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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 940 by desirenovel

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 940 by desirenovel

 Nation’s Husband

In particular, after some skilled netizens dug up the specific information and value of the gifts, the internet fell into complete chaos. All of the girls envied Sonia for receiving these gifts that were enough to drive women crazy, and even more envied her for having such a rich, handsome, and caring man who could give her these presents anytime and anywhere.

The men, on the other hand, mumbled sourly that it was just a few bucks that shouldn’t make these women lose their minds that much. Clearly, women were all gold diggers and only loved the rich. There were even many people who said that the reason why Sonia got back together with Toby must be because he was wealthy. If not, why did she choose to be with him and not another man?

All in all, while these men looked down on Sonia and the crazed fangirls on the internet, they were also envious of Toby’s wealth and couldn’t help but fantasize that if they had so much money, it would be them who were being praised now. Even those women, whom they could only dream about but never have, would be throwing themselves at their feet, right? Of course, it was just their fantasies and they didn’t have that much money in reality. In the end, they were only jealous.

All of a sudden, various jokes appeared on the internet in an endless stream, and some even said that they wanted to possess Sonia’s body so that the gifts and a man like Toby would be theirs. Meanwhile, others named Toby as the nation’s husband, and this title unanimously received the approval of the people on the internet and immediately began trending. At this point, Toby’s position as the nation’s husband was settled. Therefore, when he came out of the conference room after the meeting ended, he felt that the way his employees looked at him had changed in a way that he had never seen before, but he didn’t know what their gazes meant or whether they were good or bad.

“Look into it.” Toby ordered Tom behind him as he walked to the office with a frown.

Tom had clearly also seen the way the employees were looking at Toby and managed to guess what happened, so he replied while pushing his glasses up, “Understood, President Fuller.”

Saying that, he took out his phone and made a call. Once he was done and hung up the call, he looked at Toby and smiled. “President Fuller, it’s good news.”

“Good news?” Toby stopped in front of the office and looked back at him. “What’s the good news?”

“This is what happened.” Tom replied with a smile, “Didn’t you give Miss Reed a lot of gifts at noon?”

Toby nodded slightly. “Does the good news have to do with those gifts?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded. “Miss Reed took the gifts to Paradigm Co. and told her employees what you gave her, then the employees spread it onto the internet. Now, the netizens are extremely envious of Miss Reed and call her the happiest woman. They even named you as the Nation’s Husband.”

“Nation’s Husband?” Toby raised his eyebrows. What kind of name was that?

Seeing Toby’s slightly puzzled look, Tom knew that he didn’t understand internet slang and explained with a smile, “It means that a man who is tall, handsome, rich, and has a good personality is the ideal husband. They call dream guys like this the nation’s husband. Because they can’t get someone like this, they can only call him their husband on the internet to satisfy themselves.”

“I see.” Toby’s eyes flashed suddenly as he came to an understanding. These people had good taste for knowing that he was not only tall and handsome, but also a dream guy. Unfortunately, he wasn’t their dream guy.

Toby turned around and opened the office door before walking in with Tom following closely behind. After he came to his desk, he pulled his chair out and sat down, then pointed at the pile of documents on the desk. “These are urgent documents sent by various departments. Send them out later.”

“Understood,” Tom replied with a nod.

Toby pulled on his tie and asked, “Have you found out whether Connor and Anya are father and daughter yet?”

“I’m sorry, President Fuller, I haven’t.” Tom shook his head and explained truthfully, “I’ve already acquired Anya’s DNA, but we’re facing some trouble on Connor’s end. He hasn’t been out of the hotel for the past two days, and he usually doesn’t let the hotel staff in to clean his room, so we can’t even ask the staff to take some of his hair.”

Hence, his investigation was stuck here. When Toby heard Tom’s ashamed answer, he was not angry, nor did he want to blame him. It was a fact that Connor had always been vigilant. Otherwise, why was he able to commit so many crimes that harmed other companies in Westsanshire without getting caught?

“All right. Keep watching him and get his DNA if you have the chance.” Toby waved his hand.

Tom nodded. “Yes, sir.”

As his business was finished, he carried the pile of documents out.

After he left, Toby rubbed his temples, then took out his phone from his pocket. The moment he turned it on, he saw a bunch of messages from Sonia. The number of messages suggested that she had sent a lot. This made Toby’s expression tighten; he thought that something had happened. Why else would she send so many messages all of a sudden? Thinking that, he hurriedly tapped on the messages to check. However, he realized after a glance that he had been overthinking. Nothing had happened to her, and all of her messages were just pictures of her.

In the photos, she was wearing the bags, jewelry, and heels that he had given her. Under these photos, there was also a text message from her asking him if she looked good. Of course, Toby didn’t care too much about this text.

What he cared more about was the one after it, which was also her final text where she said that she used the perfume he gave her and it smelled good, but unfortunately, there was no way to show it in her photos, so she didn’t take any as he couldn’t see it anyway. This message was followed by a sticker of a sad kitten. Although the kitten looked regretful, there was a triumphant and mischievous smile in its eyes. Clearly, Sonia was joking that he couldn’t see the picture of her using the perfume, and if he looked into her words even further, she was implying that he couldn’t smell the fragrance wafting off her body.

Ha… Toby’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly as his lips curled into a small smile. This woman was getting bolder now, enough to dare to seduce him on her own. I can’t smell it, huh? Let’s see whether I can or not when I go back home at night.

Toby’s eyes flickered before he typed out a reply. ‘It looks good. It suits you very well.’

After sending it, he scrolled up the conversation and saved the photos that Sonia sent one by one.

Once he finished, he recalled what Tom had just said outside the office and opened a page on his browser to check the news on the internet. Sure enough, as Tom said, the fact that he gave Sonia gifts was trending on the internet. As he looked at the comments that were envying Sonia, his lips curled up into a bigger smile. Of course they envied her. Everyone should be jealous of his woman.

However, when Toby saw them calling him their husband under his comment section, he immediately frowned. Husband? Were they worthy of calling him that? What if his Little Leaf misunderstood? At this, his face darkened, and he clicked on the comments before typing hurriedly and hitting the send button.

Soon after, someone on the internet discovered that Toby’s personal Facebook, which had not been updated for a long time, had a new post!

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