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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 33 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 33 by desirenovel

Two Weeks

When Thea’s parents came home, they hugged her tight.

“We’ve been worried about you,” her mother said.

“I know,” Thea said. “You’ve been texting me every day to make sure I’m okay.”

“Are you?”

“Yes, Mom. Just like I’ve been telling you every day.”

“I know you have a lot on your plate. Alpha Ulric said you didn’t believe the rogue attack was about you.”

“I do now, don’t worry. I’m taking the threat seriously.”

“She knows how serious this is, Naomi. Let her be,” her father said.

It took two weeks for the Alpha to interview everyone in the pack. It was a difficult schedule to maintain for the triplets and Thea, spending so much time apart, but the triplets knew they were doing it to keep her safe, and she wasn’t far from them, so they didn’t go crazy. Thea made sure to make the most of the time they had together at night. She looked forward to that time as much as they did.

When most of the interviews were over, Alpha Ulric summoned Thea and the triplets to go over what he found.

“The interviews showed no one as knowingly disloyal,” Alpha Ulric said. “I asked everyone if they talked to anyone outside the pack about anything, specifically the pack or their future Alphas and Luna. Everyone loves you, Thea, so everyone talks about you. Glowingly.”

Thea didn’t know what to think about that.

“I also asked if anyone outside the pack ever asked them about Thea or the future Alphas. I have a list of people to investigate. There are quite a few pack members with family outside the pack. There are also pack members that work in the city with werewolves from other packs. Delta team will look into each potential vector.”

“Isn’t that alot of leads to follow up?” Thea said. “Quite a lot,” Alpha Ulric said. “I point-blank

asked everyone if they were helping rogues sneak onto pack lands. No one is. There are still a few people who are out of town, so I’m not finished, but that’s what we have so far.”

“Sir, what are people saying about us that would make someone think I’m goddess gifted?” Thea said.

“Things like, Thea visited me, noticed this or that, and the next day it was magically fixed or replaced. Those future Alphas are so lucky. Those triplet Alphas have always followed her around. They’re finally together, grown-up, about to shift. Can’t wait for the mating ceremony. She’11 make the best Luna.”

“How could someone jump to goddess- gifted from that?” Thea said.

“You never know the details a person hears. A person obsessed with goddess gifts could take note of triplets being Alpha-worthy healthy or that they exist at all. Following you around.”

“So, how do we investigate the people who are outside the pack?”

“Don’t worry about that. Delta team will take care of it. For obvious reasons, you can’t be involved.”

She nodded. “So I’m still under house arrest?”


The next day, the trackers from Delta team, Chase and Hunter, came back without any leads. The Alpha immediately interviewed them and approved them for guard detail.

Alpha Ulric called the triplets and Thea back into his office. Thea’s father and Liam were in the room too.

“The wolves Hunter and Chase were tracking knew they were being followed,” Liam said. “ They kept traveling, not stopping at any wolf packs. When it became clear they wouldn’t go home, I called my men back. Sir, it may be time to consider setting a trap. Do recon excursions.” “Like leave pack lands so you can catch more people stalking me?” Thea said.


“Yes! Please!” Thea said. “There are so many places I need to go!”

“Such as?” the Alpha said.

“A ton more bars, every pack library that will let me, I could go back to school—”

“Give her an inch; she takes a mile,” Alpha Ulric said, looking at his Beta.

“And maybe, if we have diplomatic ties with any witches or vampires—”

“What?” All the men in the room said in unison.

“I’ve been researching goddess gifted and gifts,” Thea said. “Our records are so sparse because the gifted get stolen so quickly. It seems likely that witches and vampires were involved in stealing them in the past. I think they will have better records with more information.”

Alpha Ulric and her father sighed.

“I told you she had a good mind for this,” Alpha Ulric said to Thea’s father. He turned back to Thea. “You’ve been busy.”

“Idle hands, sir.”

“We won’t be asking any witches or vampires about goddess gifted for the time being, Thea. We can’t risk tipping off the wrong people. We will investigate to see if they are involved first.”

She nodded.

“Tet’s hold off on excursions for now, Liam,” Alpha Ulric said.

Liam nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Sir, I know this is kind of morbid, but what happened to the libraries of the packs that were destroyed back east? Has anyone mentioned anything?” Thea said.

“How do you know about that?” Alpha Ulric said.

“Your office isn’t soundproof, sir.”

The Alpha and Beta looked at each other, mind linking each other. They looked back at Thea.

“Your father will go visit his brother’s pack,” Alpha Ulric said. “Being the biggest and most powerful, they are involved in the investigations of the desolated packs. He’ll find out what he can without tipping anyone off about you.”

Thea gasped. “Isn’t there someone in Uncle Jerry’s pack mated to a witch? You could see—”

“Yes, Thea. I’ll see what I can discreetly find out,” her father said.

“And don’t they have a large library too?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I’ll exhaust all the options.”

“I wish I could go and look myself,” Thea said.

“You’re not going anywhere,” the triplets said in unison.

Conri pulled her into his lap, wrapped his arms around her, and held her tight.

Alpha Ulric suppressed a smile. “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

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