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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 607

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 607

Can I Kiss You

Hearing Sonia’s words, Toby nodded subtly. “Well, you’re not wrong in saying that.”

Smiling, Sonia then continued, “Even if I really did manage to find them, how would we get along? It’s not suitable to have a parent and child relationship, after all, as we don’t have much of a history together. Being relatives is weird as well as they are my own biological parents, which would make both them and me stuck in an awkward situation.”

Up till here, she actually left out a sentence.

And that was, perhaps they were already dead.

“To not seek and think about them is the most suitable thing to do.” Toby nodded.

Truth was, hearing from Sonia that she wouldn’t seek out her biological parents made him breathe a sigh of relief.

Even if she did and even if Toby did try to prevent her from doing this, sooner or later, she would still know that she was born to the Gray Family. When that time came, what would she do?

Hence, it would be better for Sonia to not look for her biological parents. This way, she would not feel curious about her true identity and she might even be oblivious to the fact that her parents were the Grays.

“That’s right. Actually, I was only a bit down when I found out I wasn’t the flesh and blood of Mom and Dad. I knew from the instant I stepped into the Reed Family that I was already considered their daughter. As for my biological parents, I don’t really care about why they abandoned me anymore. The moment that I appeared at the orphanage was the moment that our ties were severed,” Sonia commented.

Upon hearing that, Toby nodded. “It’s good that you think of it like that.”

Rubbing her temples, she added, “Although I did say all of this, in the end, I still don’t have any blood relations with Mom and Dad.”

“Is that why you wanted Jessica to bear a child? Do you want Jessica to continue the bloodline of your family due to you not being the biological daughter of your parents?” It was only then that Toby grasped her true intentions.

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Sonia’s mouth. “You’re right. That is my true aim. Although Jessica did poison Dad, she’s still his only flesh and blood no matter what. I will let her pay her dues but at the same time, I want her to also continue the bloodline.”

“In the future, Jessica will definitely go to jail. When that happens, will you be fostering the child in her stead?” Toby questioned as he looked at her.

Sonia nodded. “Yes, I will, but I’m not fostering the child for her. I’m doing it to groom the next inheritor of the Reed Family. I will make sure to raise the child properly and not let them display any of the bad habits their mother possessed. Then, when they finally grow up, I will let them inherit Paradigm Co. This is the only way I can think of to repay my parents for raising me until now.”

Naturally, if Sonia was the product of her parents, she of course would not do such a thing.

Yet, she was not. Jessica was the one who was.

Hence, she could only continue the bloodline through Jessica.

“I understand now. If you want to, then do it. I’ll help you raise the child.” Toby said gently.

Sitting up straight, Sonia asked, “Don’t you think that my actions are unacceptable?”

After all, not everyone could accept her way of repaying her parents.

“I don’t think it’s unacceptable.” Toby shook his head. “As long as you think that this is correct, then just do it with gusto. I’ll support you no matter what.”

Besides, it was just a child. It was not something he could not accept.

Plus, the child was not even a product of Sonia’s and someone else’s.

“Thank you.” Hearing the support and encouragement from Toby made Sonia feel all fuzzy and touched inside, and her expression turned gentle.

“You don’t need to thank me. We’re in this together, so naturally I’m on your side.” Reaching out, Toby tucked the strands of hair behind her ear. “But you cannot let Jessica just get pregnant just like that.”

“I know.” Sonia hummed in agreement and continued in a serious tone, “I know that Jessica would not take it lying just like that. Knowing her, she will definitely try to abort the child somehow. So from the start, I never wanted for her to get pregnant; I just needed her genes.”

If Sonia obtained Jessica’s genes, she could then find an organization that specialized in genetic reproduction abroad and after ten months, voila, a child would be born.

“That’s a sound plan. Do you need my help with it?” Toby asked as he gave her a peeled shrimp.

Shaking her head, Sonia said, “There’s no need. I can manage by myself.”

“Alright, just tell me straight if you need help; you don’t have to feel burdened by it. After all, we’re about to reconcile, no?” Setting down his cutlery, Toby said this as he looked at her intently.

Sonia could see the hope emanating from his gaze. In the end, she gave in and nodded. “Alright. If there are any problems, I’ll come to you.”

Toby hummed in response and smiled.

After dinner, it was already 8 PM.

Toby then proceeded to drive Sonia back to Bayside Residence.

After they arrived, he followed her into her apartment.

“You can sit on the sofa and watch TV for a while. I’ll go get you some tea.” Sonia put her bag down as she said this.

With a slight nod, Toby replied, “I don’t need tea. Water will do.”

“You’ll still need to wait though.” Stating her piece, Sonia then went to the kitchen.

Toby sat down on the sofa, but he did not watch TV. Instead, he turned his head in the direction of the kitchen.

After a while, he suddenly stood up and began to walk to the kitchen.

At the entrance to the kitchen, Toby looked at the busy woman before him.

At that moment, Sonia had on an apron as she washed the cups.

Even though Toby had said that tea was not needed, it still looked like she was in the midst of preparing a pot of it.

From her actions in washing the cups alone, he could tell that she did not drink tea often, as she did not use those teacups.

Hence, it was quite obvious that she was washing the cups just for him.

At that thought, Toby was touched by this small action of hers. Walking toward Sonia, he hugged her from behind.

Surprised by this sudden contact, Sonia froze in place with her hand also stopping. It was only after quite a while had passed that she collected herself and turned to face the man, asking, “Why did you come to the kitchen?”

Yet, she did not order him to let go of her.

Accepting the fact that in the near future they would be together again, Sonia had already resigned herself to having such intimate moments.

It was just that the situation she thought of was pushed forward a little.

So, instead of rejecting his actions, Sonia accepted it, as she has to get used to this sooner or later.

“Staying in the living room by myself was quite boring, so I came to accompany you.” With that, Toby spun her around.

Raising her gaze, Sonia replied, “I don’t need your company. I’m just brewing up a quick pot of tea. It’s not like I’m doing anything else.”

“I know, I know. It’s just that I want to. Also, I miss you, and the taste of your lips.” Toby’s gaze then landed on her red lips.

Hearing this made Sonia’s pupils dilate. “You…”

“May I, Sonia?” Lowering his head, Toby rested his forehead against hers and asked in a hoarse and low tone.

Slowly stiffening up, Sonia had turned as red as a tomato.

She did not know how to respond to him.

If she said no, it would likely hurt him.

Yet, she could not bring herself to say yes.

In the end, she decided to stay silent.

Seeing Sonia keeping her silence, Toby once again opened his mouth and asked, “Can I, Sonia?”

This time around, his voice grew even hoarser, with the expectation in his eyes practically manifesting itself.

Seeing Toby being so expectant made Sonia unable to bear disappointing him. She didn’t want to see his bright gaze fizzle out into nothingness, so after a few seconds of hesitation, she finally nodded and hummed in agreement.

Whatever! We’ll have to do this in the future anyway. What’s a bit of practicing now going to do?

With that, Sonia let go of such thoughts and relaxed her body.

Her reply made Toby shine with happiness. Finally, he lifted her chin and went in for the kiss.

This was the first time that the two had properly kissed, and it wasn’t one of those ‘accidental’ kisses they had in the past.

This kiss came from the depths from their hearts, as it also signified Sonia finally accepting Toby again.

Hence, the kiss this time was much sweeter and better than previous experiences.

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