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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1755

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1755

The drug and the talisman earlier had completely clouded the Fairy Doctor’s sanity. After Alex had regained his freedom and pressed onto her hard, she could have sent him flying easily, but she did not do it in the end.

Perhaps, she felt that it was her fault and she had to compensate him somehow!

Then, she let Alex have his way. The Fairy Doctor looked at him with gentle eyes and had a different mood.


Outside the entrance, Michael Lawrence had finally woken up. When he lowered his head and looked at himself, he screamed!

“I… What happened to me?”

“Vivian, why am I here? Why are you guys here?”

Many members of the Black Tiger Corps had come over and covered Michael with sheets and the like because it was too unsightly. At this moment, they hurriedly walked over to him when they heard his voice.

“Bro Michael, you… We don’t know what the situation is either. W-why were you hugging a tree and treating it as the Fairy Doctor?” Vivian asked with a strange expression.


“I… I treated this tree as the Fairy Doctor?”

Michael suddenly recovered his previous memory. Then, he recalled the incident previously. The Fairy Doctor had been affected by his drug and had an onset. She could not distinguish things and only cared about hugging the brute and kissing him. And, he wanted to use a dagger to kill that brute… He could not remember anything after that.

When he woke up, he was already in the current state.

“How long have I been here?” Michael asked.

“Two hours!” A member of the Black Tiger Corps replied. Then, he took out a cellphone and tapped open a video to show him.

“Bro Michael, were you possessed by some evil creature? Look at it yourself!”

Upon watching it, Michael felt that his mind was about to explode.

‘What’s with this situation?’

The point was that he even saw many students from the Flying Eagles Academy in the video. Everyone had seen such an embarrassing scene of him. It had simply put his family to shame.

‘D*mn it!’ Michael instantly smashed the phone into pieces. ‘What the heck is going on? Who did it? The Fairy Doctor. Could it have been done by the Fairy Doctor?’

He immediately rushed over to look for the Fairy Doctor to see what was going on inside the house.

As a result, he felt a sharp pain in his groin once he tried to move.

‘D*mn, I’m not going to be a eunuch, right?’

“H-hurry up, go and see how the Fairy Doctor is doing now,” Michael said to Vivian and the others. Suddenly, he heard the Fairy Doctor’s voice ringing in his ears. “What are you guys doing here?”

The Fairy Doctor had come out. Her face was flushed with vigor, and it was not covered with a face veil. There was a charm of someone who had just turned into a married woman in her eyes. As she walked over and stared at Michael, there was fleeting murderous intent in her eyes, but she still restrained it in the end.

It was because she had heard from Alex about everything that had happened after she was drugged. She could not wait to see Michael’s appearance. As a result, it was really the same as what Alex had said, he looked like retarded lunatic. It was simply an eyesore.

“Instructor Fairy Doctor, good day to you!”

“Instructor Fairy Doctor!”

Several members of the Black Tiger Corps greeted the Fairy Doctor. Then, they realized that a man was following right behind her, it was Alex Rockefeller.

They were familiar with Alex. They knew that he had killed Maxwell Lawrence and was Jade Benmore’s disciple. All of a sudden, they were a little nervous. Meanwhile, Michael’s mood sank to rock bottom upon seeing the two of them.

He wished dearly that he could kill himself by slamming into the tree.

He had lost!

Not only had he lost, but he even shot himself in the foot by doing work for someone else without benefiting himself.

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