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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1715

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1715

The two old men were extremely excited.

They had tried many ways to shift the astral nodes on this Star Formation Board but they could not shift it at all. Eventually, they made a conclusion: as long as they did not understand the purpose behind the ancient runes, they would never get to solve the spell formation on it.

But now, Alex was able to shift them. What did that mean?

That meant that not only did Alex understand the ancient runes, he knew this formation as well.

It was extremely shocking.

“Young man, I now believe that you aren’t summoned over by Madam Drachen, because Madam Drachen can’t summon someone like you. Madam Drachen is a piece of trash compared to you!”

“She can’t figure this spell formation out even if she were to study it for another three lifetimes.”

At this moment, Alex has invoked the Universe Formation Diagram above his head. Originally, those astral nodes were haphazardly placed on it without any rules. But after Alex invoked it, there was a change and the nodes on the Universe Formation Diagram glowed brightly, little by little.

One node, two nodes, three nodes…

The two old men were chattering at first, but when they saw such a scene, they immediately shut their mouths and stared closely at Alex’s action. Although they could not read it, they could feel the energy changes after the spell formation was triggered.

It was greatly rewarding.

Finally, Alex shifted the last node on the Universe Formation Diagram.

Suddenly, the Universe Formation Diagram shone brightly and slowly spun around in the midst of the astral nodes. Alex’s eyes brightened up as he became very excited.

He had taken a lot of effort to study this formation blueprint that corresponded to the first sword of the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-six. But now, looking at the formation blueprint that kept moving and changing above him, he suddenly understood that his previous understanding was still too superficial.

This formation blueprint encapsulated all kinds of changes. Previously, he only managed to understand one of them.

He had a feeling that when he had gone through all the changes of this formation blueprint, his understanding in formation diagrams would definitely make great progress. On the other hand, his Sword of the Universe would be more powerful too.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

He immediately sat down cross-legged and stared at the changes in the formation blueprint while calculating with his divine sense… Over and over, over and over.

The two old men looked at each other and immediately followed suit.

Unfortunately, their level was limited. They wanted to deduce it but there was no way to start. Just like an illiterate looking at an interesting story book, but could not read and could only look at the illustrations to make a wild guess.

However, they were satisfied even if it was just illustrations because they could not even see the illustrations back then.

After an unknown period of time, Alex lowered his head and closed his eyes without moving an inch. After another unknown period of time like this, he stood up again and began to invoke another formation blueprint.

He could tell it.

The next formation blueprint was the Seven Death Formation Diagram.

Even the order was the same as the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-six.

After invoking all of them, the Seven Death Formation Diagram also turned up. He sat down again, sensed and deduced it. After an unknown period of time had passed, he suddenly opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood. If his divine consciousness spat blood, his body outside would also spit blood.

“Ah! Little master, what happened to you?”

“Why did you spit blood all of a sudden? Are you okay?”

After adjusting his breath for a while, Alex concentrated his divine consciousness again. He took a look at the formation collection above his head and said, “It’s okay. I was just too greedy and adventurous. It’s already my limit to be able to deduce the Universe Formation Diagram, yet I still wanted to continue deducing the Seven Death Formation Diagram. My divine consciousness is not that strong for now.”

He took a deep breath.

He continued, “Two seniors, do you want to go out? I‘ll go first!”

As he spoke, he formed a seal with both hands and then invoked the formation blueprint. Soon, a pitch-black portal appeared in the center of the chessboard.

Alex took the first step and stepped into the portal.

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