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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 434

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 434

Avery did not see Elliot’s message immediately because she went to bed after she saw Eric’s Tweet.

Early pregnancy was usually associated with nausea and drowsiness. She could sleep easier for the past two days.

Usually, when she occasionally could not sleep, she had to rely on melatonin to get a good night’s sleep.

However, that night, she fell asleep after lying in bed. She slept all the way until five in the morning the next25 day.

If it were not for her wanting to pee, she should still be able to sleep.

Once she woke up, the first thing she did was to take her phone and look at the time. Turns out, she saw Elliot’s message. She was stunned. She quickly took her phone to the96 washroom.

Elliot’s message read, [Were you looking for me yesterday?)

Yesterday? Avery thought back carefully. She did not look for him the day2d before!

Hold up!

She looked at the time he sent the message. It was ten-thirty the night before! Avery felt chills running down her back. She was completely 49 awake.

Coming out of the washroom, she took her phone back to bed. After lying down in bed, she looked at his news. She was hesitating about how to reply to him. Should she tell him that she was pregnant? He needed to recuperate at that moment. She better not use that to agitate him.

However, it was not easy to come up with a lie. Elliot was extremely alert. He was not that easy to lie35 to.

After thinking and struggling for a while, Avery replied, (I passed by your place the day before, so I thought to stop by.]

After sending the message, she completely lost her urge to sleep. Avery held her phone and looked at the ceiling with her eyes wide open.

Her heart was about to pop up. He only sent a single message. Why was she so nervous?

Why when she was facing other men, she could remain calm and composed, yet when she faced him, her thoughts were often easily messed up?

Her notification was on silent mode. Also, she reckoned that Elliot must be asleep at that moment. He would surely not reply to her message. Thus, she held onto her phone and opened her eyes wide in a daze.

When her eyes were rather dry, she picked up her phone to look at the time, yet…she saw his reply!

His reply was sent after her message! It was replied instantly! It was five in the morning, yet he replied to her message instantly. Avery had to suspect that he did not sleep the entire night! That was because Elliot did not have the habit of playing with his phone.

Avery sat up and looked at his reply.

Elliot replied, (Stop by? What is there to stop by? Don’t tell me that you wanted to see me!)

The exclamation mark frightened Avery a little. It made her feel that Elliot was furious when he typed the message. Avery smacked her forehead.

How should she reply to him?

She had a good night’s sleep. She should be feeling spirited, yet when she saw his message, she was rather bewildered.

Avery’s fingers moved. [Have you stayed up all night?]

She wanted to change the topic, so she sent that message. However, that message infuriated Elliot!

After sending the message to her the night before, Elliot has been waiting for her message for the entire night! Halfway through, he tried to turn off his phone and force himself to sleep but to no avail!

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