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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 71 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 71 by desirenovel

Gift of Pain

Kaiser caught Thea when she fainted and put her in the SUV. The triplets sat with her. Her Delta team guards sat in the back. She woke up when Xavier did a few minutes later.

“Zoe? Zoe!” Thea cried out in her mind “Darling, what’s wrong?” Kaiser thought to Thea.

“I don’t know. It feels like Zoe is dying,” Thea thought. Kaiser held her hand.

“I’m here, Thea,” Zoe said.

“Are you okay?” Thea thought.

“I’m fine,” Zoe said. “It’s not me. It’s Xavier’s wolf that’s dying.”

“Why do I feel it?”

“It’s part of your gift,” Zoe said. “You can sense what others feel. This was an intense thing to feel without any warning. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what he was going to do, or I would’ve prepared you.”

“Can I turn it off?” Thea thought to Zoe.

“No. You may eventually be able to turn the volume down or learn to work around what you feel.”

“Zoe? Do people with gifts go insane?” She knew feeling this kind of pain long-term would warp her.

“Sometimes. They usually die before it gets that far.”

“I need you to tell me everything you know about goddess gifts.”

“I will. Right now, focus on your mates. They’ll help you through this.”

Thea opened her eyes.

“Hey, my love, are you okay?” Alaric said. He rubbed her hand in his. The sparks lessened the pain she felt.

“No. I can feel Xavier’s pain. I can feel his wolf dying. It feels like my wolf is dying,” Thea said in mind link. “I feel his power leaving him. It’s transferring to his brother.”

The triplets looked at each other.

“Zoe said it’s part of our gift,” Thea said in mind link. She told them everything Zoe had told her since she woke up.

“So you really left last night. That’s why we couldn’t feel you,” Kaiser said.

“You don’t remember what happened while you were gone?” Conri said.

“No,” Thea said. Her hands went to her face, over her canines. “Oh, goddess! It hurts!”

Kaiser pulled her onto his lap. Six hands rubbed her legs and her arms.

“Zoe said goddess gifted go insane if they live long enough,” she whispered in mind link.

“That’s not going to be you, darling,” Kaiser said, “We won’t let that happen.”

They kept holding her and trying to soothe her. Eventually, Alpha Ulric joined them, and they drove back to New Dawn. Alaric told his father and the Delta team guards what was going on in mind link.

“Take care of her,” Alpha Ulric said. “Xavier’s wolf is likely to die in the night. If she feels that, well, I can’t imagine. She’ll need the comfort only her mates can bring. I’m going to call a pack meeting and inform everyone what’s going on with their future Luna and that they need to keep it in the pack.”

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