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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3536

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3536

Alex realized that he was trapped. He had ants in his pants. Dorothy, Phoenix, Shelly, Grand Emperor Rowan, and his family were outside… Since he was trapped here, they could be in danger.

“Break it!” He grabbed the Phanes Ax and struck forcefully, but to his surprise, it was as if he was hitting cotton, he could not exert any strength.

“Calm down! Calm down! No hurry! This is Phanes Banner, an existence on the same level as the Phanes Ax. It won’t work if I strike it forcefully…”

At that moment, the huge grimstone kept moving in the diffracted universe, and countless living beings were ground into flesh and blood. This time, the living beings on Earth could no longer withstand the grimstone and were continuously sucked into it. Currently, the entire diffracted universe was going to end in deadlock, as if the final result had been predetermined.

Death and extinction seemed to be the final way.

‘Ah! That’s right. I understand it. The three thousand great spells and the completion of a grand spell!’

Alex figured it out and began to stack the three thousand great spells.

“The Great Flame Spell!”

“The Great Icebound Spell!”

“The Great Storm Spell!”

“The Great Void Spell!”

“The Great Seal Spell!”

“The Great Silence Spell!”

“The Great Reincarnation Spell!”

“The Great Summoning Spell!”

“The Great Resurrection Spell!”

“The Spell of Great Fate!”

“The Great Giant Roc Spell!”

“The Great Gravity Spell”

“The Great Nightmare Spell!”

“The Great Mirror Spell!”

“The Great Cover Spell!”

“The Great Swallow Spell!”

And so on…

All three thousand great spells in the world were stacked together, leading to completion. At that moment, he suddenly had enlightenment about life, death, fate, heavenly law, and everything in the universe!

“Heaven and Earth’s Drive!”


A loud noise was heard. The dark Phanes Realm was severed. The Primeval Lord of Heaven, who controlled the Phanes Realm, wouldn’t stop vomiting blood. He could no longer control the Flesh Grimstone. After Alex unleashed the move, Heaven and Earth’s Drive, and punched through the sacrificial altar, the Flesh Grimstone also exploded from the energy blast.

The Flesh Grimstone was destroyed!

The moment the grimstone was destroyed, the Primeval Lord of Heaven’s body froze abruptly and began to crack, as if some kind of mysterious energy was acting on his body.

He refused to resign to his fate as he looked at Alex. “My arrangement in my entire life is ruined suddenly! The Phanes Realm is the primordial chaos of the created world. How did you manage to break it? Have you… Comprehended the Everlasting Realm?”

Alex said coldly, “You should ask this question in hell… No, you won’t have the chance to know it!”

The Primeval Lord of Heaven started cracking and turned into pieces.


Alex knelt on the ground. His entire body was almost out of strength, but he knew he must not collapse.

“Dorothy and Phoenix…”

Alex forced himself to rise to his feet quickly and search for their figures. Consequently, he trembled all over upon taking a look. Everything around him seemed particularly quiet. The void was probably broken due to the great battle, and all the seawater here evaporated. Corpses were lying at sixes and sevens in front of him. There were corpses of enemies and his allies.

The towering sword that was stuck on the ground was the most conspicuous thing. It was slanted, but the blade was bloodstained. When he looked at the blade closely, a wretched man who drew his last breath was embedded in it.

The Great Sword Sovereign!

It was the last Eternal among the nine Eternals, but he died by the hands of his own sword.

“Who was it? Father-in-law…”

It seemed that he could think of it without seeing it with his own eyes. Trembling, he identified the corpses on the ground. However, there were many disfigured and damaged corpses.

Eventually, he saw a white-clothed light-type archmage, Hannah, lying quietly on the ground at that moment. She had depleted her life force.


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