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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1735

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1735

Trey felt like his world was falling apart.

The Fairy Doctor was a master at Severing Spirit. What would happen if someone like him were to come out and stop them at this critical juncture? He could already imagine the result, but he didn’t dare to disobey Michael’s orders either. His entire family was under the Lawrence family’s supervision, and if Michale wanted his whole family to be destroyed, all he needed to do was say the word.

The truth was just too cruel.

Trey gritted his teeth. It didn’t matter anymore, he had to stop them, no matter the cost. He would just need to find a random excuse. And so, he stood up abruptly. Just as he was about to kick the door open, the door suddenly opened at this moment.

The Fairy Doctor was suddenly in front of him.

Trey was taken aback. “F-Fairy… Doctor?”

The Fairy Doctor was wearing a veil over her face, so he wasn’t able to see her expression, but her eyes were filled with anger. “You’ve been listening at the door for a long time, right? Did you think that I’m someone who doesn’t lose their temper?”

Just as Trey was about to open his mouth to reply, the Fairy Doctor lifted her leg fiercely, kicking him in the face.

“Get lost! If you come here again, I’ll kill you!”

Trey was in a pathetic state, blood poured from his nose and mouth from the kick, and he flew far away, falling heavily to the ground, passed out.


Alex really didn’t want to sleep on the Fairy Doctor’s bed on the inside, but he dozed off when he saw the bed. Really, it was just too exhausting for his spirit to study the Star Formation Board for seven days and nights. Then, he gave in after putting up a show of resisting and fell into the Fairy Doctor’s bed.

The bed felt warm, and it was apparent that the Fairy Doctor was someone who knew how to enjoy the luxuries of life. Not only was this house beautifully decorated, but the bed was also very comfortable and beautiful. More importantly, Alex could feel a pure spiritual essence from the bed. It rushed into Alex’s body and through his meridians, stimulating The Force in his body, and it slowly revolved.

“This bed is strange.”

The Fairy Doctor smiled. “The material of this bed is very precious, and I found it in a certain secret realm. It’s natural warm jade, and it can quickly restore energy and strength when you lie down on it. Go to sleep! I’ll make some food for you. But when you wake up, remember you have to teach me!”

That was why it was said that the Fairy Doctor’s EQ was not high, and she was an alchemist maniac. For the sake of alchemy, she wasn’t bothered about petty things, and she didn’t even care about her reputation.

Having said that, a woman of her caliber and position didn’t really need to care much about fame or anything anyway.

Alex was indeed tired. The bed was also strange indeed. He quickly fell into a deep sleep, entering a dream.

The Fairy Doctor stood quietly on the side and looked at him. It wasn’t a gaze filled with lust or anything of the sort but curiosity. She could tell that Alex wasn’t that old, at most in his twenties. How could he have reached such a high level of alchemy?

Unless… He had received an inheritance from an ancient alchemist.

When he thought about it, her heart beat faster in her chest, a fire filling her.

She had chosen the path of being an alchemist and refining elixirs and pills to enter the path of cultivation. If she didn’t improve her alchemy level, she wouldn’t be able to break through her cultivation level.

“Godbrother said that my misfortune is attributed to a man. The person I’ve been waiting for, could it be Alex? Come to think of it, when Godbrother said this to me, it was twenty-four years ago. At that time, this guy should have just been born, right?”

“No matter how it is, I’ll just capture him and hold onto him first, then.”

Seeing that Alex was in a deep sleep, the Fairy Doctor took off his socks, as well as his top and pants. She had said that she would wash his dirty clothes, and the Fairy Doctor was not someone who broke her promise.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, Alex woke up.

Sure enough, the energy and strength in his body had been completely restored. The Force in his body was still thrumming through his veins, and the spiritual power produced from it was a little different than usual. These spiritual powers flowed through his energy core and into the golden core that formed after he had entered the Core Formation realm.

It gave him a comfortable feeling in that instant, like being in the hot springs, and his golden core was a lot more lively than usual.

He suddenly had the urge to take this bed as his own. Would he have to fear the consumption of his mental energy while he was in the Star Formation Board with this bed?

“Wait, that’s not right!”

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