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The Return of God of War Chapter 3920

Chapter 3920 Premium Ultimate Weapon

Under normal circumstances, if they were in a stagnant body of water, there was a good chance its undercurrents would also be calm.

However, if the lake were connected to a bigger space or had a crack in the stream bed, there would undoubtedly be a strong surge of undercurrents.

Upon hearing Levi’s words, the two women kept their guard up and continued to dive deeper. Fifteen minutes later, the trio finally reached the bottom of the lake.

Sure enough, Levi discovered a long, narrow crack and even saw flames dancing underneath.

Well, how odd. The water in Arctic Lake is icy cold, yet I can feel intense heat radiating from the crack.

“I believe the bottom of the lake is linked to an earth ley line, and from the looks of it, this line is imbued with a fire attribute,” he said as a stunning realization dawned on him. “No wonder it could attract Heavenly Thunder to strike this energy-rich area!”

Of course, Levi had also learned during his time in Kenfort that many spiritual ley lines in the area carried unique attributes.

For example, Chad’s remedial ley line was naturally suited to cultivating precious medicinal herbs needed for making elixirs and pills. On top of that, any herb that grew in that ley line would also have more potent benefits.

Of course, the remedial ley line could also be used to forge weapons, but given its gentle and nourishing properties, it just wouldn’t be as effective.

On the other hand, the earth ley line at the bottom of Arctic Lake had a fire attribute, which made this unique Earthfire the perfect choice for forging ultimate weapons.

Moreover, Earthfire would come in exceptionally handy at the final stage of the forging process—refinement. Levi knew, without a doubt, that it’d give an enhancement bonus to all ultimate weapons, thereby making them even more powerful.

“Lord Garrison, what are your plans?” Cheriette asked telepathically.

After giving it some thought, Levi replied, “Let’s collect all the magical herbs from Arctic Lake first.”

Since the man showed no intention of sharing his plan in detail, Larissa and Cheriette decided not to probe further.

With that, they did as instructed and began gathering all the magical herbs they could find in Arctic Lake.

Arctic Lake wasn’t small by any means, but given the trio’s capabilities, they didn’t have to spend too much time scouring the area.

Since they had already grown accustomed to seeing rare magical herbs like fire lilies, they were no longer interested in ordinary ones like Subdivine Bones.

Just like that, Levi, Larissa, and Cheriette spent two days and two nights gathering all the Divine Bones and rare magical herbs from Arctic Lake.

As they stood by the lake and watched Heavenly Thunder strike the water from time to time, Levi couldn’t help but curl his lips into a smile.

“It’s time to drain the Arctic Lake,” he mumbled.

Naturally, that shocked Cheriette and Larissa to the core.

They were baffled by Levi’s decision, and besides, draining a massive body of water like the Arctic Lake was no easy feat.

“Master, are you planning on using Earthfire and Heavenly Thunder to forge an ultimate weapon?” Larissa asked gingerly.

Oh, my gosh. It’d be terrifying if that were true! A weapon forged by those two forces would be truly fearsome, though it’d also depend on one’s forging technique. If the person had the means to craft an ultimate weapon but lacked the appropriate expertise, the result would be an utter waste of time and resources. There might even be the possibility of destroying the forging materials or winding up with a weapon of inferior quality!

“You’re pretty clever, aren’t you?” Levi said with a chuckle. “Yes, that’s what I plan on doing. To me, only weapons made from these natural energy sources can be deemed as ultimate weapons! If I were to use other flames in place of Earthfire, it might introduce too many impurities during the forging process. Any weapons made from that would be inferior.”

The more Larissa and Cheriette heard about Levi’s plan, the more stunned they were.

Why does Levi always have such crazy ideas? It was already scary enough when he used Heavenly Thunder to metamorphose, but now, he wants to push himself further and forge the premium ultimate weapon! Then again, that’s Levi Garrison for you. His bravery is what makes him a man among men.

“You guys can sort these materials out into their respective categories. I’m going to start draining Arctic Lake,” Levi ordered.

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