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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1766

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1766

Now that Alex Rockefeller had made it to the ninth floor, he should have already passed the challenge. However, leaving this place with Neela would prove a little troublesome for him.

“Could you leave the Soul Refining Tower on your own?” Alex asked.

Neela shook her head. “There’s a seal that traps me here. I can only leave with you, my lord. In fact, I’m now your personal maid, and we share the same life source. We must be together at all times.”

“What?” Alex felt troubled when he heard this.

He was going to return home to see his wife and babies. How would he explain this beautiful dragon lady that was following him around?

However, right then, Neela suddenly began to transform. At first, her long, fair legs transformed into a dragon’s tail. After that, her body also transformed. In the end, even her head transformed, all to become a real dragon.

It was a majestic sight.

‘Beautiful!’ Alex thought.

Without seeing it personally, no one would believe that this dragon was a beautiful, fair maiden just a moment ago… Although Alex possessed thirty-six dragon bone swords, this was the first time he was looking at a living dragon.

It left him completely baffled.

After circling around Alex, Neela turned into a ray of light and entered his body. Alex was shocked. He quickly took off his shirt. Later, he noticed that a dragon tattoo had appeared on his back. It extended from his waist to his shoulders.

In fact, it even moved. Finally, a ray of light glistened under his skin, and it disappeared completely.

“Hey, Neela?” Alex asked.

“I’m here, my lord,” Alex immediately heard a reply.

“Can you sense what’s going on outside when you’re under my skin?” Alex asked.

“Yes!” Neela answered.

Now, Alex was starting to feel unsettled.

If this thing stayed on his body twenty four hours each day, didn’t it mean she could see everything clearly even when he took a bath or went to the toilet? In simpler terms, if Alex had sex with a woman, wouldn’t this thing become a highly efficient third wheel?

‘No way. I must get rid of her at some point. Otherwise, what would become of my privacy?’ Alex thought.

Meanwhile, Fairy Doctor and Uncle Drake, outside the Soul Refining Tower, had already been stunned speechless for a long time. In only about an hour, Alex had actually made it to the ninth floor of Soul Refining Tower.

Not only did he just break a record, it was the most outstanding performance in all of history.

“How… How did he do it?”

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea either.”

Just as the two were still in shock, the doors of Soul Refining Tower opened. But Alex hadn’t walked out yet.

Uncle Drake immediately walked up to the entrance and looked inside. In an instant, he was dumbfounded.

“Where are the thundering flames?” he asked.

“The thundering flames in Soul Refining Tower have disappeared!”

“This… What’s going on? Without the thundering flames, what’s the use of Soul Refining Tower?” Uncle Drake cried out in a slightly dispirited manner.

Right after that, he impatiently rushed to the second floor. Still, he didn’t find anything.

After running up to the third floor, there was still nothing.

The old man was about to go mad. When he made it to the sixth floor, he happened to see Alex walking down. Thus, Uncle Drake quickly ran over to Alex. “Did you see the thundering flames at the Soul Refining Tower? Could the Soul Refining Tower really be malfunctioning? Did all the thundering flames inside escape?”

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