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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 435

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 435

Elliot thought about how he was the President of the Sterling Group, yet his heart was broken by her. He took the initiative to send her a message, yet she did not reply to it immediately!

He was in an utterly bad mood! He looked at her message with reddened eyes. He quickly typed on his phone, (Aren’t you delighted?)

Avery was speechless. What a heated message.

However, Avery considered that he did not sleep for the entire night. It was only normal that he was throwing a25 fit.

Avery calmed herself down and patiently replied. [It’s almost 6. Go to bed! I’m going to sleep for a while longer too.).

After this message, Avery lay down once96 again.

Elliot did not reply to her anymore. He lost this round! In relationships, whoever took the initiative, they were the loser!

At seven-thirty in the morning, the gates of Elliot’s mansion slowly opened. Mrs. Scarlet was carrying her bag. She was about toad leave.

Shea looked at her back and quickly chased after her. When Mrs. Scarlet heard footsteps coming from behind her, she immediately turned around and looked. When she saw that it was Shea, she stopped in her tracks.

“Shea, I have something to do in the morning. I have to make a trip. Could you be a good girl and wait for your teacher at home,49 please?”

Shea shook her head. Mrs. Scarlet has been with her every day. She was used to Mrs. Scarlet’s accompaniment.

“Where are you going, take me with35 you.”

Mrs. Scarlet furrowed her brows. “I’m going to the bus station. It’s quite far and there are a lot of people. You won’t want to go there.”

Shea did not like crowded places. She was afraid of strangers. However, that day, she wanted to


Mrs. Scarlet could not persuade her otherwise, so she could only take Shea along. If Shea was afraid, she would get the bodyguard to take Shea home.

At eight-thirty in the morning, Mrs. Scarlet brought Shea to the bus station. There was a huge crowd at the station.

Mrs. Scarlet was holding Shea’s hand tightly. She also constantly paid attention to Shea’s emotions.

Although Shea has been furrowing her brows, she did not show any signs of fear or resistance.

A moment later, the person Mrs. Scarlet was looking for walked over from one of the stops.

“Shea, why are you here?” The person that spoke was Mrs. White, the servant that used to work for Rosalie.

That day, Mrs. Scarlet came over to send her off.

Shea looked at Mrs. White curiously.

“Shea, you’re so brave now. You dare to come to a place with so many people,” Mrs. White lamented, “I hope you get better soon.”

“She has recovered quite a lot,” Mrs. Scarlet said, “You’re going back home. I’m guessing you won’t be here anymore, right!”

Mrs. White nodded. “They gave me a huge sum of money. I don’t have to worry about the future.”

Although they received a sum of money, there was an obvious melancholy between Mrs. White’s brows.

“Shea, why didn’t you attend your mother’s funeral? Did your brother forbid you to attend?” Mrs. White’s eyes were rather reddened. “You should have attended it. She’s your mother!”

When Shea heard what Mrs. White said, she was rather shocked. “What mother?”

“Your brother’s mother is your mother!”

Shea blinked. She seemed to understand what Mrs. White was saying. “Big Brother did not ask me to call her mother. I’m not close to her.”

“Hmm. You are indeed not close to her, but she is your mother. Shea, if she were to know how much you have recovered now, she would be very happy.”

“But she’s dead, she won’t be able to see me anymore.” Shea’s words made Mrs. White’s eyes


“Shea, your mother was killed by someone. I don’t ask for you to avenge your mother. I only hope you get well soon. Because once you get well, you will naturally seek revenge on her behalf. Also, don’t go to the old mansion in the future. Don’t go there because your mother’s killer is right there,” Mrs. White said very softly. She was afraid that she would be overheard.

Shea’s head hurt from receiving so much information at once.

“I don’t dare to tell your brother this. I’m afraid that I might be silenced. Shea, just remember what I tell you. You must remember. When…when I’m dead, or when you’ve recovered, you avenge your mother…”

Shea was stunned. She could not help but grab Mrs. White’s arm. Something struck her in her


It hurts!

“Also…” Mrs. White could see that Shea understood what she was saying, so she went in closer to Shea’s ears, “Hayden Tate is your brother’s son. His biological son. Your mother was killed because she knew about this.”

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