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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 628

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 628

Tom’s Pain

“Alright.” Toby nodded before following Sonia out.

More than 40 minutes later, they arrived at Paradigm Co..

After getting out of the car, she went around the head of the car to the other side and knocked on Toby’s car window. He then wound down the glass window.

She straightened her posture and said, “I’ll leave now. You and Tom should hurry to the Fuller Group. Remember to drive slowly on the road and be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Reed. I won’t let anything happen to President Fuller.” Tom, who was seated in front, turned around to answer Sonia.

Then, Toby coldly glared at him. “Did I ask you to speak?”

It was Sonia’s reminder for him, but before he could even answer, he had been interrupted by Tom and was naturally upset as a result.

When he saw Toby’s warning gaze, Tom understood that he had spoken too much, so he retracted his neck as he hurriedly turned his head to the front in his quest to be invisible. Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut and say nothing.

Seeing how nervous Tom was and how upset Toby looked while seated at the back seat, Sonia couldn’t help but be amused. “Alright, that’s enough. You two should hurry up and leave. It’ll be rush hour in a little while, so you should beat the traffic while you still can.”

Toby nodded slightly. “Okay. Tom, start the car.”

“Yes,” Tom replied from the front before starting the car engine.

Sonia suddenly thought of something, so she quickly placed her hand on Toby’s window to prevent him from closing it. “Wait.”

“What is it?” Toby asked as he removed his hand from the window buckle and looked at her.

She bit her lips and murmured, “Please don’t… switch off your phone for the next two days.”

She had promised Rose that she would accompany him on the anniversary of his mother’s death because Rose told her before that he would behave in a strange manner on that day.

Coincidentally, the anniversary happened to be in the coming two days. That was the reason why Sonia reminded him not to turn off his phone so that she could contact or locate him at any time.

However, Toby was confused by Sonia’s request. “Why?”

She lowered her eyes. “Please don’t ask me why. In short, just do as I say.”

It was impossible for her to tell him that the anniversary of his mother’s death was around the corner because she wasn’t sure how he would react to it emotionally.

After staring at Sonia for a while, Toby finally nodded in agreement. “Alright.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “You better keep your promise.”

“I never switch off my phone as it is always turned on 24 hours.” He took out his phone and brandished it.

Sonia nodded. “That’s great. Also, remember to keep your phone by your side at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Toby replied.

“Alright. Since there’s nothing else, I’m heading off. Bye!” She waved at the man before walking toward the entrance of Paradigm Co..

In the meantime, Toby stared at her back for a while until she entered the building. Then, he withdrew his gaze and wound up the car window before opening his thin lips. “Start the car.”

“Yes,” Tom replied and started the engine.

On the road, Tom hesitated several times and he finally couldn’t help but look into the rearview mirror to ask, “President Fuller, why do you think Miss Reed said that to you just now? Why does she want you to always turn on your phone for the next two days and not let it leave your side?”

Toby lowered his eyes without answering him. Why? It’s probably because it’s my mother’s death anniversary. Otherwise, why would she ask me to do so only for the next two days and not any other day? Except this, I can’t think of any other reasons. As to how she found out about the anniversary of my mother’s death, I’m afraid that someone told her and I think I know who it was. Two nights ago, Grandma specially brought Sonia away to speak to her alone in the gazebo. It seems like that was what she told Sonia.

Tom, who was driving the car, saw that Toby had remained silent with a lowered head as if thinking about something, so he didn’t disturb Toby and retracted his gaze to focus on driving.

Meanwhile, in Paradigm Co., Sonia arrived outside her office and Daphne was waiting for her there as usual. When she saw Sonia arriving, Daphne quickly approached and followed behind her to report the day’s schedule.

Ever since Sonia became the company’s chairman, the events that she needed to attend had more than doubled, which made her schedule extremely tight.

After listening to the entire schedule, she asked Daphne to cancel some of the unimportant ones, but the remaining meetings had still taken up her entire day.

Sonia didn’t know whether it was pain or happiness.

The painful part was that she had no time to relax, but she was elated that the more she had to do in her schedule, the more familiar she would be in managing Paradigm Co..

After sitting down, she placed her bag on the desk and received her schedule from Daphne to have a look. Then, Sonia cast it aside and said, “I want you to inform the human resource department that Jessica will be taking a week’s leave. Tell them to issue her a leave permit.”

Of course Daphne understood why Sonia wanted to apply for leave on Jessica’s behalf.

Considering how badly Jessica had kowtowed yesterday, it was no wonder that she needed to be hospitalized for a few days.

“I understand, Chairman Reed.” Daphne pushed her glasses and smiled.

Sonia understood what Daphne meant with her smile and beamed with her. “Alright, that’s all for now. You can return to your work.”

“Yes.” Daphne nodded before leaving.

After she left, Sonia furrowed her brows and started working.

The phone beside her suddenly vibrated more than 10 minutes later.

She placed the pen in her hand down and picked up her device to realize that it was a text from Toby.

She clicked on it and saw a sentence: ‘I’ve safely arrived at the company.’

With a faint smile, Sonia replied, ‘As long as you are safe.’

Soon, Toby sent another text: ‘Do you want to watch a movie tonight?’

Looking at his text, she raised her brow. It seems like he is still determined to watch a movie with me after I rejected his request yesterday. Fine. Since he is that determined, I’ll just say yes.

As Sonia thought about it, she smiled before responding, ‘Okay.’

On the other end, Toby’s eyes were suddenly filled with joy when he read what she had replied. She has agreed to come with me.

Then, he put his phone down to take the landline. “Tom.”

Tom, who was in the office next to Toby, had only just switched on his computer when he received Toby’s call. “President Fuller, is there anything I can help with?”

“I want you to buy another two movie tickets like the ones yesterday,” Toby ordered.

It was Tom’s turn to raise his brows. “President Fuller, has Miss Reed agreed to watch a movie with you?”

Toby grunted. “She rejected me yesterday because she wasn’t free. Now that she’s free today, of course she will agree to come along. What are you talking about?”

For some reason, Tom felt that Toby sounded as if there was an intention to call him a singleton.

He realized that when he included the word ‘singleton’ into what Toby had said to him just now, it didn’t look out of place at all.

Maybe he wanted to call me a singleton, but since he is a well-refined man, he didn’t say it explicitly. Tom’s lips began to twitch. Fine, it’s great that you are about to stop being a singleton! Sigh… It’s great not to be a single person.

For 30 years since his birth, he had never found a girlfriend up until this point. Therefore, it was heartbreaking for him to see Toby, who was of the same age as him, about to remarry.

He felt all sorts of pain in his heart, but he still maintained a professional smile on the surface as he replied, “Alright, President Fuller. I know what to do. I’ll help you reserve the tickets once I have finished my work in hand.”

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