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The Return of God of War Chapter 3923

Chapter 3923 Most Critical Step

With the deliberate traction of the power released by Levi, the imminent loss of the raw liquid of the materials instantly condensed into a crystal.

But it could clearly be seen that the sparks of the Earthfire and the Heavenly Thunder were in a constant stalemate. Then, a mass of white fog was released from the surface of the crystal.

The fog similarly contained the material power of the star metal and the fire stone, but there were obviously many impurities in it.

If not controlled in time and the power of impurities was allowed to intrude into the pure crystal, the purity of the ultimate weapon would be significantly reduced.

Once the invasion of the power of impurities was excessive, the toughness of the future forged ultimate weapon would be greatly compromised.

However, it was currently not a good time to abruptly dispel the impurities energy fog as the impurities’ gas energy would constantly appear in the crystal through continuous refining.

Also, it would affect the quality of the ultimate weapon if an action was taken before it was completely purified.

Also, accurately grasping the timing and the strength of a move was the key to determining whether one’s forging technique was advanced.

The slightest difference could lead to a huge mistake.

It’s not the best time yet, Levi thought to himself.

After what seemed like an eternity, the impurities fog around was getting denser and caused the seepage to be vaguely back again.

Levi acted without hesitation. He waved his arm gently and released a ferocious energy that dispelled the impurities energy fog.

Suddenly, the area where he forged the top raw materials regained clarity once again.

On the other hand, the crystal had also become transparent like glass through continuous refining by the power of Heavenly Thunder.

“It’ll be able to diffuse into the Divine Bones in just a little while more. At that point, the energy of the Earthfire must be instantly detonated. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to melt the Divine Bones with the power of Heavenly Thunder alone.” After making up his mind, Levi continued to refine the crystal until it reached a nearly transparent state as he quickly added a piece of Divine Bones.


The Heavenly Thunder kept blasting on the Divine Bone. Not only was it unable to cause any damage to the Divine Bone, but the power of Divine Bone was stimulated instead.

It even nearly sent the crystal flying.

“As expected of the top Divine Bones. After being tempered by the Heavenly Thunder for several years, it is almost immune to this power.” Levi did not have the slightest hesitation anymore and directly raised his left hand. With the traction of the power, the Earthfire, which was still in a state of suppression earlier, suddenly rose.


A glowing dark blue flame appeared. Both scorching and freezing energies burst out at the same time, instantly attaching to the surface of the Divine Bone.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The Divine Bone began to struggle intensely, as though a criminal was being sentenced to severe punishment. There was even the sound of a shrill scream.

The Divine Bone already had a great aura, and it was surprising that such a scene could appear after going through the scorching Earthfire.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At that moment, the Divine Bone instantly released the power and shook tremendously.

It was as though a living creature was trying to escape the fate of destruction. However, Levi hastily cast the power to suppress it, which made the Divine Bone subside.

With the double bombardment of the power of Heavenly Thunder and the scorching Earthfire, the Divine Bone gradually melted and was eventually refined into smaller crystals.

“Go ahead and melt!” Levi released the power traction once again, and the essence of the Divine Bone instantly diffused into the previously condensed crystals.

With that, Levi gradually threw all the materials required for the premium ultimate weapon into the Earthfire.

The process included melting, purifying, fusing, and refining.

These four steps were repeated continuously, and the mixed conglomerate was eventually trimmed into the shape of a long sword by Levi.

“The next one is the final step of the refining process.” Levi’s gaze was serious. This would be the most critical step of the entire forging technique.

One could not yield an ultimate weapon without undergoing several trials and tribulations, and the main focus was on the refining part.

The nine-colored Heavenly Thunder has the most divinity. I’ll choose you as the most crucial part of the refining process, then. With that thought in mind, Levi directly invoked the power of Heavenly Thunder that caused sudden changes in the clouds and rumbles of thunderstorms.

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