think you can

win this.”

“I am so going to win this,” Avery said.

The lights in the room dimmed and a large screen lit up before them.

A handsome man appeared on the screen and lifted his shirt to reveal the six-pack hidden underneath.

Everyone in the living room burst out laughing.

Avery, too, was chuckling, but her heart rate had only risen slightly.

Soon, they jumped to the next video but Avery managed to maintain her heart rate and composure.

She had met plenty of handsome men back when she was in Bridgedale, and had since become immune to them.

Finally, Eric’s alluring face appeared on screen. Videos of him in a white shirt, a knight’s armor and suit flashed by and the room erupted into chaos as everyone shouted excitedly.

Avery’s heart rate rose immediately, when suddenly, the lights in the living room were turned on following a ‘snap’ and the room was instantly as bright as day.

Everyone looked over to the door in shock and saw Elliot standing there in an all-black outfit; he appeared mysterious and elegant with the darkness of the night behind him. He oozed an intimidating aura with the cold expression on his handsome-looking face.

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