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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3537

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3537

Alex burst into tears when she saw the Phoenix Empress. She was still protecting Phoenix firmly at the final moment of her life…

“Honey! Dorothy… They are dead! They are all dead!” Alex pulled his hair out, completely unable to accept such a result.

He did not know how long he used the last move, but it seemed like a century had passed outside the Phanes Realm. ‘There is no one left. What’s the point of living when I am the only one left?’

He held Dorothy with one hand and Phoenix with the other hand, whereas Shelly was lying next to his feet. He shed tears and bawled sorrowfully.

Just then, a ray of light flashed…

A crystal-clear stone suddenly exploded at the scene, and someone popped out… It was Grand Emperor Rowan who was drenched in blood. He did not die. He was still alive.

Looking at him, Alex cried louder. Immediately afterward, an even louder cry sounded around him.

Grand Emperor Rowan was crying. Nothing was more painful in this world than having his beloved ones dead while he was still alive.

Grand Emperor Rowan was alive because Hannah turned him into a diamond with light mystic art at the final moment. He avoided the massacre, but she ended up dead with the Great Sword Sovereign with her last breath.

Three days later, Alex and Grand Emperor Rowan carried their women’s corpses and left the Eye of Nine Yin. They returned to Earth after another three days, but what came into sight left the two men in a daze for a moment.

America was still original America, and Earth was still the original Earth, but where were the people?

Not even a soul was left. They all disappeared.

“Mom! Son, Daughter! Daddy is back!”

Only Alex’s fool-like voice drifted over the quiet Mount Yukon.

They searched every corner of the world, but not a single living person was found. Even the Ancient Path was completely silent.

Three months later, Alex knelt at the top of Mount Yukon and said to Grand Emperor Rowan, “Father-in-law, give me a sword. I can’t stand it any longer.”

Grand Emperor Rowan stared blankly at the sky. “If l give you a sword, who can give me a sword? When the time comes, I won’t even have a companion to cry with…”

Alex said, “I can’t cry anymore. My tears have dried up…”

Grand Emperor Rowan said, “You can howl. Look, I have been howling for a month. Even my throat is bleeding…”

The two men howled as they knelt on top of Mount Yukon. They sounded more unpleasant than a ghost’s wail.

After howling for an hour, they both jumped off the mountain.

Boom! Boom!

They both had restrained their abilities and crashed to the ground with their bodies. Two large craters were formed on the ground.

However, Alex roared after a few seconds, “Why?! Why can’t I die even when I want to? What’s the point of living? Can I reproduce with a ten-thousand-year old man?”

Grand Emperor Rowan rolled over and looked at the sky. “Don’t slander me. You are the Fiend Lord, many billions of years older than me. I even find you are old and clumsy. Why did my daughter… My daughter…”

Grand Emperor Rowan’s vision blurred again when he thought of his daughter. It was blood.

At that moment, he suddenly saw a face appearing in the sky.

“What’s that? An illusion?”

A sound rang out all of a sudden…

Bang! Boom!

Alex and Grand Emperor Rowan jumped up instantly. “What’s that sound?”

Grand Emperor Rowan said, “It seems to be… Some kind of very ancient sound.”

Alex said immediately, “It’s the sound of a sports car…”

Then, they both saw a red sports car traversing across the distant horizon, but it was not fast at all compared to Instant Teleportation and the like. They both activated their primordial eyes immediately, trying to find out the identity of the driver. As a result, they saw nothing. Surprisingly, that car managed to avoid both their primordial eyes.

After a full five minutes, the sports car stopped next to the two people via a drifting technique. The car door was pushed open. A man with a white suit, a straw hat, and sunglasses came out of the car.

Both of them were wide-eyed.

After Grand Emperor Rowan saw the man take off his glasses and hat, he looked shocked. “Blaine?”

Alex shouted abruptly, “Ancestor?”

The one who arrived turned out to be… Blaine Rockefeller!

Looking at the two wretched men, Blaine shook his head and said, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can’t believe you guys are in this state. It’s really inelegant!”

He looked particularly at Alex. “Idiot! You met Yukina again after so many years, but why do you still not understand it?”

Alex was puzzled for a moment. Then, he came to his senses suddenly. “You are… I remember! You are the last Everlasting Being! Master, I hereby pay my respects to you!”

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