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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1706

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1706

“D*mn it! Who the hell…”

Just when the senior student was about to curse at that person, he looked clearly at the woman standing in front of him all of a sudden. His pupils instantly shrank as he was shocked, such that he nearly peed himself.

With respect, he immediately said, “Instructor, I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you!”

It turned out that the woman with the veil was the most respectable existence in the Elixir Department, the Fairy Doctor.

The Fairy Doctor stared at that Spiritual Demon Pill, smelled and played with it for a while. Eventually, she put it underneath her veil… Even though her veil had blocked her face, everyone could guess that she licked it with her tongue. The next second, she shockingly asked, “Where did you get this Spiritual Demon Pill from?”

The senior student was puzzled. “Instructor, this… Is this really a Spiritual Demon Pill? It’s a fake Spiritual Demon Pill, right? How could a Spiritual Demon Pill look like that?”

The Fairy Doctor glared at him. “I’m asking you, where did you get this from?”

The senior student timidly pointed at Alex “It’s his. He said he concocted it himself.”

The Fairy Doctor immediately looked toward Alex. “Did you really concoct it yourself?”

Alex could tell that her eyes were fiery as if she was really shocked.

He nodded. “Yes.”

The Fairy Doctor started smiling ecstatically. “Great. Which class are you from?”

Alex said, “I just came to report myself today. I don’t know which class I’m in yet.”

The Fairy Doctor was even happier. “Alright, I’ll inform the registrar’s office later that I’m going to accept you as my disciple. When you report yourself later, just mention my name, the Fairy Doctor! I’m a little busy right now, but you should come to the instructor’s office to look for me tomorrow morning at nine o’clock. I’ll be in instructor’s office number three.”

She seemed very busy.

After she finished speaking, she turned to the group of people behind her and greeted them before preparing to leave.

That senior student earlier asked, “Instructor, is that really a Spiritual Demon Pill?”

The Fairy Doctor said, “Of course it is.”

“But why does it look so different from the Spiritual Demon Pills you concocted? This is at least two thirds smaller!”

“Dumb*ss! The concocted Spiritual Demon Pills will naturally have different forms according to the differences in the Spiritual Demon Pills. It’s related to the purity and grade of the Spiritual Demon Pills. This Spiritual Demon Pill has a purity of over eighty percent, which is considered top grade.”


The crowd immediately remembered that Alex and the other two ate the Spiritual Demon Pills earlier, as if they were eating jelly beans.

Furthermore, it seemed that there were a lot of them inside the bottle that Holly was carrying.

‘D*mn, this guy is truly rich!’

‘No, no, that is not the point.’

‘The point is, the Fairy Doctor actually said she wants him to be her disciple… The concept of accepting disciples and students is completely different. It seems that the Fairy Doctor has never accepted any formal disciples, right?’

‘D*mn, what a lucky bast*rd he is!’

Well, the Fairy Doctor was highly reputable in the Flying Eagles Academy.

The people of the Flying Eagles Academy looked at Alex with envy and jealousy. However, Alex felt strange as he did not come to the Flying Eagles Academy to learn alchemy. Just when he was about to reject her offer, the Fairy Doctor had left with the people.

“Alright then, I just won’t report her name when I settle the admission matter later. I’ll choose what department I want to enter!”

The previous senior student asked, “Do you still mean what you just said? Take you to the registrar’s office for freshman admission and you’ll give me two Demon Spirit Pills?”

Alex calmly replied, “I’ve already given the pills to you. Can we go now?”

“Ah! Yes, yes. Let’s go right away!” The senior student was overjoyed.

The people around them were beating on their own chest remorsefully. They just missed the two Spiritual Demon Pills just like


Meanwhile, more people looked toward Holly’s bag with wolf-like greedy eyes.

At this moment, three people approached Alex from the front in an aggressive manner.

They were two men and a woman who were quite young but their cultivation base was not weak.

“You’ve beaten up our East Flower Sect’s disciple, yet you’re still thinking that you could go to the registrar’s office for freshman admission? Do you think nothing of the East Flower Sect?”

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