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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 715

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 715

I Have Evidence

I’m dead. President Fuller and Miss Reed aren’t going to let me go. I stopped my question mid-way because I know that it may come off as offensive. Although Miss Reed may be displeased with my actions, she wouldn’t have done anything to me since I didn’t finish my question.

She wouldn’t have a reason to attack me. But now that Jessica finished my question and pointed out that I was the one who asked it… Miss Reed and President Fuller are both going to hate me! While fear consumed the female reporter, she also felt a sudden surge of hatred toward Jessica.

The female reporter turned to give Jessica a hateful look. She had Jessica’s face etched in her memory. If I survive Miss Reed and President Fuller’s punishment, I will make sure to get revenge on this woman. I’m going to ensure that she spends the rest of her life dealing with scandals, even if some are only half-true. Jessica had no idea how much the female reporter was offended by her actions, so she simply let out a scoff as she looked at Sonia. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t you want to admit that you’re Miss Lina and another man’s child?”

Toby’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he shut the files in his hands with a loud smack. He was about to take Sonia’s microphone to say something, but Sonia shook her head at him.

“I’ll do this on my own,” she uttered. Then, she took the files from Toby before she stood up and threw Jessica a dirty glare. “I’m sorry for disappointing you. I’m not Dad’s biological daughter, but I’m not Mom’s biological daughter either. So, your claims about my mother betraying my father and having affairs with other men just sounds like a huge joke to me.”

“What?” Everyone was shocked the moment Sonia finished her words. “Lina didn’t give birth to you?!” Jessica cried out in shock.

Meanwhile, Titus and Julia were watching the press conference live stream from the hospital. They had been waiting to see how things would turn out for Sonia, but they were both stunned the moment they heard Sonia’s announcement. “I can’t believe Sonia isn’t Henry and Lina’s daughter.” Titus frowned.

Julia nodded her head dazedly. “I-It seems like it’s true.”

“How could that be?” Titus had a look of disbelief on his pale, sickly face. “How could Sonia not be Henry and Lina’s child? I recall seeing Lina pregnant.”

“Yeah.” Julia nodded. “Lina and I got pregnant in the same year, but she was due three months earlier than me. We even gave birth in the same hospital, and we both had daughters. Everyone in the circle knows this! How could Sonia not be Henry and Lina’s daughter? If she isn’t their child, then where did their biological daughter go?” The atmosphere in the room turned awkward once Julia uttered her question.

Titus merely squinted and stared at the TV without answering Julia. After looking at him for a while, Julia decided to shift her focus back to the TV as well. For some reason, Julia felt a surge of emotions coming up within her the moment she heard Sonia say that she wasn’t Henry and Lina’s biological daughter. Julia’s emotions made her more attentive toward this matter, and it made her more desperate to find out about the truth.

At the same time, Rina was watching the press conference in the Gray Residence. When she heard Sonia announcing that she wasn’t Lina’s biological daughter, her expression did a 360 as she leapt out of the couch. The fruit knife that she had been holding fell to the ground with a loud clang, but Rina was too flustered to be bothered. Sh*t. Why did Sonia talk about this? I wouldn’t feel so anxious if she had just said that she wasn’t Henry’s daughter.

But now that her relationship with Lina is revealed, a lot of people are going to be curious about her true identity. If Sonia talks about her blood type and the mark on her body to prove that she isn’t Henry and Lina’s daughter, then Mom and Dad might realize something. They might find out that Sonia is their daughter!

Rina sank her teeth into her bottom lip as her eyes darted around frantically. She knew that she had to come up with an idea. There was no way for her to stop Sonia from talking, so the only thing Rina could do was to distract and confuse Titus and Julia.

I don’t know if Mom and Dad are watching the press conference or not, and I don’t know if Sonia will talk about her birthmark or not, but I have to rush to the hospital now to distract Mom and Dad. At that thought, Rina picked her bag up and marched toward the exit of the villa.

Back at the press conference, Sonia tugged her lips into a smirk when she saw Jessica’s look of utter shock and disbelief. “That’s right. I’m not Lina’s child, either. So, I’m not some illegitimate daughter who has to feel ashamed of anything.”

“No! That’s impossible!” Jessica shook her head in denial. All the reporters and viewers of the live stream had their jaws hanging open upon hearing this news.

“Sh*t! What’s going on right now? Didn’t they say that the ex-wife of Miss Jessica’s dad had an affair with another man? Why isn’t that the case now?”

“No, no. My mind is a total mess now.” All the reporters were discussing among themselves for a while before one individual finally couldn’t resist the urge to question Sonia. He took a deep breath before speaking. “What’s going on, Miss Reed? Can you give us more details regarding this matter?’

“Of course.” Sonia spread her red lips into a smile. “To tell you the truth, Henry and Lina adopted me when I was a baby.”

“You’re lying!” Jessica pointed at Sonia as she protested. “This can’t be true. This must be one of your lies. You just don’t want to admit that you’re a product of Lina’s love affair with another man.”

“A product?’ Sonia narrowed her eyes as she repeated Jessica’s words. The air around Sonia turned cold as Toby’s face darkened. If they had been in Fuller Group, Toby would have taught the girl a lesson and let her know the consequences of not watching her words.

Sonia could sense the fury of the man beside her, so she patted him on the thigh to tell him to calm down. Then, she stared at Jessica with a mocking grin. “I know why you’re finding it hard to recognize that I’m an adopted daughter.

It’s because our whole globe applies the same set of laws to adopted children—it’s that adopted children possess equal rights to one’s family inheritance. You hope that I’m an illegitimate daughter instead of an adopted one, because I wouldn’t be able to inherit anything from the Reed Family if I were an illegitimate daughter. Am I right?”

Jessica had to avoid Sonia’s eyes—she felt self-conscious as Sonia’s words had been spot on. Sonia smirked as she continued. “It’s a shame that things didn’t go the way you planned. My parents adopted me 26 years ago, and they completed the adoption procedures at the Public Security Bureau.

Here’s a photocopied version of the documents.” Sonia placed the files on the meeting table. “The original copy is in one of the storage areas of the Public Security Bureau. If the media needs more evidence on the validity of this, they can contact the Public Security Bureau for more information. I can’t possibly get the Public Security Bureau to forge documents for me, right?”

The moment Sonia finished her words, people on the Internet instantly found Seafield’s Public Security Bureau’s announcement. They had validated Sonia’s words. This proved that Sonia had been adopted and had gone through the necessary procedures.

Furthermore, since it was an official adoption, it meant that Sonia was part of the Reed Family although they weren’t related by blood and possessed the same rights as Jessica did. In that case, what Jessica uttered about Lina cheating on Henry was clearly a lie.

“Can we take a look at the adoption documents, Miss Reed?” a reporter asked.

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