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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 639

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 639

Snuggle Into Her Blanket

As soon as Sonia heard Toby’s words, she paused in her actions of putting on hand cream, and she remained silent for quite some time before asking, “Didn’t Tim mention that we should focus our investigation on doctors that treat ALS and those hospitals that provide medical treatment for those patients? How did that go? Is there no news either?”

Toby nodded in response. “They didn’t find any organization or any doctors within these organizations that took in any new ALS patient. There were also no records of any out-patient treatment for ALS. As such, the investigation team concluded that Tina has no intention of seeking treatment for the abnormality she experienced.”

Upon hearing that, Sonia frowned. “She has no intention of treating her condition? Is she crazy?”

ALS was one of the worst terminal illnesses in this world and up till now, there was no cure for this disease. The only treatment plan available was simply to keep the symptoms under control.

Once one was diagnosed with ALS, if they didn’t seek treatment as soon as possible, they would swiftly develop stiffness in their body, followed by muscle atrophy and then finally, their whole body would become paralyzed. These patients ended up dying of torment.

Tina had resorted to switching her identity to run away in order to avoid going to jail so evidently, she wasn’t one who didn’t treasure her life.

On the contrary, she should be someone who treasured her life very much. Furthermore, she was intent on causing Sonia’s death.

Meanwhile, Sonia was still alive and well, so Tina obviously wouldn’t allow herself to die before the former. As such, Sonia couldn’t comprehend Tina’s behavior of not seeking medical treatment.

Despite Sonia’s confusion, she didn’t intend to let that trouble her as that was too taxing on her.

She continued to apply her hand cream and gently responded, “Let’s not think about all this. Wherever she is, as long as she has ALS, she will eventually slip up and appear. It’s quite late now, so why don’t you go to bed first?”

In all honesty, Sonia planned to get in bed once Toby had fallen asleep because she was not used to getting into bed with him there.

However, he didn’t heed her words and went to sleep first. Instead, he flung open her blanket and patted her side of the bed. “It is quite late now. Come on.”

His expectant look of waiting for her to get into bed made her grimace slightly upon seeing that.

In the end, Sonia shook her head. “No. You should go to sleep. I’ll go to bed once you’re asleep.”

Instantly, Toby understood the meaning behind her words. She’s shy!

Furthermore, they were neither in a relationship nor were they married to each other. Coupled with her shy personality, she couldn’t quite behave as naturally as him and get into bed so nonchalantly. As such, Sonia wanted to wait until he had fallen asleep before getting into the same bed as him to avoid further awkward moments between them.

However, Toby refused to listen to her this time.

Although the heater was on in the room, it was quite cold to remain sitting out there.

He didn’t know when he would be able to fall asleep too, so he couldn’t bear to let her sit out there in the cold.

“Be a good girl. Come on. If you don’t get into bed, then I won’t go to sleep either. Let’s see whose patience will run out first.” As soon as Toby finished his sentence, he took out his phone and started scrolling through it.

Meanwhile, Sonia didn’t expect him to actually be so stubborn and forceful like that. At that moment, she was angered to the brink of exploding.

She knew that he had done that intentionally to force her to get into bed while he was awake.

Hmph! I won’t let him have his way! Sonia sat at her vanity table and crossed her arms as she stared at Toby while waiting for him to fall asleep.

Evidently, Toby knew that she was staring at him, but he pretended not to see it and he scrolled through his cell phone lazily with his thumb.

The two of them seemed to be competing with each other at the moment. Sonia was waiting to see when he would fall asleep, while Toby was waiting to see how long she would continue waiting there.

He was fine to keep it up as long as she did. After all, he was quite keen to know who would be the winner.

At that point, both of them stopped speaking and the huge room was so eerily quiet that one could even hear the sound of a pin dropping to the ground.

The whole time, Sonia silently willed in her heart for Toby to quickly fall asleep.

However, Toby refused to go to sleep. On the contrary, he seemed to be very energized.

Upon seeing that, Sonia was quite frustrated as she grumbled to herself, How long will I have to wait if he keeps this up?

She then lowered her eyes to hide the forced look in her eyes.

Nonetheless, she was determined not to lose to him, so she took a deep breath and continued to wait.

Ten minutes went by and Sonia’s originally warm feet started to feel cold. She could even feel the coldness on her back.

Despite the heater being on in the room, it was still time for her to go to bed because if she didn’t, she would continue to feel the cold. Moreover, she was only wearing a very thin nightie.

As she thought of that, she couldn’t help but shiver.

Sitting in bed, Toby noticed her actions and he knew that she must be cold. Deep down, he heaved a sigh as he mused. I give up. I shouldn’t continue this tiff. What if she falls sick because of the cold? I would end up feeling pained.

Although he wasn’t sure whether he could fall asleep as soon as possible, he could still pretend to have fallen asleep.

Just as he was about to switch off his phone and lie down to pretend to be asleep, the woman on the vanity chair stood up abruptly.

Toby quickly turned to look at her, but she suddenly headed over to the bed, her face flushed. Her footsteps were quite stiff and she moved forward in small footsteps.

Evidently, she was quite anxious as she walked, and she even looked quite mortified.

Meanwhile, Toby smirked. “So you’re no longer going to wait for me to fall asleep?”

Wait for him to fall asleep?! If I continue waiting, I might die out here freezing! Besides, this is my room! He should be the one who waits for me to fall asleep!

Sonia avoided his gaze and her eyes flitted slightly as she seemed to be quite sheepish about it. She pretended not to hear his words and flung open her blanket to lie down. Wrapping herself up tightly, she curled in on herself and scrunched herself up like a ball. At that moment, she looked quite comical and cute.

Meanwhile, Toby couldn’t help himself and the smile on his face deepened.

If it wasn’t because he knew that she would refuse him, he was quite tempted to lean over and take the little ball into his arms.

It would definitely feel amazing to do that.

“I’ll give you one last warning,” Sonia suddenly turned her head and stared intently at him. “You’re not allowed to snuggle into my blanket. If I find that you’ve done that, I’ll kick you out. I definitely won’t let you stay like last night!”

“I won’t.” Toby nodded and replied.

He responded too quickly so evidently, Sonia didn’t trust his words that easily. She blinked and replied, “I want you to make an oath.”

“I swear it.” Toby lifted his right hand and with a serious look on his face, he recited, “I promise not to sneak into your blanket; otherwise, the date of our reconciliation will be postponed.”

Upon hearing that, Sonia gasped in her heart. That’s such a vicious oath!

He had been so anxious to reconcile with her. Now, however, he had even sworn upon the date of their reconciliation in order to make her believe that he would stay under his own blanket.

It turned out Sonia could really trust him.

And so, she nodded. “Okay. You said that yourself so if you fail to do what you said, it will be one month before we even discuss the reconciliation.”

After she had said that, she turned to the other side and shut her eyes to go to sleep.

Meanwhile, Toby lowered his eyes to look at her and he chuckled lightly.

He did promise not to get snuggle into her blanket and he meant to keep his oath.

However, this didn’t mean that his plan to sleep under the same blanket was foiled.

After all, she said that he was not allowed to snuggle into her blanket, but she didn’t specify that she was not allowed to share his blanket.

As soon as he thought of this, he switched off his phone and turned off the lights before lying down on the bed. Subsequently, he shut his eyes.

He waited until Sonia, who was lying next to him, let out a few steady breaths and he knew that she had fallen asleep.

Shortly after that, he opened his eyes and he made use of the light coming from the heater’s temperature display to gently remove the blanket that was covering Sonia’s body. Then, he flung it to the ground in a single, dashing move.

Right after that, he shared half of his blanket with her and covered her with it.

As such, he achieved his motive of sharing the same blanket as Sonia.

Toby inched closer toward her until his chest was pressed against her back before he stopped moving. Then, he reached out to place a hand around her waist and shut his eyes contentedly.

The next morning, Sonia woke up first.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she instantly realized that something was amiss.

There was a familiar feeling of suffocation and a familiar scent too. She found the sensation too familiar and it was exactly like the feeling she had when she suddenly woke up in the middle of the night that day.

That shameless guy has his arms wrapped around me again! Instantly, Sonia turned around.

Indeed, Toby’s handsome, flawless face was right behind her and he was less than ten centimeters away. Each breath he took in was clearly felt on her skin.

Sonia was so angry that she bit hard on her lower lip. I shouldn’t have trusted this guy!

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