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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 629

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 629

The Creepy Carl

A satisfied Toby replied, “I want you to change the time slightly to 8:00PM.”

I can look for Sonia at 6:00PM and bring her out for dinner. Then, we’ll watch the movie at 8:00PM, which means that we’ll be done at about 10:00PM. After that, I’ll send her back to Bayside Residence and it’ll almost be midnight when we arrive there. She should allow me to stay there for the night given how late it would be, right? His eyes flickered as he came up with a plan in his heart.

However, Tom didn’t know about the plan and didn’t feel anything suspicious about changing the time, so he nodded. “I’ll get it done, President Fuller.”

Toby returned the receiver to his landline before picking up his phone again to send a text to Sonia: ‘I’ll come and pick you up at 6:00PM before we have dinner together. I heard that there is a new French restaurant in Berthull and it sounds quite delicious.’

Sonia giggled and replied: ‘Alright.’

After typing the text, she clicked on the send button.

However, the moment she sent the text, she received a phone call.

When Sonia saw who the caller was, shock immediately filled her face. It’s from Carl.

Ever since Carl’s second personality occupied his body and he left Seafield for Westsanshire, he had never contacted her and neither did she.

She didn’t know how to interact with him afterward since she had no understanding of his second personality at all. The only thing she knew was that he wasn’t a good person.

She resented interacting with such a person, so she always tried not to think about him.

However, he unexpectedly called her one month later.

Should I answer his call or not?

Looking at the name vibrating on the screen, Sonia bit her lower lip while her heart was full of doubts.

After all, she didn’t know how to interact with the other personality, so she wouldn’t know what to say later.

Even so, after a moment of hesitation, Sonia finally decided to answer the call. What if the person calling me isn’t his second personality? Instead, it’s actually Carl who finally regained control of his body?

While holding onto that hope, she took a deep breath and clicked on the green button to answer, “Carl.”

She tentatively uttered his name with a hint of caution in her voice.

After two seconds of silence on the other end, a man’s creepy voice was heard instead. “Sonia, I’m Lucius Hayes. Compared to Carl, I like this name even more.”

In short, he didn’t wish to inherit the name that the idiot used for more than 20 years.

As for the name ‘Lucius’, it perfectly differentiated him from that idiotic Carl.

Listening to the tone of his voice, Sonia felt a surge of disappointment from her darkened heart as her expression slightly changed. Looks like my hopes are for nothing. Carl hasn’t woken up to regain control of his body. The person calling me now is his second personality.

This made her really upset, so she pursed her red lips and asked indifferently, “What can I help you with, Mr. Hayes?”

On the other end, Carl—or to be precise, Lucius was now standing in front of the French windows.

Hearing how Sonia had addressed him, he squinted his eyes as his expressions became a little gloomy. “Sonia, you were always so intimate when you called Carl. Why are you addressing me like I’m a stranger?”

She answered flatly, “It’s simple because you are not Carl.”

That was why she couldn’t bring herself to treat Lucius with the same kind of attitude she used to treat Carl with before.

Lucius grunted. “That’s really saddening, Sonia. Although I’m indeed not Carl, I’m also born in his body, so you can also treat me the same way, though.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” Sonia immediately rejected him.

The gloominess on his face spread, but he quickly composed himself and smiled bitterly as if nothing had happened. “You are so cruel, Sonia.”

“Alright, Mr. Hayes. What is it that you want? If there’s nothing else you want to say, I’m going to cut the call. I’m very busy at the moment and I don’t have any time to waste on you,” she uttered blandly while furrowing her beautiful brows.

She had nothing to say to his other personality.

Also, Lucius’ personality was much shadier than Carl’s, so Sonia didn’t know what would happen if she continued to speak to Lucius.

“Sigh…” Lucius pretended to sigh in disappointment. “Forget about it. Since you don’t want to catch up with me, so be it. I originally wanted to tell you how much I’ve missed you in the last month, Sonia. I also wanted to ask whether you miss me or not, but by the looks of it, you don’t miss me at all, but it’s fine as long as I do. Because of that, Sonia, I’ve prepared a gift for you. It’s in your mailbox, so please take a look at it.”

Sonia was utterly disgusted by what she heard.

Hearing him calling her by her name, she felt an uncomfortable turmoil inside her stomach.

She was fine with Carl addressing her before, but she wasn’t comfortable with Lucius. Is he intentionally trying to replace Carl? Also, I remember that when he first possessed Carl’s body, he didn’t call me by my name, so it is really weird that he’s now addressing me as such.

While ridiculing him inside her heart, Sonia asked coldly, “What did you send me?”

“Sonia, you’ll know it when you see it. I promise that you’ll definitely like it very much.” Lucius looked at the plane that had just flown past through the French windows while a sinister light flashed across his eyes.

She furrowed her brows and clicked into her mailbox while holding the mouse.

Sure enough, there was an additional email from an unsaved contact, which should be Lucius.

As for how Lucius had discovered her email address, Sonia wasn’t surprised at all. After all, Carl’s memories were still embedded in his mind along with his hacking skills.

Therefore, it wasn’t difficult for him to find out about her address.

Sonia clicked on the email and found that the attachment had a large size as it showed several pictures.

Looking at the file, she was confused. What photos did he send me?

She clicked on the photos in suspicion and was instantly shocked by what she had seen. After letting out a scream, she rose from her chair and threw the mouse in her hand away.

With a pale face, she stood there and stared at the computer screen in fear. As her body, limbs and scalp began to tremble, she felt her heart skipping a beat. What is this?!

In the photo was a man who had his head shaved and his face slashed into a bloody mess by a knife to the point where it disfigured his looks. He was blindfolded and tied to the couch, making it difficult to establish whether he was dead or alive.

In the end, Sonia was so shocked by the photo that she couldn’t help but vomit all over the desk.

She never expected the content of the photo to be this horrible and bloody. If she had known about it from the start, she wouldn’t have clicked on it.

Sadly, it was impossible for anyone to turn back time, but she could still choose not to look at the subsequent few photos because its content was definitely the same as this one.

When Lucius heard her vomiting on the other end, he revealed an evil smile before speaking, “Sonia, what’s the problem? Don’t you like my gift? Are you satisfied with it?”

Her expression immediately changed as she roared at the phone with red eyes, “Am I satisfied with it? Are you crazy? Did you send me this to scare me on purpose?

He blinked with innocence. “How could you say that, Sonia? I didn’t mean to scare you. I sent you this because I wanted to tell you that I’ve avenged you.”

“Avenge me? What do you mean?” Sonia could feel the vein on her forehead throbbing as she had a bad feeling.

On the other end, Lucius chuckled with intention. “Sonia, can’t you recognize the person in the photo?”

The person in the photo? She pursed her lips. Is he saying that I know the person in the photo?

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