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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 68 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 68 by desirenovel


Thea followed the triplets up to the top floor of the giant pack house. The room smelled like the triplets. Intoxicating.

“We shared this room, didn’t we?” Thea said.

They nodded.

“It smells like you guys,” she said. Zoe wanted to rub herself all over the bed and bask in the triplets’ scent. “How weird is it that I can smell them? Like, I can tell they live in this room because I can smell it? What the hell?” she


“You can tell that you lived here with them,

right?” Zoe said.

“Yeah. It’s obvious we lived together,” Thea thought. “I just don’t remember it.”

Thea felt the triplets’ worry.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember anything. It seems like we were close,” she said out loud.

“We grew up together,” Alaric said. “We knew everything about each other.”

“I guess it just means we have to let you get to know us all over. That could be fun,” Conri said.

“Or we could remember for you,” Kaiser said. He stepped up to Thea and pushed her hair behind her ear. Sparks shot through her body. “We can tell you everything about our life before.”

Thea looked up into his crystal blue eyes.

“You would do that for me?” Thea said.

“We’ll do anything and everything for you,” Kaiser said.

“Don’t you have better things to do than babysit someone who doesn’t remember you?”

“We spent all our time with you before. That’s not going to change unless you tell us to leave you alone,” Kaiser said.

“Don’t you dare,” Zoe said. “I will take over before I let you—”

“Calm down, Zoe,” Thea thought. “I’m not kicking them out.” Thea couldn’t imagine telling these men to leave her alone. It seemed more plausible that she would beg them not to leave.

“All your time, huh?” Thea said out loud.

Kaiser nodded. “We’ve always been inseparable,”

he said.

The tingles she felt when he was near were thrilling. The sparks from his touch were exhilarating. Smelling her own scent mixed with theirs in this room made everything feel so familiar. All their scents combined smelled right.

“I like the sound of that,” Thea said. She couldn’t stop herself from leaning into him.

Kaiser trailed his fingers down her arm and lightly interlaced their fingers, caressing her palm with his thumb.

Thea’s free hand went to Kaiser’s waist, pulling him closer. He brought her hand up to his lips. He kissed the inside of her wrist, then down her arm until it was wrapped around his shoulder, and he was kissing her neck. He reached a spot that made Thea gasp, moan, then melt into him. Zoe felt drunk inside her head.

Then there were sparks all over her body as four other hands joined Kaiser’s. Two other mouths found similar spots on the other side of her neck,

and she was putty in their hands.

“What is happening to me?” Thea thought. “How are they doing this?”

“These are our marks, babe,” Conri said to her in mind link. “It’s how we let everyone know you’re ours.”

“You’re going to mark them too,” Zoe said. “So everyone knows they’re yours.”

“They’re mine?” Thea thought.

“We’re yours, darling,” Kaiser said in mind link.

“It’s so weird that you can hear me think,” Thea thought.

“Once you mark us, you’ll be able to hear our thoughts too,” Alaric said in mind link.

“Why didn’t I mark you before?” Thea thought.

“You didn’t have your wolf, so you couldn’t,”

Conri said in mind link.

Thea could feel the desire in each of them. It wasn’t even physical. They all wanted her to remember them, to love them. It was overwhelming. She didn’t know if she could be the same person she was to them before. If she didn’t have any memories, how could she? Would they still want her when they figured that out?

“Don’t think, Thea,” Zoe said. “Feel. What do you feel?”

“I don’t know, Zoe,” she thought.

“What do you feel from them? What do you sense in them?”

“They’re good people.”

“Yeah. They are. Trust that. They’re your mates, and they’ll never hurt you. They’ll always protect you.”

“How do I know what I’m supposed to do? Who I’m supposed to be?”

“Have faith that the moon goddess has a plan for you. Have faith in your mates. They’ll help you, teach you, support you. You’re their everything.

They’ll always be there for you.”

Thea felt more emotion from the triplets.

“I thought we lost you,” Kaiser said in mind link. He sucked the mark on her neck like it was his lifeline. She felt their connection through it. Like he was trying to reach her soul. “I was so scared when I couldn’t feel you anymore.”

“I wish I could remember for you,” Thea said. She felt his heartache, and she wanted to heal it.

“You don’t have to remember. Just don’t leave us,” Conri said in mind link. “Please.” His hands gripped her tightly as he kissed and nibbled on his mark.

She felt his sincerity, his absolute need for her, but she didn’t want to make a promise she didn’t know she could keep.

“I won’t let you leave them,” Zoe said. “They’re my mates too. It will be painful and make us weak if we’re away from them. We’re meant to be with them.”

“I feel safe with them. It feels like I belong here,”

Thea thought.

“You do,” Alaric said. “You’ve always belonged right here with us.”

Waking up and not remembering anything had been a shock, but things were settling in place. She was a werewolf. It still sounded crazy, but she’d just run through the woods as a wolf. She knew that was true. She didn’t understand it, but everything was telling her she was destined to be with these men. She wanted them. She knew that from her first moments of being awake. The more time she spent with them, the more she needed them.

“You’ll stay with me? You won’t leave me if I’m not who I was? If I can’t remember—”

“We’ll never leave,” Kaiser said.

“You’re ours,” Conri said.

“We’ll take care of you forever, no matter what,”

Alaric said.

She recalled the concept of soulmates. This felt more intense. Like they were part of her. If they left, she wouldn’t be whole. A possessive instinct flared at the thought.


It burned inside her. Suddenly, she knew she’d kill for these men. They were hers. Even if she didn’t remember them, they were hers. They belonged together. So why were they so far apart?

“I need,” she said. “I need.”

“What do you need, darling?” Kaiser said.

“Anything you want, it’s yours,” Alaric said.

“Tell us. We’ll do anything for you,” Conri said.

“Closer. I need you closer,” she said. “These clothes are in the way.”

Thea took off her shirt and shorts, grabbed Kaiser’s shoulders, and climbed onto him.

Kaiser’s hands went under her legs and held them around his waist. She pulled herself flush against him, skin to skin. He was still in just the basketball shorts. All the triplets were.

With her forehead pressed against Kaiser’s, she tilted her hips against his hard abs.

“That’s right, darling,” Kaiser said. “That’s right.”

“I’ve known them for less than a day, and I can’t stop myself. What kind of hussy am I?” Thea thought to Zoe.

“They’re your mates. This is right,” Zoe said.

“You’ve only ever been with us, my love,” Alaric said in mind link. “You’re anything but a hussy.”

Thea felt the respect Alaric had for her. He was disturbed that she would think she had a reason to feel ashamed. She was flawless in his mind. Thea wanted to consume him.

“Please,” Thea said. She grabbed one of Alaric’s hands and guided it to her breast. “I need you to touch me.”

“Whatever you want, my love,” Alaric said in mind link. He slid his other hand to her other breast as he sucked on his mark. Thea leaned into his touch.

Satisfied with Alaric, she turned her thoughts to Conri and where she wanted his hands. Her general knowledge included the basics of sex. Even if she didn’t specifically remember doing this before, she knew what she wanted.

“Conri,” Thea whined. She was too embarrassed to say it out loud, but Conri could read her thoughts.

“You got it, babe,” Conri said to her in mind link. One of his hands slid to her front, his fingers working her clit. The other went under her, his fingers sliding into her wet heat. Thea rolled her hips, pressing into Conri’s fingers and making noises she didn’t know she could make.

“Goddess, yes,” Thea thought.

She ran her fingers into Kaiser’s hair and pulled him into an open-mouthed kiss. His hands squeezed her buttocks, holding her in place.

After a while, Thea tasted blood and pulled back from Kaiser. His bottom lip was bleeding from two minor cuts. The cuts healed right before her eyes, and Kaiser licked the blood off. She felt something sharp against her bottom lip. Her eyes went to his. He looked at her with so much love in his eyes. It brought tears to hers.

“Your canines are out, darling,” he mind linked her.

“What does that mean?” she thought.

“Your wolf wants to mark us,” Kaiser said in mind link.

“Can I? Should I?” Thea thought.

Thea finally became aware of Zoe in her head. “Yes! Yes! Do it! Stop making out and listen to me! Mark him now! Mark him!” It sounded like she’d been shouting for a while, but Thea hadn’t noticed.

Kaiser’s eyes glazed over. He mind linked his father to ask him. A moment later, he was back.

“You can,” he said. “When you do, try to push the feeling out to include the whole pack.”

“What do I do?” Thea thought.

“Find the sweet spot between my shoulder and neck and bite down,” Kaiser said. “You’ll know it’s right. You’ll feel it.”

Thea dragged her mouth over his skin until she found the spot that made Kaiser shiver and sent pleasure coursing through her. She felt like she was on a drug. She breathed in the intoxicating scent of Kaiser, which seemed to be more potent at this spot. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning and biting down.

Kaiser tensed, then relaxed, and his hands squeezed her. A connection was building. Intense pleasure filled her. She felt Kaiser even more. His emotions were sharper, clearer, like they were her own. She could hear his thoughts. He was lost in the intense pleasure of being marked, relieved that Thea still wanted them, relieved and overjoyed that she marked him. He felt like they were going to be okay.

“Push this feeling out with me,” Kaiser thought to her.

She could feel what he was doing, and she joined him. They pushed out that full, complete feeling, the feeling that there was nothing between them, that they were one soul. They felt it come back and course through them. She felt the joy of every member of the pack.

When it felt complete, her canines retracted, and she instinctively licked the wounds on his neck. They healed quickly, and a golden pattern started to form in his skin. She could smell her own scent coming from the mark, mixing with his to create an intoxicating aroma. She breathed it in, and the possessive need flared inside her.

“You’re mine,” she growled.

“I’m yours, darling,” Kaiser whispered.

She felt the contentedness in him. Like everything was finally right in the world. At that moment, she knew he loved her and would always love her. She could rely on him. He would always be there for her. Even without her memories, she felt safe and complete.

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