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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1727

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1727

Alex watched how the Fairy Doctor performed her alchemy and felt that her methods were quite common.

However, she did something out of the ordinary, she often used her nose to sniff at the furnace while refining the pill. Therefore, she had removed the veil that covered her face now, and everyone had a good look at her appearance.

A beauty! A stunning beauty!

Previously, Alex had suggested that if the Fairy Doctor failed to refine the pill, she would wash his clothes.

Thinking of this, the academy students around them were filled with resentment toward Alex. Asking a beautiful fairy like her to wash clothes, he was such a sinner!

Finally, someone noticed that Alex had turned off the fire under his furnace.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is he standing still and not moving anymore? Even the fire has been extinguished. It has only been ten minutes, and he’s done refining the pill? Isn’t that a little too fast?”

One of the students from the Elixir Department who knew how to refine the pill immediately sneered. “What joke is he pulling? Even if the Blood Energy Pill is just introductory in the Elixir Department, it takes at least half an hour to refine it in the furnace. How could he be done in just ten minutes? You can’t even finish tempering the materials in that amount of time!”

However, Alex really was done with refining the pill. He took out the refined pill, placed it in the porcelain bowl next to him, and waited for it to cool down.

When Alex took out the pill from the furnace, the student who had spoken previously looked like he had just been slapped in the face.

Holly snorted coldly and said, “If you can’t refine it in ten minutes, it just proves that your alchemy level is not good. My brother is not you, and you can look for yourself that it’s done, isn’t it? You can definitely tell at a glance if you have eyes, that’s a Blood Energy Pill. Are you telling me that you fail to identify the Blood Energy Pill’s aura?”

Refining a Blood Energy Pill in ten minutes.

Forget about the students from the Elixir Department, even the instructors from the department were stunned, speechless.

The old alchemist that had tossed out the people who were loud just now frowned, then he walked to Alex and looked at him. “Have you finished refining the Blood Energy Pill?”

This was heard by the Fairy Doctor, who was still refining. She was condensing the pill, and her hands shook immediately.


“How could he have done it so quickly?”

However, she didn’t dare to look up. Now was the most critical moment in the condensing of the pill, not only did it affect the success of refining the pill, but it also affected its quality. She didn’t want to lose!

Another five minutes passed, and the Fairy Doctor had finally completed the refining of the Blood Energy Pill. It had taken her eighteen minutes, which was two minutes more than she usually did. Moreover, she was quite satisfied with the purity of this pill and had managed to reach 98% of it. This super-level performance was the most satisfying Blood Energy Pill she had ever refined.


‘You turned off the fire in ten minutes. It’s probably because the materials you used to refine have already been cooked to waste! Let’s see how you boast your way out of it this time!’

‘Let’s see how you boast your way out of it this time!’

She let out a long breath and glanced at Alex’s side. As a result, she saw the old alchemist standing next to Alex with a strange expression on his face. The old alchemist’s name was Sid Steadman, and he was a senior in the Elixir Department.

His alchemy level was also very good, second only to the Fairy Doctor in the entire Elixir Department. However, there was still quite a big gap between the two.

“Instructor Sid! Have his materials gone to waste?”

Sid shook his head.

The Fairy Doctor was taken aback. “He refined it successfully? He really refined a Blood Energy Pill in just ten minutes?”

“To be exact,” Sid said. “It was nine minutes and eleven seconds.”

The Fairy Doctor swayed on her feet, a look of disbelief on her face.

However, she quickly remembered that they were competing based on the purity of the pill. For a Blood Energy Pill that had been refined in ten minutes, even if it barely turned into a pill, the purity of it would definitely be a mess. It was no different than a failure.

The lower the purity of the pill, the more erysipelas would be contained in it. If the purity were below 60%, the pill would be unqualified, and no one would dare to use it.

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