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The Return of God of War Chapter 3927

Chapter 3927 Empyrean Election

There was a large arena with a thick and even surface at Eclipse, and it was made with a polished black meteorite that could reflect as well as a mirror could.

Around the arena were four observation decks around the arena, and in one of them were the important elders of Eclipse.

They were the judges for the election, and they had come to witness the various candidates’ cultivation talents.

Below the arena was the bustling crowd. There were hundreds of sects who had come to join the Empyrean election, though most of them were small sects.

Most of the time, these sects would never get the chance to interact with a large sect like Eclipse. Hence, they were eager to seize the opportunity to rise to the top.

Even if their sect members were unable to become Eclipse’s Empyrean, getting a chance to join Eclipse Academy would be good too.

“The Empyrean of Cloudblade Sect has passed the preliminaries and is now a candidate for Eclipse’s Empyrean election.”

“The Empyrean of Redsea Alliance isn’t talented enough but is accepted into Eclipse Academy for further training.”

“The Empyrean of Blueflame Sect is average. A reward of five high-quality spiritual energy crystals will be given to her as encouragement.”

One of Eclipse’s elders was announcing the results.

The sects whose Empyreans had been chosen as candidates of Eclipse’s Empyrean were thrilled.

Those who had been chosen to join Eclipse Academy were also happy.

Even the sects who had been rejected did not feel resentful after receiving the consolation reward of high-quality spiritual energy crystals, albeit they felt a little wistful about failing.

Nevertheless, those high-quality spiritual energy crystals were the best kinds of cultivation resources for small sects like them, so they were all grateful to Eclipse.

Their gratitude was why Eclipse had rewarded them with the crystals in the first place.

“We’ll now have Void Sect’s Gloria Gaston come up the stage.”

Right as those words left the Eclipse’s elder’s mouth, Gloria leaped into the arena.

“Please proceed with your demonstration,” the elder uttered as a glint of hope flashed past his eyes.

Gloria was the one his deputy sect leader had told him to pay more attention to, after all.

Hence, he would like to find out what made Gloria different from the others.

The first thing Gloria did was present herself with the standard bow. Then, without wasting another breath, she channeled her devouring technique.

A large energy whirlpool with Gloria in the middle formed.

As if hearing a summon, the spiritual energy in the space began rushing toward the energy whirlpool.

Then, Gloria drew the energy from the whirlpool and absorbed it.

As the technique was too ferocious, the entire arena began to shake violently until it seemed like it was about to collapse.

The power around the arena surged and counterattacked Gloria’s power. That was the only reason the arena did not end up collapsing.

The power around the arena was a trick up Eclipse’s sleeve. They had built a defensive stabilizing array to ensure that the arena would not get destroyed during a fight.

“She has the gift of devouring?”

“She must have the devourer spiritual bone, or else she’s going to explode and die at the rate she’s going.”

“I can’t believe there’s someone like her in Void Sect! I’ve never heard of her before.”

“You must have been living under a rock! This is Void Sect’s future leader’s cultivation partner. How can she possibly be bad in cultivation?”

Everyone was in shock as they discussed the scene among themselves.

The elders of Eclipse were satisfied with her performance. It was rare to find someone with devourer spiritual bones, even in Kenfort.

“Gloria is very talented, and after discussion, we have decided to list her as one of the candidates for the Empyrean election,” one of the elders announced, making others sigh in awe and envy.

Gloria adored the burning, envious gazes she was receiving, and a wave of accomplishment washed over her.

Do you see this, Levi? Even in Kenfort, I’m admired by others, Gloria remarked internally.

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