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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1786

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1786


The two people’s power collided again.

“Dragon Tusk Punch!”

“Dragon Tusk Seven Deaths!”

“Dragon Tusk Prajna!”


Two minutes later, Alex spat a large mouthful of blood as he slammed heavily into the mountain wall, creating a large pit on the mountain walls. It was even more unlucky for this valley as it nearly became a bare wasteland.

“Oh my god!”

“Neela, did you lie just now? I thought you were confident of beating her. Now it seems like we’re really going to die here,” said Alex while spitting another mouthful of blood. However, after spitting that mouthful of blood, most of the injuries on his body were instantly healed.

The Force, also known as the spiritual power generated by the forbidden spell, was madly healing his inner injuries. As his golden core spun wildly, the twelve indescribable ancient runes danced like elves in his body.

The discharged energy rotated in his body’s meridians.

It was pleasant!

To his surprise, his wounds were immediately healed. What an overpowering forbidden spell!

Neela said, “My lord, I’m really sorry for underestimating the 3000 year old seal’s effect on me. I didn’t expect my power would be weakened to this extent. But, my lord, don’t panic, I still have an ultimate solution.”

“What is it?”

“My lord, you’ll find out in a while.”

At this moment, Margaret walked over one step at a time. After the great battle, she did not feel great either. Her clothes were torn and her multiple skin areas were exposed with quite a number of injuries.

She was shocked.

A Core Formation cultivator was able to force her until this extent.

“Brat, you surprised me!”

“It seems like you’ve killed Maxwell Lawrence on your own without relying on the magical treasure that Jade gave you. You are so young, yet you have such ability. It’s no wonder Jade was willing to accept you as her disciple!”

“Unfortunately, you’ve killed Maxwell Lawrence!”

Alex let out a breath. His injuries were now fully healed and he felt great again. He fiercely jumped out of the stone walls and opened his arms to hold the Sword of the Universe. With a frenzy aura, he laughed hysterically. “Woman, don’t get excited too early. I just spat a few mouthfuls of blood, didn’t I? I have high blood volume, don’t worry. You women shed much more blood than me every month! Oh, I’m sorry, you probably have an early menopause, so you wouldn’t know what it’s like.”

Margaret was startled and shocked.

She was already all wounded and bleeding, how could this kid be fine all of a sudden? This blood energy and aura could not be disguised. He really did recover from his injuries.

“Alright, let’s see how many more attacks of mine you can take. I don’t believe I can’t kill you.”

The next second, Margaret activated the Dance of the Heavenly Demon. The demonic shadow appeared behind her again. The demonic shadow even roared up to the sky, shaking heaven and earth.

Meanwhile, Alex felt a gush of strange feeling rushing up to his heart and his skin was boiling hot.

“What’s happening?”


Just when Alex wanted to ask, suddenly pieces of green dragon scales came out of his skin. After that, the dragon scales transformed quickly, forming a green and white Benares Dragon Battle Armor on his body. It was mighty, imposing and stunning.

‘How’s this possible?’

Even Alex was shocked. He instantly recalled the cat demon Whitey had a set of gorgeous armor as well. The one Alex was wearing now was even more exquisite than Whitey’s. It was transformed by a dragon, a living member of the royal Benares Dragons.

At this moment, Alex felt that he and Neela had some kind of spiritual and bloodline connection. He could completely feel her presence, even her temperature and heartbeat. It was an extreme sense of power that sprung up unbiddenly that gave him a sense of sheer dominance.

It was the dominance of a dragon!

Margaret was stunned as well. “What… Is this thing?”

Facing Alex at this moment, the demonic shadow behind her seemed to be trembling.

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