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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1760

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1760

Soul Refining Tower… That was where one’s soul power was refined. With the Chaos Bead’s protection, Alex Rockefeller was willing to give it a try. When he thought about the babies in Dorothy Assex’s belly, he became impatient. “I want to give it a try!” Alex exclaimed.

“What? No. I won’t allow it!” the Fairy Doctor said.

“I’ve already made up my mind,” Alex said.

“You…” Although the Fairy Doctor was distraught, Alex wouldn’t change his mind after he’d decided on something. In the end, the Fairy Doctor helplessly accompanied Alex to look for the old man by the entrance.

The Fairy Doctor told Alex that the old man’s name was Uncle Drake. Nobody knew how old he was. “Uncle Drake, Alex wants to challenge his way through Soul Refining Tower!” the Fairy Doctor said.

Uncle Drake, who was sleeping on the recliner, immediately opened his eyes.

After looking at the Fairy Doctor, he turned to look at Alex, who was behind her. “Have you thought it through? Once you go in, you can only be let out of Soul Refining Tower after three days. There are a multitude of thundering flames in there. If you can’t withstand it for three days, you’ll be burned into ashes. You can’t blame anyone else for it,” Uncle Drake explained.

After hearing about thundering flames, Alex felt even more confident.

“I’ve thought it through. I’ll take up the challenge!” Alex said.

Uncle Drake oddly rolled his eyes. “As you wish. Come with me!”

The three of them soon arrived at a black tower. There were a total of nine floors, and it was fifty meters in height. Standing in front of the building, Alex could sense a strong lightning attribute from it. There were also bouts of scattered sinister Chi.

“If you can’t make it through, stay in the bottom level. After three days, I’ll open the door to the tower and let you out!” Uncle Drake said.

“How do I get through?” Alex asked.

“You’ll succeed once you get onto the ninth floor,” Uncle Drake said.

“Understood!” Alex replied.

“Would you like to take a rest? It looks like you’ve just had sex. You sure are talented in getting laid,” Uncle Drake said.

As soon as the Fairy Doctor heard this, her face turned red. She felt deeply embarrassed.


The doors to the bottom floor of Soul Refining Tower were slowly opened.

“Go in!” Uncle Drake said.

“Wait a moment.” The Fairy Doctor quickly grabbed Alex by his arm. She retrieved an exquisite miniature tower and handed it over to Alex. “Take this with you. If you really can’t stand it, hide in the tower. It can keep you safe,” she said.

However, Uncle Drake shook his head. “Ms. Dawn, this won’t do. This is your natal magical treasure. Borrowing it to him is the equivalent of cheating. Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Dawn, don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” Alex said.

The Fairy Doctor suddenly hugged Alex. “You must make it out alive. Don’t force yourself. Why are you so stubborn? You only had to wait a few days!”

Alex patted her on the shoulder. However, she suddenly kissed him.

Seeing this, Uncle Drake sighed as if he suddenly thought of something.

After that, Alex took big strides through the tower’s entrance.


The tower’s doors were sealed off.

“Ms. Dawn, congratulations!” Uncle Drake said.

The Fairy Doctor felt embarrassed for a moment. “Uncle Drake, he’s the person Principal Henderson told me about.”

Uncle Drake nodded without saying a word.

Meanwhile, after Alex entered the tower, the Force in his body began to spin around frantically. Spiritual power spread through his veins and started resonating with the thundering flames that permeated the tower. In the next moment, a multitude of thundering flames gushed toward Alex like waves of tsunami.


“It’s going to take my life!” Alex exclaimed.

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