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The Return of God of War Chapter 4031

Chapter 4031 Settle The Score

Over at Void Sect, everyone looked dispirited and unkempt after receiving the two warning arrows Levi sent toward Eclipse and Eclipse Academy.

Gloria had also returned to Void Sect from Eclipse. At that moment, she was in charge of the entire sect. However, she couldn’t bring herself to feel happy.

She was infuriated because she had to use a lot of magical herbs to restore her original appearance after the robber almost disfigured her.

However, she didn’t dare to take revenge because of how strong the robber was. At the same time, she was worried that others would find out about her framing the robber. She had been feeling utterly frustrated.

Fortunately, Heptino would occasionally give her dragon ley lines to help her cultivate. That was how she had been keeping her mood lifted.

Suddenly, Heptino rushed in excitedly and said, “Gloria, Lord Long is back! Let’s welcome him!”

Gloria’s heart skip a beat, but she managed to keep a straight face. After that, she followed Heptino out to welcome Roy.

Soon, they saw Roy coming out of a cloudship, dressed in a robe. He was also holding a long sword in his hand.

“Greetings, Lord Long!”

The fighters of Void Sect were all wearing excited looks on their faces when they dropped to their knees.

However, Gloria and the others who knew about the inside story of the sect’s destruction could only force themselves to put on a smile. Evidently, they were also worried about getting exposed.

“Get up!” Roy raised his hand. “I’m going to kill the robber who destroyed my sect!”

“Lord Long, the robber has a premium ultimate weapon in his possession. Eclipse was destroyed by an arrow he shot from thousands of miles away.”

“That’s right, Lord Long. Eclipse is done for.”

“Even the Cordierite Association suffered a great loss. Needless to say, it was because the Prime Association was involved.”

The fighters delivered their reports and voiced their concerns. They hoped that Roy wouldn’t take the matter lightly.

With a disdainful expression, Roy responded, “Eclipse and the Prime Association are not as frightening as you guys think. Other than that, I also have an ultimate weapon. This is the Retribution Sword, and the Weapon Master forged it himself! The robber’s ultimate weapon is nothing compared to this.”

Roy was as arrogant as ever, and he didn’t see Levi and the Prime Association as a threat at all.

The crowd didn’t think Roy was making baseless claims either. After all, they knew he came from a prominent family. They assumed that he had seen enough to make bold claims.

The crowd decided to set up a celebratory banquet. Roy’s return to Void Sect was the best thing that had happened to Void Sect in recent times.

Before the banquet even started, a powerful voice sounded in the air. “Come out to meet your end, Gloria!”

The voice was so loud that everyone heard it.

Gloria was already feeling guilty, so when she heard someone yelling her name out loud, she jumped in alarm. The voice sounds familiar.


Right away, the members of Void Sect grew wary.

At the same time, Roy’s expression turned grim. He couldn’t believe something like that would happen shortly after his return.

Seconds later, a burly figure entered the venue.

The man who came in was wearing black armor. His long hair was draped over his shoulders, and his exposed muscles were proof of his horrifying strength.

“Who are you? How dare you come to Void Sect and cause trouble?” Roy questioned coldly.

The man in the black armor ignored Roy and glared at Gloria, exuding a murderous aura.

“Come out to meet your end, Gloria!” he repeated.

Gloria merely looked at the intruder in bafflement. After a long while, she asked tentatively, “Floyd? Is that you?”

“That’s right. It’s me. I came here today to settle the score with you!” Floyd’s frigid tone was devoid of emotion.

Gloria was stumped. Who would’ve thought that Floyd would become such a man? In fact, he looks strong!

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