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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 603

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 603

False Accusation

“What else has Mr. Karl reported to you?” Sonia rubbed her brows and asked.

Hearing that, Toby lifted his cup to take a sip of coffee. “This is the first time he reported to me about happenings in Paradigm Co. and it has never happened before. I asked him to only report the important issues to me and save the rest.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded. “Mr. Karl was at the shareholders meeting today too, so I suppose you’re already aware of the content of the meeting.”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded.

At that, Sonia snorted. “Why did you still call to ask me then?”

“I want to hear your voice,” Toby hummed softly.

Feeling her face burning, Sonia instinctively sat up straight. “W-What’s so nice about my voice?”

“It’s just nice.” Toby lifted his chin. “Besides, I’ve missed you.”

As she heard that, Sonia’s face reddened even more, and she could feel the heat when she raised her hand to touch her face.

Immediately, she quickly fanned her face, hoping to reduce the temperature.

However, this little amount of wind did not help at all. Not only did she fail to reduce the temperature, but her face actually burned even more due to her nervousness and increased heartbeat.

“S-Stop your nonsense,” Sonia lowered her head and murmured in an extremely soft voice.

“I’m not talking nonsense. I’m serious. So… Sonia, would you like to have dinner together today?” Toby extended his invitation.

Sonia parted her lips and wanted to turn Toby down initially, but she ended up agreeing, “Sure.”

Upon hearing her positive response, Toby smiled even brighter. “I’ll come and find you in the afternoon then.”

“Okay.” Sonia nodded.

She had already agreed to have dinner with him, so what else could she say?

She couldn’t possibly stop him from coming over.

Moreover, when they got together half a month later, they would be eating together often, so this was just happening in advance.

“By the way, did you call me just to ask about the shareholders’ meeting?” Sonia rubbed her cheeks and asked after calming down.

Toby put down the coffee cup. “Yeah, you did a good job today.”

Sonia smiled and shook her head thereafter. “Actually, it’s not me who did well. The credit goes to Grandpa, Charles and Carl. If they hadn’t been secretly acquiring shares for me in the past six years, I wouldn’t possibly be able to take Paradigm Co. back.”

Hearing this, Toby couldn’t help feeling a little jealous as he had not helped Sonia in this matter before although he knew what she said was true.

As if she felt the sulkiness of Toby at the other end of the line, Sonia tucked her hair and continued, “Of course, if you didn’t initiate for your branch companies to collaborate with Paradigm Co., our company would not become stable this quickly. So, I’m really grateful to you guys.”

“No worries. We’re supposed to always help our loved ones.” Toby smiled again. Obviously, Sonia’s words lightened up his mood.

Following that, the two continued talking about some other stuff before hanging up.

After ending the call, Sonia stared at the phone and smiled before putting it on the table. Then, she took a pen from the stationery holder and started working.

In the afternoon, Sonia pushed aside the documents which she had finished checking and glanced at the time at the bottom right corner of the computer screen. It was already half-past five which meant she would be able to knock off in half an hour, so she reckoned Toby was going to reach soon.

At that thought, Sonia switched off her computer and took up the landline phone to call Daphne.

In no time, Daphne walked in. “President Reed.”

“Go and distribute these documents,” Sonia said while pointing at the pile of documents she had finished checking.

Daphne nodded. “Sure.”

With that, Daphne walked up to carry the documents and headed out after.

Meanwhile, Sonia stood up too and started packing her stuff to get ready to knock off.

Suddenly, Daphne’s scream emerged from the outside. Following that, Sonia heard the sound of heavy objects falling on the floor and the rustling sound of things scattered on the floor.

“What happened?” Sonia quickly stopped packing and lifted her head to look toward the door to see Daphne sitting on the floor with a shocked look. Beside her were dozens of documents scattered around the floor.

Seeing that, Sonia deduced that the heavy thump just now was produced when Daphne fell to the floor while the rustling sound was due to the scattered documents.

“Miss Daphne, you…”

Just as Sonia was going to ask Daphne what happened, a high-pitch voice came forth from outside the door. “What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?! How dare you knock into me?!”

Sonia’s face darkened at once when she heard the familiar voice as she already understood what was going on.

Jessica must’ve walked over when Daphne was opening the door with the pile of documents in her hand. Then, the two bumped into each other.

Though Sonia was not sure if Jessica was injured, Daphne was directly knocked onto the floor. From the latter’s expression, Sonia could tell that she was hit quite hard.

Moreover, Jessica still sounded energetic, so Sonia reckoned she was not suffering from any injuries.

Since that’s the case, how dare Jessica accuse Daphne of bumping into her? Moreover, this is my office. What is Jessica doing here without obtaining my permission first?

At this thought, Sonia walked over with a sullen face. Following that, she helped Daphne up and asked concernedly, “Are you okay?”

Feeling touched, Daphne shook her head and said, “I’m okay. Thanks for asking, President Reed.”

“Are you really okay? If you’re injured somewhere, you have to tell me. Don’t just keep it to yourself.” Sonia was still worried.

“Don’t worry, President Reed. I understand. I’m really fine. It’s just a little painful, but it’ll be fine soon,” Daphne adjusted her glasses and replied with a smile.

Sonia nodded. “Alright then.”

On the other hand, Jessica was annoyed perceiving the conversation between Sonia and Daphne and how Sonia did not even spare a glance at her. At once, she placed her hands on her hips and retorted obstinately, “Sonia, your secretary knocked into me. Shouldn’t you ask if I’m hurt or not?”

“I didn’t knock into her, President Reed,” Daphne quickly explained. “She pushed the door open just now when I was about to open it. I was hit by the door and did not even lay a finger on her. Please believe me, President Reed.”

“I trust you.” Sonia patted Daphne’s shoulder with a smile. Then, she turned around with a cold face and glared at Jessica. “Did you hear what my secretary said? She did not knock into you!”

“Ha! How can we take her words for good? There’s no witness.” Jessica sneered in disdain.

Sonia lifted a finger and pointed upward. “What about the CCTV then?”

“What?” Immediately, there was a change in Jessica’s expression as her disdainful expression disappeared. Instead, she wore a flustered look. “Did you say a CCTV?”

She quickly lifted her head to look in the direction which Sonia was pointing and realized there was indeed a small camera installed in the middle of the door frame.

At this moment, Jessica’s face became even sulkier while Sonia stared at her in ridicule.

“Now, do you still insist that my secretary knocked into you? If you do, I’ll bring the CCTV footage to the police and accuse you of staging an accident and slandering others. If that happens, you’ll be a shame to Paradigm Co. and I can take the chance to evoke your position as the vice president. You’ll become the vice president who is promoted and fired in the shortest time. By that time, you’ll surely be well-known across the industry.”

“You…” Jessica was so furious that even her face was distorted as she clenched her fists tight.

Seeing Jessica’s reaction, Sonia looked down and said, “What? Are you thinking of beating me up? That’s great. If you rough up, you’ll be accused of deliberate assault too, and that can put you behind bars.”

“Hmph! Just you wait!” After hearing Sonia’s words, Jessica did not dare to rough up anymore, so she merely threatened Sonia and released her fists.

Seeing that, Sonia looked toward Daphne, who had picked up the scattered documents, and said, “You may leave first.”

“I’ll keep you accompanied, President Reed. I’m worried that she…” Daphne cast a glance at Jessica with her eyes filled with unconcealed vigilance.

Sonia knew Daphne was worried that Jessica would bully her, so she smiled heartily and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be alright. You can continue on with your work.”

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