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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1716

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1716

Alex returned to his physical body after a pause in his divine consciousness. As expected, his body had also coughed up blood.

He regulated his breathing for a while and took out a medicinal pull before consuming it. He looked at the old man who had come out with him and said with a smile, “Both seniors, thank you!”

This Formation Board was really something great. However, it wasn’t his.

“You… Are you really here for enrollment? You want us to be your teachers?” The thin old man swallowed hard as thoughts ran through his mind. This boy was a treasure, and he needed him to stay.

Alex shook his head. “You people can’t be my teachers. Your formation levels are too low.”

The fat old man suddenly stood up and knelt before Alex with a thud.

“Senior, what are you doing?” Alex was startled.

The far old man prostrated before him and said loudly, “Master, please accept me as your disciple. I am called Owain Lester, and I will be your disciple from now on. If you have any needs, please tell me. I will never object to anything.”

The thin old man beside him took a glance at him. ‘Owain, you’re so shameless! This brat can even be your grandson. You’re really kneeling and asking him to be your master?’

Then, he too knelt down to the ground with a thud.

Not only that, he prostrated and knocked his head against the ground three times and said loudly, “Master, please accept this old man as your disciple too! From today on, I, Dewey Schulz, will be your disciple! No, this Seven Star Residence is my home. Owain is only a guest, so I should be Master’s first disciple!”

“D*mn it, Dewey, I was the one who asked first, why do you get to be the first disciple?”

“I’ve prostrated three times, and you only prostrated once. of course I’m the first disciple.”

“Nonsense, I prostrated once first before you prostrated three times.”

The two old men were actually quarreling about this sort of thing.

Alex watched from the side, stunned. It was the first time he had met such unethical old men. He quickly said, “Both seniors, get up first. I have no plans to accept any disciples.”

“Master!” Dewey knelt down again and crawled over to hug Alex’s thigh. “You have to accept me as your disciple. Otherwise, I’ll just kill myself right now! Also, I have a granddaughter named Gabby Schulz. She’s an outstanding beauty, and still a pure maiden. How about I let Master marry her?”

Alex’s eyes widened. There was actually such a thing!

Owain was anxious. He wasn’t married, so he didn’t have a granddaughter. But then, a whim struck him. “Master, Madam Drachen has a beautiful female apprentice, I can steal her away and have her serve you in bed!”

Alex was at loss. “Enough, get up, both of you!”

“Master, are you willing to accept us?”

As Alex looked at the chessboard on the table, his thoughts came alive.

The Star Formation Board was really good, and it was something he desired very much. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t find any teachers in the Flying Eagle Academy. If he could enter the Formation Board to study it, it would be better than anything else. So, he pointed to the board and said, “This Star Formation Board is too advanced for you people right now. You people don’t understand it at all! How about this, I’ll keep the board for now. Once I’m done studying it, I’ll teach you the formation blueprints inside it little by little. What do you think?”

In that instant, the two old men were overjoyed. “Thank you, Master!”

“Yes, Master!”

Alex immediately put away the Star Formation Board. Then, a whim struck him. He looked at the time, only to find that it was already the second day.

He had been inside the Formation Board for an entire day.

At this moment, a voice came from outside, “Grandpa, Grandpa, help!”

“Grandpa, where are you? It’s me, Gabby. I can’t get out!”

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