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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 50 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 50 by desirenovel


Alpha Ulric walked outside and waved down the SUV when it pulled up. A big platinum blonde man got out of it. They met in the middle and shook hands.

“Alpha Sharpe,” Alpha Ulric said.

“Alpha Valko. Is your future Luna alright?”

“It’s been touch and go, but we think she’s going to pull through. In big part to your daughter donating her blood. We can’t thank you enough.”

“Of course. I would hope if the situation were reversed, someone would be there for my daughter.”

Alpha Ulric nodded. “We’ve never had the chance to get to know each other. Our packs aren’t located in close proximity. On account of your daughter helping to save my daughter-in-law’s life, I think it’s time we do.”

“I look forward to becoming closer. From what I understand, we have similar values and beliefs. I’d like to be a pack you can rely on.”

“Me too. If Ican be candid with you,” Alpha Sharpe said.

“Please, do.”

“I think something big is brewing. The more alliances we can make, the better chance we will have to weather what’s to come. You’ve heard of the massacred packs back east?”

“Yes. My Beta, Thea’s father, is out investigating them as we speak.”

“Feels like they’re building to something that might reach us one day.”

“Agreed,” Alpha Ulric said. “When Thea is recovered, I’ll get the Alphas of the packs together to talk.”

Alpha Sharpe nodded.

“I’’ll take you to your daughter.”

The two Alphas walked into Thea’s infirmary room moments later.

“Everyone, this is Alpha Sharpe of Blood Moon pack,” Alpha Ulric said. He went around the room, introducing everyone to Alpha Sharpe. Handshakes and greetings were made.

“I wish we were meeting under better circumstances,” Alpha Sharpe said. He made his way to the foot of Thea’s bed. She was sleeping again. “Your future Luna will pull through?”

“It’s looking better,” Kai said. “Thanks to Misty.”

“She looked far better the last time I saw her,” Alpha Sharpe said. “You never want to imagine a loved one in trouble. Seeing it is unbearable. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I’m so sorry.” He looked at the triplets.

“Thank you, Alpha Sharpe,” Alaric said. The other two nodded.

The door opened, and a nurse walked in with a bag of blood. She held the door open as another nurse pushed Misty into the room in a wheelchair. Dr. Boman removed the empty blood bag and replaced it with the full one the nurse handed him. ‘

“I think this should do it,” Dr. Boman said. “As long as the bleeding stops soon.”

“Don’t worry, Dad,” Misty said. “The wheelchair is just a precaution. They don’t want me to faint. I feel fine, though.”

“Listen to the medical professionals, Misty. Is there anything we can do” Alpha Sharpe said. “Anything you need?”

“Misty gave us what we needed,” Conri said.

“Plenty more where that came from,” Misty said. Everyone in the room shook their heads.

“We really shouldn’t take any more from you today,” Dr. Boman said.

“I can see if there are any other compatible donors in my pack, just in case,” Alpha Sharpe said.

“Couldn’t hurt,” Dr. Boman said. “Hopefully, it won’t be necessary.”

Alpha Sharpe nodded. “I imagine you all would like to be alone with your future Luna,” he said. “Is Misty okay to travel, doctor?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t let her drive until tomorrow, but she’s safe to travel. Just keep her hydrated.”

She nodded.

Lizzy came over and hugged Misty. “Thank you, Misty,” she said.

“I’ll see you out,” Alpha Ulric said.

He walked Misty and her father to their SUV. Misty hopped out of the wheelchair and into the SUV.

“Looks like she’s doing okay,” Alpha Sharpe laughed.

“Thank you again. I’ll be in touch about the meeting. Don’t be a stranger,” Alpha Ulric said.

“Same to you,” Alpha Sharpe said.

Alpha Ulric returned to Thea’s room. Lizzy stood up. “Okay, so what really happened?” Lizzy said. “This wasn’t some random rogue attack!”

“It was a rogue,” Alaric said. Lizzy was about to argue, but he kept going. “And a witch.”

“I freaking knew it,” Lizzy said.

Alaric gave her the play-by-play. °

“I could have gone to the sites and video chatted with her,” Lizzy said.

“No, Lizzy,” Owen, her father, said. He was one of the Delta team members currently on guard duty. “We took a calculated risk to see if we could flush out who has been after her. We weren’t prepared for a witch to be able to blind us all to the fact that she wandered off alone.”

“If it wasn’t for the matebond, I don’t think we would have found her in time,” Conri said. “Thea thought she was going to die. The emotion was so strong it broke through whatever charm or spell the witch put on us. We heard her screaming for help in our heads. She told us where she was. Showed us their faces.”

“We showed the same thing to the Delta team in mind link, and we all ran,” Kai said.

“The witch and the rogue were already running when we got there,” Alaric said. “Thea was paralyzed by a spell and bleeding out.”

Lizzy noticed the burns on Alaric’s hands and forearms as he clenched his fists.

“You should get those burns treated,” Lizzy said. “Thea will be upset if you don’t.”

Luna Ada crashed through the door.

“Where’s Thea?” she said frantically. She saw her on the bed and ran to her. “Oh, Thea! Is she okay? She looks so pale.”

“Dr. Boman thinks she’s going to be okay, Mom,” Conri said.

“He doesn’t know if she’ll be able to have pups, but she’ll be alive,” Alaric said.

“What?” Luna Ada said.

“I don’t know if she’ll recover from that. If she can’t have pups, she’ll be devastated,” Kai said. “I felt her heartache when Dr. Boman told her.”

“Oh, Thea, sweet wolf,” Luna Ada said, tears running down her cheeks. She stroked her hair then kissed her on the forehead.

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