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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 423

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 423

In Avery, a small life was growing. However, up till that point, she did not feel anything at all. When she was pregnant with Layla and Hayden , her early pregnancy symptoms were rather obvious.

At that thought, a new problem cropped out.

When she was pregnant with the child, she was in utter depression. Also, because of her injuries, she had been on a lot of25 antibiotics.;

Avery furrowed her brows. She was so heartbroken she could not breathe!

Even if she got pregnant with the child, this child would most likely be96 unhealthy!

The taxi stopped right in front of the hospital entrance.

Avery paid and got out of thead taxi.

She registered with the gynecology department. After explaining her situation to the doctor, the doctor gave her an ultrasound request form. She took the form to the ultrasound room and waited.

After 40 minutes later, it was her turn. A moment later, she left the hospital with the results in her49 hand.

As she expected, she was pregnant! She was once again pregnant with Elliot’s child! She did not know if this child was healthy or not at that moment because it was still too small. If the child was unhealthy, naturally, it would be eliminated. She did not need to wait for three months to be miscarried.

It would be possible that the child would be unhealthy and last more than three months. She would only be able to find out after the35 checkup.

Avery’s mind was a mess at that moment. She did not know what to do. If Elliot did not want this child, she could choose to abort it, because there was a high possibility that it would be unhealthy.

However, she would only decide after three months.

Should she let Elliot know? Should she let him know now?

Avery stood by the side of the road, looking at the traffic. She was very lost. At Tate Industries, Mike was holding a business card in his hand. He looked at it and sized the other person up.

“You’re Eric Santos’ manager?”

“Yes. Eric has asked me to come and talk to you.” The manager explained his intention there and explained, “His comeback single is called Fly. Initially, we wanted to publish it on the internet. With his fame and outreach, this song will be a hit! But, he insisted on giving Tate Industries this single.”

Mike furrowed his brows. “Giving them to us?”

“He said that he wrote it for Tate Industries. You could use this song to promote a certain series of products, you can also use it as your company’s anthem because the lyrics to this song fit rather well with your products.”

Mike nodded. “I have not listened to his new song. Is it any good?”

The manager was rather annoyed.

Mike said, “Has he talked to Avery? Avery is the boss.”

“Miss Tate likes this song a lot, but she might not accept Eric’s gift.”

“Oh, we can pay! Make it a collaboration.” Mike was not so fixated on whether Eric’s new song was great or not anymore. His fame was the most important thing.

The manager nodded. “I do think this way is better, but Eric is not willing to accept money from you.”

Mike said, “Then, just put it as a friendship price! If not Avery would not accept this too.”

The manager replied, “Okay. Wonder Technologies has cropped up recently. They are doing drones too and they are coming on strong! Not only have they signed the hottest celebrities as their spokesperson, but they also got a lot of social media influencers to live stream as well. I checked their sales, it’s amazing! Why does your company not have any promotional activities?”

Mike said, “So Eric gave us this single because he could not bear to watch how our company is doing?”

The manager said, “I guessed so. He is even more worried about the growth of the company than you all.”

Mike took a deep breath. He had a 180-degree change in his impression of Eric. This babyface was not only handsome, but he was also smart.

The next time he visits Avery, Mike would definitely open the door for him.

At five in the evening, Avery took a taxi to Elliot’s mansion. She hesitated for the entire afternoon. She decided to tell the news of her pregnancy to Elliot. After all, he insisted on having this child.

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