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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 52 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 52 by desirenovel


“It’s been a month since the attack. How are you feeling, Luna?” Dr. Boman said. Thea had regular checkups all month. This was the latest, and being a Saturday with no school, all three of the triplets were with her.

“Better,” Thea said.

“She can stay awake during the day now,” Conri said. “ We don’t have to carry her everywhere.”

“That’s true. I have a lot of my strength back,” Thea said.

“Your body has replaced a lot of your blood, and your neck seems healed,” the doctor said.

“What about pups?” Thea said. “Can you tell if 1 can have pups yet?”

“Not yet,” Dr. Boman said.

Thea tried to hide her disappointment.

“It’s still too early for you to try to get pregnant. You need to abstain a while longer, but if you feel up to it, you can have protected sex. Listen to your body, and don’t overdo anything.”

The triplets tried to hide their excitement because they didn’t want to put pressure or expectations on Thea.

“You can restart activities as you feel up to them,” Dr. Boman continued. “You probably shouldn’t train too hard just yet. Again, listen to your body.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Thea said.

They left the doctor’s office and headed to the dining hall, but the Alpha called them to his office for an update from Liam.

“We haven’t found any new nests on pack lands in two weeks,” Liam said.

“You were finding new nests this whole time?” Thea said.

“Yes, but it stopped two weeks ago.”

Thea sighed. Focus on the positive. “Does that mean they believe I’m not goddess gifted, and they’ve moved on?”

“Hopefully,” Liam said. “We’ve also run down all the possible information leaks. There were a few who kept asking about Thea, but they were benign—just showing an interest in their family’s life. For example, Doris has a sister who puts in extra effort to care about what’s going on in her life since she’s alone. There are a few lines that we lost. The last person we traced them to went dark or died. Because we’ve narrowed it down, exhausted all possible leads, and there are no new nests, I think it’s safe to try an off-site excursion. See if we can lure out any stragglers.” 2

“Could I go back to school?” Thea said.

“If we did a controlled excursion outside the pack lands, and no one is stalking you, we could probably say yes,” Liam said.

“Well, let’s go then,” Thea said.

Liam looked at Alpha Ulric. “Fine by me,” Alpha Ulric said.

Liam called the Delta team in, and they took her to the mall. She went shopping with the triplets, who picked out matching underwear sets for her to wear.

“Maybe we should get you guys some sexy underwear,” Thea said. “Yeah. Then you could give me a lap dance or a striptease.”

“Whatever you want, babe,” Conri said.

Thea laughed but made a mental note to look online for something.

Delta team didn’t notice anyone watching Thea, and she was allowed to go back to school the next day. Her Delta team guards accompanied her. The headmaster easily approved it, considering what had happened. Her guards stayed outside her classrooms but close enough that the triplets could mind link them if they were needed, and they would be there in seconds. They gave her a wide berth in the halls and stood along the walls in the cafeteria. Most people didn’t even notice them. The triplets were ecstatic to have her back at school so they could all be with her all day.

Her packmates decorated her locker with Welcome Back signs and balloons. Alaric opened her locker, got the books she needed, put them in her backpack, and slung it over his shoulder.

“You’re still not a hundred percent, so don’t fight me on this. I’m carrying your books,” Alaric said. Then he leaned in and kissed her.

“How could I fight that?” she said.

“I’ve missed this,” Alaric said. “Every day when I’d pass your locker without you here, I thought about being able to do that again. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” Thea said. She pulled Alaric back in for a kiss.

Kai and Conri each kissed their marks on her neck. Hands everywhere. Sparks everywhere.

Lizzy cleared her throat, and Thea turned to look at her. The triplets eventually broke their kiss and took up their positions around her. Kai and Alaric each helda hand, Conri put his hand on her hip.

“Glad to see you’re picking up where you left off,” Lizzy said.

Thea smiled. “It’s good to be back.”

Everyone they passed said hi, welcome back, it’s good to see you again, something. The triplets never took their hands off her. They kissed her whenever they could. They showed off her marks whenever they could. They were proud of them, and they wanted everyone to know Thea was marked, mated, and theirs.

In class, they had Thea sit on their laps. She didn’t fight it. The marks made her crave it as much as the triplets did. The teachers didn’t care. Especially now that they were marked and mated, she was officially the future Luna of the biggest and most powerful pack on the west coast, not to mention in just their area. She was now officially one of the most influential and powerful people in their world.

At lunch, she sat on Kai’s lap. The triplets took turns feeding her since her hands were busy touching them. Misty and Lizzy sat with them.

“Whatever happened with that betting pool?” Thea said.

“It’s kind of open-ended,” Lizzy said. “No one officially won because no one guessed you wouldn’t mark the triplets.”

“Since I’m human and]! can’t. Hmm. Funny the things you don’t see coming,” Thea said. Kai squeezed her.


The triplets turned and growled. Their growls had changed since they shifted. Much scarier. Much louder. It got the attention of the entire cafeteria.

Thea looked over, and Xavier Knight was standing off to the side of their table. His younger brother, Garret Knight, was standing beside him.

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