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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1756

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1756

“Not bad, Michael Lawrence. I’ll keep an eye on you!”

When the Fairy Doctor spoke, her voice was eerie and cold. However, she didn’t move forward to kill Michael Lawrence.

Instead, she held Alex Rockefeller’s hand and returned to where they lived.

“Michael, what does Fairy Doctor mean by this? Did she find out about you pretending as if this tree was her? Oh, right. News about what you did had been shared in the academy’s communication platform. Fairy Doctor must have seen it too,” Vivian Taylor said.

Michael was stunned for a moment. He even thought of killing himself. However, he couldn’t say that he bribed Jane to poison

the Fairy Doctor. After that, he ended up offering his beloved woman to another man and humiliating himself.

“Take me to the hospital. Hurry up!” Michael said annoyedly.

Soon, Michael was escorted to the hospital in the Flying Eagles Academy.

Since students in the Flying Eagles Academy were injured frequently, the hospital also had relatively advanced medical expertise.

After being checked, the results were out. The only issues detected were hemorrhage, some skin injury, and soft tissue confusions. It wasn’t severely problematic.

Michael would be fine after taking some medicines prescribed by the doctor. He sighed in relief.

However, just as Michael walked through the hospital’s main entrance, his mind went blank. When he saw a tree nearby, he immediately rushed over.

He was acting up again.


“Michael, Michael! What’s going on?”

“Why are you still doing it? Oh my god!”

Vivian and the rest were all shocked. Somebody stepped forward to pull Michael away. However, just as before, he started punching and kicking whoever got close to shoo them away.

Someone immediately went to look for a doctor.

Even the doctor who came was slapped a few times by Michael, and he lost a tooth. If the doctor hadn’t known this person was Colton Lawrence’s son, he would’ve used brute force against Michael. “I can’t help him. He must have a mental illness. We’ll have to look for a psychiatrist.”

After the psychiatrist came over, he also shook his head. He had no idea what to do, and he couldn’t figure out the cause of the symptom either.

None of them would’ve known that this was the result of Alex’s deep hypnosis on Michael. Last time, he hypnotized Tristan Coleman to eat 250 grams of mud every hour. However, due to how urgently the hypnosis was done this time, Alex hypnotized Michael by telling him to think of trees as the Fairy Doctor and to cozy up to it once every hour.

Finally, two hours later, Michael woke up. This time, the situation was much more difficult.

Blood was flowing!

After the doctor gave Michael a checkup, he looked at Michael with a serious expression. “Mr. Lawrence, your situation is getting out of hand. Cracks have appeared inside. You must be very careful now, and you mustn’t get injured again for the time being. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire. In fact, it might even affect your marital life in the future,” the doctor said.

Michael wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t figure out what was going on or what caused this at all.

However, something horrible happened.

The time taken to tend to his wound at the hospital was a little too long. Before it was even done, an hour had passed. Michael let out a loud cry. When he saw a Guiana chestnut plant in a pot nearby, he ran up to it and started to copulate with it.

Everyone in the group was dumbfounded.


In a corner somewhere in the hospital, the Fairy Doctor and Alex showed up. They witnessed how Michael’s hypnosis acted up.

Alex was very pleased with how effective this was, and he started to expect more from the Chaos Bead in his mind palace. This was the equivalent of having an extra life-protecting method.

Meanwhile, the Fairy Doctor felt very relieved.

She kissed Alex on his face. “You have the most ideal and amazing solution ever. Doesn’t this b*stard like messing with women? This time, he’s going to suffer for it… After doing it so many times, surely that part of his body is going to break, right?”

“Maxwell Lawrence is already dead. If Michael Lawrence becomes a eunuch, Colton Lawrence’s lineage will end. Would he go mad?” Alex asked.

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