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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 28 by desirenovel

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 28 by desirenovel

Fashion Show

A few hours later, Lizzy arrived home to pandemonium. The guards stopped her at the

gate and searched her car before letting her pass. Wolves were running around, people chattering, activity everywhere.

She parked in the garage and took all her shopping bags up to her room. She lived on the lower levels of the pack house. She texted Thea.

“Hey, I’m home. You alone?”

“Yeah, the triplets are with the Alpha. I’m probably going to be free until late.”

Lizzy entered Thea’s room with dozens of shopping bags a few minutes later.

“This is insane,” Thea said.

Lizzy handed her the black card.

“You needed a whole new wardrobe. You said it yourself,” Lizzy said.

“Oh boy.”

“Fashion show!”

Lizzy reached into a bag and threw something at Thea. She held it out in front of her.

“Lace, huh?”

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” Lizzy said. “And try it. Now.”

Thea went to her bathroom and changed into the lace panties and matching bralette. She looked at herself in the mirror. It was pretty sexy. She walked out, and Lizzy whistled.

“We’re probably going to have to keep a steady stream of these coming in because the triplets are going to rip them off you. I call one wear each,

and they’re shredded. We’ll get into teddies and more risque stuff once you’re comfortable with these, but let me know which cuts you like best. Cheekie, hipster, string bikini. I will not get you anything with brief in the name.”

Thea smiled. “So glad you know about this stuff. They never covered this in any of my training.”
“Lucky for you, Iam well-versed.”

“And yet, you’ve never dated anyone from school or the pack.”

“Rule number one. Don’t dip your pen in the company ink,” Lizzy said. “I’m not going to have relations with anyone I have to see again until I find my mate. It just begs for drama later on. Play around with random humans who I’ll never see again. That’s my style.”

“I wonder what my style is,” Thea said.

“Betrothed from birth, duh,” Lizzy said.

Thea laughed. They went through the bags of sexy underwear, then Lizzy started showing her the dresses she bought.

“Most of these are super casual, T-shirt dress style. Ialso got wrap dresses which should put thoughts into the triplets’ heads.”

“Why?” Thea said.

“Oh, my innocent Luna. Because with a simple pull, it’s like opening a present. Put one on.”

Thea shrugged on what seemed like a blue robe made of soft, stretchy material. Lizzy got up and helped her.

“Pull this side under, this side over, then tie it here. See? And all they have to do is—” Lizzy pulled the tie, and the dress opened to reveal the last set of panties and bra she’d tried on.

“Oh. I’see.”

“I didn’t bother with button-downs or even zippers. They’d take too long and just get ripped open. The T-shirt dresses they can easily lift over your head in one move. These wrap ones, well, you see.”

“Thank you, Lizzy.”

“You’re welcome.”

She reached into another bag and threw a box of condoms and a bottle of lube to Thea. Thea shook her head and put them in a drawer under some clothes. Lizzy helped her put all her new clothes away in drawers and the closet.

“Oh wow, the triplets just moved on in, huh?” Lizzy said when she saw the closet full of their clothes.

“Yeah,” Thea said. “We came home from school on Friday, and it was like this.”

“How awkward. You know the Alpha ordered people to move everything in. He’s sanctioning his sons to live with their girlfriend.”

“Exactly. Alpha Ulric even told me that’s why my room is so big, why I have a giant bed, and why my shower can fit four people. So his sons can be in there with me! I was mortified.”

“Luna problems.” Lizzy laughed. “Speaking of, what’s going on?”

“Where do I start?” Thea told her about the rogue, the stalkers from yesterday, and how they’re going to investigate the entire pack. “I’m basically under house arrest until they figure it out.”

“I have a hard time thinking anyone in this pack would sell you out. You’ re universally adored.”

“I don’t like to think any pack member would do anything to hurt the pack. It’s possible someone doesn’t know they’ re doing it.”

“Like a witch has them under a spell?” Lizzy said.

“I didn’t think of that,” Thea said. “I meant if they’re casually talking to someone outside the pack. The wrong people could hear and make assumptions. The witch thing is a scary possibility.”

“This is a bummer. I’m bring you your homework from school.”

“You may not have to. I’m supposed to hire an assistant to do everything for me because I’m not allowed to go anywhere or do anything.”

“I’ll be your assistant,” Lizzy said.

” Hmm?”

“Hell yeah! I’m already your best friend. Getting paid for it? No brainer.”

Thea laughed. “I might end up being high maintenance.”

“No one knows that better than me!”

They laughed together.

“For real, though,” Lizzy said. “It would be an honor to be the assistant to the Luna. That’s a high-status job, and I’d be serving the pack in the most important way— enabling you to do what you do.”

Thea pulled Lizzy into a bear hug.

“You’re the best. Thank you,” Thea said. She released her. “You know I’m being assigned an around-the-clock security detail? Made up of Delta tearm members. Your dad has to babysit me.” Lizzy’s dad was on the Delta team.

“I hope he doesn’t make me take his stupid Delta training when he finds out I’m going to be your assistant.”

“Different skill set. An assistant wouldn’t be involved in protection.”

“Yeah, you know my dad, though,” Lizzy said. “He wouldn’t see it that way. Plus, any excuse to turn me into a warrior. I don’t know how often I’ve told him I’m not interested, I’m not good at it, and I have other skills. I’m never going to bea pack warrior. I know he wishes he had a son instead of a daughter.”

Thea felt Lizzy’s pain.

“He loves you,” Thea said. “You know those Delta guys are so focused. To be part of that team, you live and breathe it. It’s all they see. I don’t think he wishes you were a male so you could be a warrior. I think his worldview is that the pack’s protection is the most important thing, therefore the only thing. Whether male or female, he still thinks it’s the most important thing anyone could do. We just have to get him to see that there are other ways to protect the pack. Like keeping its future Luna sane.”

“I love that—for me—you’ll pretend you think you’re going to be the future Luna and will use it to help me.” Lizzy laughed. “Okay, tell me about yesterday.”

“I got a lot of ideas for the bar I want to open. Crap. How am I going to open a bar if I can’t leave the pack house?”

“That’s what your assistant is for, right?” Lizzy said. “I can go wherever you need and video chat so you can be there virtually.”

“I have the best, smartest assistant.”

“You do. How was the she-devil?”

“Misty is a good person,” Thea said. “She’s fun, and we had a good time. Her parents are hoping we can establish an alliance between packs.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have to do the diplomatic thing,” Lizzy said.

“Oh, my goddess. Lizzy, there was this bar yesterday.” Thea told her about the Anvil, and they laughed for a solid five minutes.

“I can just picture it,” Lizzy said. “You walk in, all innocent and naive, everyone staring at you like, what the hell are you doing here? Then seeing all the porn—I can imagine how red you turned.” More laughing.

“Yeah, that’s about how it went,” Thea said.

“I would pay money to see that.”

“Hey, would your dad go to a day spa?”

“Hmm. He wouldn’t take himself to one, no.”

“I want to do something for the Delta team,” Thea said. “A few of them were injured yesterday, and now they have to babysit me all the time. What if I got them all a day at the spa to get massages, a little R&R, whatever.”

“I’m imagining that group of hardened, serious, badass men, all in fuzzy bathrobes with green face masks and cucumbers on their eyes, and Iam loving it. So it’s happening whether they’ re into it or not, and they can’t say no because it’s a gift from their future Luna.”

Thea laughed. “Excellent. I’m buying them right now.”

She went on her phone, bought the gift certificates, and emailed them to Liam to distribute. In the subject line, she put ‘R&R for the team.’

“I’ll probably also get them some new equipment. I’m sure Liam has a list of toys he wants for this new ‘Watch Thea Detail.’ Oh, goddess. They’re going to be stationed outside my door when I’m with the triplets.”

Lizzy burst out laughing. “When you do the mating ceremony, the whole pack is going to enjoy the show, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, goddess. Lizzy, my first kiss wasn’t even two weeks ago! I’m not ready to be an exhibitionist!”

‘Just remember how it’s going to strengthen the pack,” Lizzy said. “The magic that flows through you is going to ripple out to everyone. The more you’re open and into it, the more the magic will flow. You’re doing it for the pack. Get it? Doing it?” Thea covered her face with her hands. Lizzy laughed. Thea looked up at her and bit her lip.

“Lizzy, can you keep a secret?”

“Duh. ”

“The Alpha thinks the reason people are trying to kidnap me, or whatever it is they’re doing, is because I’m a goddess- gifted wolf.”

Lizzy gasped and covered her mouth, thinking. “That actually makes sense,” Lizzy said after a moment. “I totally see it.” Thea raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, let’s go to the library and read up on goddess gifts,” Lizzy said. “Seems like you need a refresher.”

“J don’t feel any magic in me,” Thea said.

“You probably won’t until you shift. That’s pretty common from what Iremember.” : Thea sighed. “Alright. Let’s go.”

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