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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 630

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 630


As she thought about it, Sonia took a deep breath and mentally braced herself to endure the disgust when she carefully gazed at the computer screen to observe who the person was.

Although it was difficult to recognize the person’s face, she could still tell that he was a man from the outline of his face.

However, the more she looked at his outline, the more familiar the person was. Where have I seen him before? Where?

She bit her nails and had a pensive look.

Suddenly, a feminie and beautiful face flashed through her mind.

As Sonia’s face was filled with shock, she couldn’t help but scream, “Declan!”

“Bingo!” On the other end, the smile on Lucius’ face grew more malicious when he heard the name. “Sonia, you are so brilliant. I can’t believe you recognize him that quickly.”

She felt her heart numbing. “It really is Declan. Why did you… ruin his face like this?!”

“No! No! No!” Lucius wagged his index finger. “I didn’t just ruin his face. I also broke all four of his limbs.”

His voice was extremely gentle as if he was saying something normal, sending chills down Sonia’s spine.

Usually, the calmer a person was after committing such a crime, the more terrifying that person was.

Carl’s other personality is a monster. Not only did he ruin Declan’s face, he also amputated all the man’s limbs. She didn’t want to look at the next few photos, but they were probably images of Declan’s amputated limbs.

Thinking about it, Sonia could feel her stomach churning again, so she quickly closed her mailbox and leaned against the corner of the table before retching again.

This time, it felt more intense because her entire face was red due to his discomfort. Even her eyes and neck had already turned the color of crimson.

As Lucius listened to her retching, he knew that she must have felt uncomfortable at that moment, but he didn’t feel any remorse. Instead, he had a soothing smile because he intentionally sent those photos to her. Serves her right for treating me differently from that idiotic Carl. This shall serve as a small lesson to her.

Looking at the bustling city through the French window, he feigned concern as he asked, “Sonia, are you alright?”

Sonia gasped for air and roared, “You monster!”

He squinted his eyes with dangerous intent. “Oh, I’m a monster? Why am I a monster? Why are you saying that, Sonia? Don’t you know that I’m avenging you?”

As expected, she is a biased woman. If Carl had done the same, I wouldn’t be surprised that she wouldn’t say the same thing to him.

“Are you not a monster?” An angry Sonia bit her lips. “What were you thinking when you did this to him?”

“I just told you, Sonia, that I am taking revenge for you.” Lucius innocently blinked. “Don’t forget what Declan did to you, Sonia. He pushed you down a cliff.”

“Even if he did push me down a cliff, that is my problem. I can avenge myself and I don’t need you to interfere.” She tightly clenched her phone with both hands and yelled, “Also, if you wanted to avenge me, you could have just handed him over to the police and use the law to punish him. Why did you have to do it yourself?”

Doesn’t he know that he has broken the law? Of course I’m not concerned about him, but his body belongs to Carl. If he broke the law, it also means that it is Carl who broke the law. After all, in legal terms, there is no such thing as dual personality.

“Why should I hand him to the police?” He revealed a disdainful smile. “Wouldn’t that be letting him off lightly?”

“You…” Sonia was infuriated by his words that her lips trembled. “You really are stubborn. Get lost. Leave and return the body to Carl!”

“Return it to Carl?” Lucius was completely enraged by her words and he no longer maintained that usual malicious smile on his face. Instead, it became morbidly cold. “Sonia, do you know what you are saying? What do you mean by returning this body to Carl? Carl and I were born out of this body, but he was born earlier than me and used it earlier than me. Does that mean this body is his alone? Let me tell you this. It wasn’t easy for me to occupy this body, so I’ll never return it to him because I’m also the owner of this body.”

She was rendered speechless. He’s right. Carl and him were both born out of this body, which means that they are both the co-owners. However, Lucius is way too evil and personalities like him shouldn’t exist.

As she thought about it, Sonia gritted her teeth and uttered coldly, “It’s okay if you don’t want to return his body. I’ll definitely wake Carl up one day. I can promise you that!”

“Sonia, you really are biased. All you care about is that idiot. Why can’t you just treat me better?” Lucius chuckled.

“Because you don’t deserve it!” she yelled coldly. “At least Carl would never do something as cruel as you did.”

Listening to her, he suddenly laughed aloud as if he had just heard a joke. “I can tell that you don’t know Carl that well. Indeed, that idiot’s personality is not the same as mine, but we have something in common, which is that we are both cruel. Even if the person controlling the body was him and not me, he would still torture Declan in the same way that I did. Sonia, have you forgotten that he has even poisoned you before?”

A pale Sonia was left speechless. That’s correct. Since Carl has dared to poison me before, it’s not out of the question that he wouldn’t torture Declan. Does that mean I actually don’t know Carl that well?

“Sonia, what’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” Lucius knew that he had rendered her speechless, so he mocked on purpose.

While biting her lower lip, she replied, “I have nothing to say to you. In short, I want you to send Declan to the hospital immediately and call the police. Stop torturing him yourself; otherwise—”

“Otherwise, what? Are you going to report me to the police?” He smirked.

Sonia squinted her eyes and answered, “If you don’t do what I say, I’ll definitely report you.”

Instead of feeling scared, he laughed happily. “I don’t think you will do that. After all, this body also belongs to Carl. If you report me, this body will be sent to prison, which means that Carl will also be imprisoned. Can you bring yourself to do such a thing?”

Her pupils dilated as she remained silent.

Can I? She lowered her eyes and thought about it for a long while before finally realizing that she couldn’t bring herself to send Carl into prison. He suffered too much when he was a child, which caused his personality to become a bit extreme. I can always report Lucius and send him to prison, but what if Carl suddenly regains control of his body? If he finds out that I was the one who sent him to prison, he’ll definitely be triggered emotionally, thinking that he was betrayed by someone whom he trusted. By then, I can’t imagine what he will do.

As those thoughts came to mind, Sonia smiled bitterly and hung up the phone. After that, she sat down on the chair in exhaustion and rubbed her temple while remaining silent for a long while.

He now has me in his grasp. He knows that Carl is my weakness, so he has recklessly told me about torturing Declan and even dared me to report his actions to the police. He knows that I can’t bring myself to report him, which is why he is so unbridled in front of me. All of this has occurred because he shares the same body as Carl. What can I do to bring Carl back?

After she lowered her eyes and thought about it, she suddenly remembered a person, so she picked up her phone again to call a number.

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