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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1726

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1726

The Fairy Doctor led the way.

The space inside was surprisingly large, which wasn’t visible from the outside. Once they were inside, the atmosphere felt mysterious. According to logic, there shouldn’t be such a large space. Alex’s eyes flashed, and he understood.

It was like his storage bag.

There were certain changes within the tower, and space inside looked ten times bigger than it did on the outside. This Elixir Tower was definitely a magic weapon.

There were hundreds of alchemy furnaces inside, placed according to a certain formation and fixed to the spot. There were also fire vents underneath each furnace, just like gas stoves. The fire that spurted out of these vents was fired from the ground.

It was specifically for those who could not use Elixir Fire.

There were people in Elixir Tower, and once they saw many people coming in, they immediately came out to see what was going on. When they saw the Fairy Doctor in the lead, they all saluted immediately. As soon as they heard about the bet, several alchemists from the Elixir Department glared at Alex.

The Fairy Doctor was their alchemy goddess. How could he make fun of her so outrageously?

“Go and prepare the materials for a few portions of Blood Energy Pills!” the Fairy Doctor instructed.

Very quicldy, some people brought out the exact materials needed.

The Fairy Doctor turned to Alex and said, “Do you want to choose? See if the materials are correct?”

Alex glanced at the materials. “It’s all right.”

“Then, let’s begin,” the Fairy Doctor said. “The time limit is one hour. We will check on who has the higher purity of the refined Blood Energy Pill, and the higher one is the victor.”


The Fairy Doctor was familiar with the layout of the Elixir Tower, and she picked the materials immediately and walked over to the front of an alchemy furnace. Instead of using the underground fire, she raised her hand, and blue flames appeared at her fingertips. The flames looked like they were dancing lively.

“It’s the Fairy Doctor’s Arctic Iced Fire!” someone called out. This was the Fairy Doctor’s Elixir Fire.

With a flick of her finger, the blue flame hit the bottom of the furnace, turning into a bigger fire. Then, she began to temper the materials and prepared to refine the pill.

As for Alex, he didn’t rush to do anything. He walked toward a furnace, examining it on the left and then the right.

The furnace was not that big. It was bigger than a rice cooker, but Alex found that there were also many runes engraved on the furnace to form a formation. However, it was a lot worse than the one he had back home.

Some couldn’t stand watching him anymore and started to laugh loudly.

“What the heck is he doing? It can’t be that he doesn’t know what a furnace looks like, right?”

“He doesn’t know what a furnace looks like, and he wants to compete with the Fairy Doctor? What a joke!”

At this moment, an old man snarled, “Shut up! You’re not allowed to make a ruckus inside Elixir Tower. Get out.”


The person who made the sarcastic remarks was thrown out. No one else dared to speak loudly after that.

After that, Alex also began his preparation. Instead of using Elixir Fire, he made use of the underground fire underneath the furnace. He tapped on the table, and the underground fire lit up like a stove. There was a device at the side that could be used to adjust the strength of the flame.

Jane looked on with disdain and said in a low voice, “Humph, and you laughed at me for not having Elixir Fire? You don’t have it either. Otherwise, why won’t you use it?”

Alex did indeed have Elixir Fire, and it was a lighting-based fire from The Force. However, he was just going to refine some Blood Energy Pills. Why would he need to use Elixir Fire?

That was so tiring! It was way more accessible and comfortable just to use the underground fire!

He didn’t use Elixir Fire but an elixir talisman instead. His alchemy levels had recently reached a new height, and this elixir talisman was also an ancient talisman. It would increase his alchemy result by two times with just half the effort, and coupled with his Divine Eyes and Third Eye, this was a pill he could refine with his eyes closed.

Ten minutes later, he turned off the underground fire. He glanced at the Fairy Doctor and found that she was not done yet.

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