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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 70 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 70 by desirenovel

Wolf Etiquette

The bigger man from the infirmary stood outside the pack house, waiting for them. Thea and the triplets stopped in front of him.

“Delta team is right behind you with Xavier,” the man said.

“Who is he?” Thea thought. She felt a strange kind of kinship with him.

“That’s our father, Ulric, the Alpha of our pack.

The boss,” Kaiser thought to her.

“Don’t look him in the eyes too long, Thea,” Zoe said. Thea tore her eyes away from him.


“You know how you just stared down that wolf back there?” Zoe said. “It’s an Alpha thing. A challenge. We don’t want to challenge this one.”

“Should I bow or something?”

“Goddess,” Zoe said in her mind. “I can’t believe I have to teach you remedial wolf etiquette. We’re supposed to be working on our goddess gift by now!”

“Excuse me? If I remember correctly, you’re the reason I don’t remember anything!” Thea thought to her.

Zoe growled in her mind. Thea growled out loud.

“Thea? You have a problem?” the Alpha said.

“Sorry, Alpha, sir, I’m fighting with my wolf,” Thea said in mind link. “She’s kind of a bitch.”

The triplets heard Thea’s thoughts, and they looked at each other, afraid of their father’s reaction.

Alpha Ulric burst out laughing. He laughed for a good five minutes until tears were coming out of his eyes.

“Oh, it’s nice to have some levity after everything that’s happened,” he said.

The Delta team wolves came trotting up. One of them was dragging Xavier. Alpha Ulric opened the doors that led to the dungeon, and they all filed in.

The wolf tossed Xavier into a cell. Alpha Ulric chained him inside, then closed and locked the cell door.

“I have to call Alpha Knight,” Alpha Ulric said as he started walking out of the dungeon. “Liam, what are your thoughts on Thea’s condition? Should we keep it a secret?”

All the wolves shifted back to their human forms.

“I don’t think we should advertise it, but I don’t think we should lie about it either. It will eventually come out, one way or another. Plus, that pup has seen her. Unless you plan on using an Alpha command to silence him.”

“Maybe it’s better if people know she has her wolf now,” Alpha Ulric said. “That she beat an Alpha in single combat, and he submitted to her Alpha command. It will give them something to focus on.”

“Or it paints a target on her back,” Conri said.

“Everyone will want to challenge her.”

“I don’t think she’ll have a problem facing any challenges,” Alpha Ulric said.

“She doesn’t remember anything,” Alaric said. “Including how to fight.”

“She beat Xavier, didn’t she?” Alpha Ulric said.

“As a wolf,” Alaric said.

“She’s a quick study. She’ll learn what she needs to know,” Alpha Ulric said. “Kai? What do you think?”

“She can take anyone that would challenge her, and we have her back,” Kaiser said.

Alpha Ulric looked at Kaiser, nodded, then did a double-take. “That’s quite a mark,” he said,

smiling Kaiser smiled. Thea felt pride swell in him.

“Prepare yourselves, sons,” Alpha Ulric said. “There’s going to be a lot of gossip tomorrow. Be alert.”

They reached the doors. There were basketball shorts stacked along the wall. All the males grabbed a pair and slid them on before they walked outside. Alpha Ulric walked off with his phone to his ear. Thea spotted a pile of shirts and grabbed one along with some shorts. When she joined them outside, a group was gathering out in a field.

“What’s going on there?” Thea said.

“Pack training,” Alaric said.

A blonde girl broke from the crowd and ran towards them. Thea growled, thinking she was coming for the triplets.

“What is going on with you?” the blonde girl said, eyebrow raised, hand on her hip. She completely ignored the triplets, only looking at Thea.

“Who is she?” Thea said in mind link.

“Lizzy, your best friend,” Kaiser said over mind link. “Were you just jealous?”

“Yes.” She didn’t bother hiding it. “I thought she was coming for you guys.”

Kaiser hugged her from behind. Conri and Alaric each grabbed a hand, smiling.

“Thea! Talk to me!” Lizzy said. “I’m woken in the middle of the night by an intense urge to call out for you. The entire pack is howling. A light explodes somewhere. Then we feel another mark! What the hell? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know where to start,” Thea said out loud.

“She got her wolf last night,” Alaric said. “But now she has amnesia and doesn’t remember anything or anyone.”

“You got your wolf?” Lizzy mind linked her,

“Yes? Her name is Zoe, and she’s a bitch,” Thea said back in mind link. Zoe growled in her mind,

“Oh my goddess!” Lizzy jumped up and down and hugged Thea. She pulled back. “Wait. Does that mean you don’t remember me?”

“I’m sorry. If it makes you feel better, I don’t remember these guys either.” Thea motioned to the triplets.

“But the matebond is hard to fight,” Lizzy said.

“I like them a lot,” Thea said, shrugging and smiling. Kaiser kissed the mark on her neck, and she melted into him.

Conri told Lizzy what Thea had just done to Xavier.

“Xavier’s in the dungeons?” Lizzy said. “I want to go in there and kill him myself.”

“You know him?” Thea said.

“You don’t remember?” Lizzy said. “Why would you? You don’t remember anything. Oh, this is strange. I wonder how school is going to go tomorrow. You’re coming tomorrow, right?”

“I don’t know,” Thea said.

A car pulled up, and Alpha Ulric called the triplets and Thea. A large man and a teenage boy with brown hair got out of the vehicle.

“Alpha Knight,” Alpha Ulric said.

“Alpha Valko. Thank you for the call. Thank you for keeping him alive and turning him over to me. I think it’s important that my pack see his punishment. You all are invited to witness it as well. We’ll do it right when we arrive. People are already gathering. We put the pole up last week.”

“Sons, Thea, do you want to go?” Alpha Ulric mind linked them.

“Yes,” they all answered.

“Go get dressed in proper clothing,” Alpha Ulric mind linked them. “Come, let’s get your son,” he said out loud.

The Alphas went to the dungeon.

Alaric told Lizzy in mind link to inform the Moonlit Pack members staying at New Dawn about Xavier.

The triplets and Thea ran up to their room. Thea quickly rinsed off the blood, then went into the closet and saw all the boys’ clothes.

“How long have we been living together?” Thea said.

“In a sense, all our lives,” Conri said. “But officially as mates, a few months.”

Thea looked through the drawers. There was a ton of matching underwear. She put on a set then threw a wrap dress over it.

They climbed out of an SUV at Moonlit Pack a short while later. The triplets took their places around Thea, holding her hands, Conri with his hand around her waist. It felt natural to her.

They watched as Alpha Knight dragged Xavier – now dressed – from the car to a dais with a large silver pole on it. He used silver handcuffs to cuff Xavier to the pole.

Alpha Knight shouted out his crimes, and Thea’s jaw dropped. He had done horrible things.

“Zoe, how did we know where to find him?” Thea said in her head.

“It’s part of our goddess gift,” Zoe said,

“What is?”

“Sensing life. Intentions.”

“That’s how you knew when it was safe to come back?”


“So, we can tell if people are good or bad, and where people are?”

“Not just people. Look, it’s going to take time to master the skills. There’s a lot to it. Frankly, we need to get practicing.”

“Okay. We will. I’m sorry I called you a bitch.”

“I’m sorry I was being one.”

Thea laughed inside her head.

Just then, Alpha Knight reached inside his son’s mouth and ripped a canine out. Xavier screamed, and so did Thea, her hand going to her mouth. Quite a few people in the crowd screamed, so no one paid attention to Thea except the triplets and her Delta guards.

“Babe,” Conri said. “Are you okay?”

“Why is your canine hurting?” Alaric said. He felt it through the matebond. So did Conri and Kaiser,

Delta team felt it through their blood oath bond.

Everyone was worried.

Thea couldn’t think straight. She felt everything Xavier felt like it was happening to her.

Alpha Knight went back in for the other canine. When he yanked it, Xavier passed out, and so did Thea.

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