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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3538

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3538

The Fiend Lord’s mentor was Blaine Rockefeller.


Grand Emperor Rowan was puzzled. “You are the last Everlasting Being? But we were sworn brothers 10,000 years ago, weren’t we?”

Blaine smiled and fished out a box of cigars. “Would you like one?”


After a moment, the three people smoked at the foot of Mount Yukon. Blaine suddenly spewed out a puff of smoke. He then tapped the cigar lightly and said, “Samsara, life, soul, matter, universe, void…”

That puff of smoke evolved. Eventually, be snapped his fingers and said, “Women!”

The smoke turned into Daya’s life-like appearance. She was a real person.

Stunned for a moment, Alex rushed over and hugged Daya immediately.

Daya touched Alex’s face. “Hubby, am I still alive?”

“I… I don’t know either.”

After Alex said that, he kissed her passionately.

Blaine snapped his fingers again, and Daya disappeared instantly.

“This is…”

“Idiot!” Blaine flicked the ash off his cigar. “Do you still not understand it?”

Alex looked at Blaine, “Master, did you… Create Daya? No, did you create this diffracted universe and three thousand worlds?”

Blaine replied, “Yes, and no! I can help you guys resurrect all the loved ones you have lost and retain their memories and personalities exactly the same as before. They will never change!”

He snapped his fingers again. Women and men appeared one after another.

Dorothy Assex, Hayley Hanson, Daya Stoermer, William Rockefeller, Autumn Rockefeller, Brittany Rockefeller… The Phoenix Empress, Chantelle Seay, Agatha Haisley, Quinirus Schranz, Phoenix Rowan…

They looked completely the same before death.

“But, can they really be the same?”

Blaine sighed after he said that as if he was also troubled.

That was right! Could the ones he created be the same as the original ones?”

One would always feel uncomfortable. Were they still humans? They were robots!

“Humans’ souls are the most inscrutable and cannot be replicated. This is the arcanum of everlasting life. If you guys want to regain your loved ones, there is only one way, to cross the Everlasting Door. My current abilities are not as good as yours, but the two of you are enough to open the Everlasting Door…”

Grand Emperor Rowan was shocked. “You are already an Everlasting Being. How can your abilities not be as good as ours?”

Blaine smiled mysteriously. “You guys will understand it.”


A month later, Alex and Grand Emperor joined forces and opened up the Everlasting Door successfully.

Grand Emperor Rowan said to Alex, “If we meet again after crossing the door, I will buy you a drink.”

Alex said, “I kinda miss you. How about we kiss goodbye?!”

“You! Get lost!”

Alex was pushed into the Everlasting Door. Unexpectedly, Alex hooked Grand Emperor with a foot, dragging him in.


“The Everlasting Door. I must succeed. I must…” Alex muttered to himself. Eventually, that sticky-like sense of oppression vanished, but the next second, a strong wind blew on his face. He reached out and grabbed it without a second thought.

It was too weak!

To his surprise, he opened his eyes and saw a piece of chalk.

“Huh? Where is this place? Who am I?”

When he turned his head to take a look, what he saw shocked him. “Hayley..? Hayley Hanson..?”

Hayley, dressed in a school uniform, was sitting next to him. She looked at him with concern and whispered, “Blockhead, What are you doing? How dare you sleep in English class? Miss Assex is going to kill you…”

Alex could not care less about Miss Assex. As his eyes were red-rimmed, he hugged her and said, “Hayley, I thought I lost you for the rest of my life. Boo-boo…”

“Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“I won’t… I’ll never!”

“Miss Assex is here…”

“Who is Miss Assex?” Alex quivered as soon as he looked up. “Dorothy… Assex? Honey! Boo-hoo!”

Alex let go of Hayley. He then hugged Dorothy, whose face was livid, and kissed her… The classmates around him were stunned.

‘Alex Rockefeller… He is being possessed, isn’t he?’

After Miss Assex was kissed in public, she flew into a rage and slapped Alex. Alex turned his head and saw a huge advertising poster outside the window…

[The teenage soul singer, Daya Stoermer, has advanced to the world’s top eight…]

‘Huh? Why do I feel like something is wrong? Is this the arcanum of everlasting life that Master was talking about? I crossed the time boundary, and everything started from the beginning, but… Why has Dorothy become a teacher? How am I going to woo her? It’s a love triangle right from the start… Ah… Whatever! Anyway, none of you can escape!’

“Miss Assex, wait for me! I’d like to attend a remedial class for sex education, ah no, I mean English…”

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