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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 64 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 64 by desirenovel

Her Wolf For the Pack?

Back at New Dawn, Thea and the triplets checked in on the new members at pack dinner. They looked healthier, happier. Clean. Relaxed. They were developing confidence. They smiled. They laughed. They had a glow about them. Thea was pleased to see other pack members including them and talking with them.

“Is it my imagination, or are they taller than they were a few days ago?” Thea said when they were in their room for the night.

“Alessia looks a lot different for sure,” Alaric said. “Taller, more filled out.”

“Do you think just by joining our pack they get whatever magic is latent in the pack? Or is it just that we treat them differently here? They can stand at their full height without being afraid of repercussions?” Thea said.

“That wouldn’t explain how they’ve filled out. They were skeletal only days ago,” Conri said.

“Could be your goddess gift,” Kai said.

“The witch said I didn’t have magic,” Thea said, shaking her head. “That’s why they left me there instead of taking me with them.”

“I thought you believed you were goddess gifted,” Conri said. “What about what happened at the oath ceremony? The goddess herself was there. The things she said. You must know you’re special.”

“I know what we experienced during the oath ceremony,” Thea said. “The goddess did something to the men in the room. You all grew taller and fuller. She said things, but she never said I had magic. I know everyone says when we were born, the pack was blessed somehow. Maybe the goddess blessed the pack, not me-like she blessed the men during the ceremony. The more I think about it, the more it feels like there’s something special about our pack, not me. I don’t even have a wolf.”

wolf to bless the pack?” Conri said.

“Now I do,” Thea said.

“We don’t know how this stuff works,” Alaric said.

“I don’t want to think about it anymore,” Thea said, shifting gears. She ran her hands up Alaric’s chest and into his hair. “I want to think about more pleasant things. What can I do to thank you all for such a wonderful weekend?”

“You don’t need to do anything, my love. I’m just glad we finally were able to take you on a date,” Alaric said. He bent down and kissed her. Kai and Conri came up behind and started kissing their marks.

Thea unbuckled Alaric’s pants and broke their kiss to push them down along with his boxers. She stayed down, got on her knees, and took him into her mouth.

“Are you okay to do this?” Alaric said. Because of the injuries from being strangled and having her carotid cut, she had to be careful with her throat and couldn’t do this since the attack.

Thea nodded. “My throat and neck feel good,”

she thought to them.

Alaric took off his shirt then ran his fingers through Thea’s hair as he smiled down at her. She looked up at him, encouraged by the look of love in his eyes. She loved feeling him grow and harden inside her mouth, feeling his arousal build.

“I love the way you taste,” she thought. “I missed this.”

“Me too, my love,” Alaric said.

After she primed Alaric, she turned to Kai and undid his pants. He lifted his shirt off and watched her work him into a frenzy. They could feel how much she wanted this, how turned on she got from it. It enhanced the experience on their end immensely.

When she turned to Conri, he was already hard. She took him in her mouth, but he pulled her up after only a moment and kissed her.

“You are the sexiest woman on the planet,” Conri said.

She smiled against his mouth and lifted her arms so they could take her dress off. They obliged, quickly divesting her of all her clothes, not even stopping to appreciate the matching lace underwear.

“Show me how sexy I am,” Thea said.

Six hands roamed her body, tingles everywhere they touched. Three hard lengths pressed against her. Her tongue tangled with Conri’s. Kai and Alaric kissed and sucked their marks until Alaric’s patience ran out, and he turned Thea toward himself. He loved kissing her. Loved facing her head-on.

When Kai’s patience ran out, he carried her to the bed and threw her legs over his shoulders. While he ate her out, Conri and Alaric played with her top half, alternating areas. Thea reached her boiling point and threw all her mates off her.

“Condoms. Kai and Con, now,” she said.

Foils were torn open, and condoms rolled on. Thea grabbed Kai and put him on his back on the bed. She mounted him, guided his cock inside her, then kissed him. She reached for Conri and pulled him behind her. He quickly worked her backside into submission and took his place inside her. Thea pulled Alaric to her face and held his cock against her cheek for a moment. She looked up at him, rubbed it against her face before taking it into her mouth.

Kai rubbed her clit while he and Conri gently pumped in and out. Alaric palmed her breasts and pulled on her nipples as she sucked and stroked him with her hand. Once Thea had a few orgasms, Conri finished and pulled out. He laid on his back, watching and feeling Thea go wild through the matebond. He kept a hand on her leg, caressing, and shooting sparks wherever he touched.

“Where do you want to finish, Ric?” Thea said. She licked him like a lollipop.

He bent down and kissed her mouth. “In your sweet pussy, my love,” he said. She smiled. He went to the drawers to put on a condom.

Thea rode Kai. He sat up and latched onto his mark on her shoulder. She sucked on his marking spot until they both came and she molded herself to him as she came down.

“I love you,” Thea said on a sigh.

Kai flipped Thea over so he was on top of her.

“I love you,” Kai whispered, then he pulled out and rolled over.

Alaric settled on top of her. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, tugged, then came up and kissed her mouth. He pumped in and out of her until she was crying out his name. When she started coming, he let himself release inside her,

and they rode out their orgasms together.

They all cooled down, cleaned up, then went to bed, cuddling close.

They only slept for a few hours before feral, violent growling woke the triplets.

Their first thought was to protect Thea. They all moved to put her behind them, but they only felt air when they reached for her. They looked and felt around for her, but nothing was there.

Thea was gone.

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