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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1776

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1776

The only problem was that Alex didn’t know much about martial arts that were most suitable for women. On the other hand, Dorothy’s Reincarnation Stone included lots of information on this. Hence, it was best that Dorothy herself made this decision.

In the end, Alex didn’t say much about this and asked, “Where’s Dorothy? Oh, and why isn’t Beatrice home yet? It’s almost the end of the year. She should be on holiday, right?”

Putting on a jacket, Claire said, “Dorothy went out after getting a call! And Beatrice, ah, that wild little girl… She managed to get a taste of a real business after working for your family’s Lush Cosmetics. So after she earned enough money, she actually started up some club. Now, she heads to the club and organizes events from time to time. She went out this morning, and I think she’ll only be back by night. Poor me, huh? I’m always alone at home.”

Alex looked at her. “Mom, you’re still young, and you look younger than your actual age! Why don’t you consider dating again?”

Back then, Alex could never talk about such things with Claire. However, after her brain tumor was cured, talking about such private matters drew them even closer than before.

“This… We’ll see!”

Alex nodded and realized that Claire seemed oblivious to the fact that Dorothy was having quadruplets. Hence, he decided not to speak about it as well and dialed Dorothy’s number.

The call connected almost immediately. Dorothy sounded surprised. “You’re out?”

Alex nodded. “Yeah, quick, right? I’m at your place now, where did you go?”

Dorothy smiled. “I have something interesting going on here. Would you like to hear about it?”

“Oh? What is it? ”

“It’s related to Emma,” replied Dorothy. “She wanted to meet me at Gemside Peak on the west side of Moonlight Lake. She said that she had very important information about my company. So she wanted to have a talk.”

Alex froze. “Gemside Peak? Why would someone go there to merely talk? What the f*ck is Emma trying to do this time? Don’t go yet. I’ll be there in a second.”

Dorothy chuckled on the other end of the line. “She’s here! I don’t think you should come over. Since you’re back, cook up some good food for me. Since I’m having four of our kids now, I’ve been eating a lot more than usual.”


“Are you actually still worried that Emma could harm me?”

Alex couldn’t help but let out a few chuckles.

‘Even if ten thousand copies of Emma came, they wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on Dorothy!’

After ending the call, Dorothy placed her phone back into her pocket and turned back to Emma, who was walking over in an arrogant demeanor. Behind her were six personal bodyguards.

Seeing this, Dorothy instantly knew what she was up to. Emma, on the other hand, cackled loudly when she saw Dorothy come here alone. “Dorothy Assex. You really do have some guts, huh? You actually dared to come meet me alone. Are you not afraid of traps I might’ve set up for you?”

Dorothy chuckled. “Emma, just think about it. With your intelligence, do you really think you can even set up a decent trap? All you can do is find a few scums to bait me here. After that, you’ll kidnap me and demand ransom, then get your revenge on me, right? Oh Emma, don’t you think I’ve been way too merciful, that I’d let you walk all over me time and time again? Was I too nice to have spared you from jail last time, hmm?”

Emma decided to just cut to the chase and gestured toward Dorothy. “Get her! As long as you capture this woman today, you can earn 500,000 dollars! And you get to do whatever you want to her too! She’s one of California’s most beautiful, so don’t miss this opportunity!”

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