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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 433

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 433

“How manipulative! See, I said he was interested in you!” Mike was sitting next to her. He heard their conversation clearly. “But if you’re interested in him too, you’ll be an item with him by tonight!”

“He is too young. Young people are easily impulsive,” Avery explained, “I was once young too.

Mike said, “I know! When you were young, you were impulsive for Elliot. Now you’re having retribution.”

Avery was25 speechless.

“Avery, stop looking at Tweeter.” Mike touched her head. “The people on the internet are so rude! They say such harsh words! Don’t take their words to heart.”

“I’m not looking at Tweeter,” Avery said calmly, “Even if I did, it would not affect me. I can still take96 it.”

“That’s great!” Mike looked at the time. “Chad asked me out for supper. I’ll head out first! Call me if there is anything.”

“Go! Don’tad drink!”

“I know. I promise you I won’t drink!” Mike promised before grabbing the car keys and heading out.

At nine at night, Avery switched off the children’s room’s light. When Avery’s footsteps gradually grew softer, Layla tugged on Hayden’s49 arm.

“Hayden, Mommy rejected Uncle Eric. I’m a little sad. Why doesn’t Mommy like Uncle Eric? I like him a lot. He is so handsome. How good would it be if he was my father?” Layla found it hard to calm down, so she started chattering.

She did not dare to say all those in front of Avery because she knew that she could not change her mother’s35 decision.

Hayden was quite calm toward this matter. Although Eric was very good-looking and he also helped his Mommy, he felt that no one in this world was worthy of her.

“Then, good luck.”

Layla was confused. “Hayden, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“Good luck in growing up. Once you grow up, you marry him,” Hayden explained.

Layla was stunned. “Hayden, are you serious?”

“It looks like you don’t really like him.”

“I really do! But once I grow up, won’t he be old?” Layla was conflicted.

Hayden said, “If you really like him, you won’t mind how old he is.”

Layla took a deep breath. “Okay then..then wish me luck.”

Avery returned to her room and turned on her phone.

Eric posted a Tweet five minutes ago. His clarification was simple.

[If I am lucky enough to find someone I love and who loves me in the future, I would surely share the good news. As for Miss Tate, she is my goddess. I will always admire and respect her. I implore all my fans to stop attacking her. Thank you.)

After his Tweet, it was immediately trending!

Before bed, Elliot looked at his phone again. Another news popped up.

(Eric Santos Claims That Avery Tate Is His Goddess!)

Elliot gritted his teeth and looked at Eric’s Tweet.


What a shameless person! He should just proclaim that he loves her!

However, it seemed like Avery was not seduced. If not, Eric’s Tweet would not have been that way. He would have written, (Yes, I am together with Avery Tate!]

Elliot furrowed his brows. A sense of indescribable crisis loomed over his head.

He could not help but send a message to Avery. This was the first time they contacted each other after his injury.

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